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'Chicago P.D.' recap: Voight's revenge

Season 2 | Episode 5 | “An Honest Woman” | Aired Oct 22, 2014

In the middle of a tea with Olive, Voight is attacked and abducted from his home by two men. Lucky for him, he had surveillance cameras at both doors of his house, so it doesn’t take long for his Intelligence Unit to track him down. His abductors certainly help expedite this process as their cell phone calls are easily traced. It’s almost suspiciously easy to find Voight and Olive.

I was expecting a huge twist—that Olive and/or Justin were involved. After all, Olive tells Voight that Justin told her about his hidden stash of street cash. She confesses she only told one friend, Josie, which snowballed into this robbery attempt.

The previews for this episode explicitly said this one will change everything. I guess that’s kind of true if you’re a huge fan of Justin, since Hank gives him his mother’s ring to “make an honest woman” out of Olive. Even if he does propose and they get married, this doesn’t change much of anything with the central characters in Intelligence.

More puzzle pieces in the private lives of the other detectives fall into place this week. Olinski seems a little out of it even while they’re busy rushing to save Voight and find his abductors. Ruzek is the only one who notices and bothers to ask what’s going on. Al found out his wife of 20 years has been cheating on him with a family friend. Ruzek makes the point that I think all viewers were thinking: He’s been living in his garage apart from his wife and daughter, so weren’t things already pretty much over? Good for Al, though. Not everyone has to have a dramatic storyline, and it’ll be cute to watch him win his wife back.

More development was made with Antonio’s side gig as personal security (and driver) for a wealthy client and his dangerously flirtatious wife. I especially liked his response—that he’s loyal—when the wife is coming on to him. In return for rejecting her advances, Antonio then witnesses his client’s anger when he misinterprets what he’s walking in on and pushes his wife. This will only lead to trouble for poor Antonio.

On a much lighter note, Burgess and Roman spend their time hunting down a girl who pickpocketed Burgess’ police badge. Turns out she stole it for a good cause—to pose as a cop to scare bullies into leaving her sister alone. This is the first opportunity we have to see a genuinely nice side of Roman, when he gives the girl his card to call him if she ever needs help again.

Last, Erin finds a lawyer offering to take her out to dinner. Not a romantic dinner, but to discuss a job offer to head her own task force for the Feds. As tempting as this offer is, I highly doubt she’ll take it. Chicago P.D. would not be the same without Sophia Bush!

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