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'General Hospital' poll: The many loves of our leading ladies

I’m taking the week off from my regularly scheduled recapping duties, but did not want to leave loyal viewers without a place to discuss the goings-on in Port Charles. And while you are at it, how about some quick and nonscientific polls to see whom you feel our leading ladies should be with? Feel free to use the comments section to discuss all of your favorite pairings and wish-list couplings!

And not to worry—we’re just saving the male-perspective polling for the next time I go on vacation!

Carly is currently waffling between her current (former serial killer) beau Franco and her former (mobster) husband. Is either man the right choice for her, or are you still waiting for Jax to return and sweep her off her feet?

Elizabeth hasn’t had much luck in the love department in recent years, but her relationship with Ric was just beginning to take root when he was presumed dead and sent off to the witness protection program. At the same time, her on-again/off-again feelings for her former brother-in-law, Nicolas, seem to keep resurfacing. And now it seems as though her former love Jason may be returning to life and town sooner than later. Will Elizabeth finally have a lasting romance?

Sam says she has put her love for Jason in the past, but what will happen when she learns he is alive? Or will she and Silas resume their courtship when Nina’s lies are exposed? Or could she find love with Patrick just in time for his estranged wife to bring her undead husband to town?

Alexis may have broken up with Julian over his criminal misdeeds, but we all know that bad boys are her passion. Does anyone really believe she belongs with anyone else?