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'The Bridge' recap: Who lives? Who dies?

Season 2 | Episode 9 | “Rakshasa” | Aired Sept 2, 2014

The season 2 opener comes back to haunt us in one of the most shocking episodes of The Bridge all season.

Oddly enough, the episode begins with Cesar and Eleanor discussing books. It seems those two have formed their own little book club. Their talk transitions into children, as Eleanor reveals that she once had a child that was taken away from her. There’s a lull in the conversation after that, and she then asks Cesar if he knows how to use a machete so he can teach Jamie how to use one. Oh boy, I can only wonder what plans they have for the day.

It’s then that we notice they’re actually watching over Sonya’s place and see the Chopper carry an unconscious Sonya out of her home and into a van. Eleanor recognizes the Chopper as one of Galvan’s men and calls him a demon. We soon see what she means when he cops a feel off Sonya. Eleanor makes a call to Sebastian to update him on what she just witnessed.

In Mexico, Sebastian Cerisola’s daughter, Romina, is arrested by police when she is caught high and in possession of drugs. Marco learns of her arrest when he arrives at the police station and goes to talk to her alone. He tries to offer help, but she clearly doesn’t want it. He resorts to calling her father.

Sebastian is thankful to Marco for helping him and his daughter out of the delicate situation. He takes Marco aside to persuade him to start working with him against Galvan. Marco is hesitant until Sebastian reveals that Galvan has kidnapped Sonya to kill her. Sebastian gives him a location, and Marco rushes off to find her.

Eleanor orders Cesar to retrieve Charlotte, so that they can transfer Red Ridge View into another person’s name. Cesar tries to protect Charlotte, and Eleanor assures him that no harm will come to Charlotte if she does what she’s told. That could be a problem now that we know Charlotte is working with the DEA.

Speaking of the DEA, they meet with Hank—who happens to be back at work—about the fact that Sonya seems to be missing. It doesn’t seem to be an immediate concern, as they instantly move on and discuss how Hank is needed as a cover for the DEA’s investigation of Fausto Galvan. The DEA tell Hank about Charlotte and how today is the day they will go in to arrest Eleanor Nacht. They head to Red Ridge View to finally make their move.

bAs for Sonya, she’s tied up and gagged in the back of a van as the Chopper drives out into the middle of the desert. He finally takes her out of the van and begins digging her grave. Still tied up, Sonya tries to escape. It’s a slow, painful escape as the heat of the sun bears down on her. She falls a couple times; the Chopper isn’t worried about her getting too far as he continues his digging.

All the while, Marco makes it to the location that Sebastian gave him. He meets the man that works with the Chopper and beats him until the man directs him to where the Chopper is. He finally arrives, unexpectedly shoots the Chopper dead, and finds and unties Sonya. It’s a moving scene, seeing these two back together. What a way to re-earn Sonya’s trust. They take a peek into the grave to make sure that the Chopper is dead before heading out of there. I have a bad feeling that this incident is going to creep back up on them in the future.

Galvan has a found a new hideout, and for being on the run, he’s still getting a ton of intel. He knows everything that’s going on with Cerisola, Eleanor and Red Ridge View. No one betrays Galvan and gets away with it. He orders his men to raid Red Ridge View and kill everyone in it.

In a quick scene, we see the CIA agent from before, the same man who hired the assassin to kill those linked to the Quintana money laundering, meeting with Sebastian. They discuss getting Galvan and hope for a smooth transition with no bloodshed. Um, have they MET Galvan? Anyway, Sebastian says that Eleanor is fixing the situation, but they don’t have what she wants. The CIA agent leaves a small acorn on the table; they have what Eleanor wants.

Back at Sonya’s place, she questions Marco about how he knew where to find her. He tells her the truth; Sebastian tipped him off. She knows it was Galvan who ordered her kidnapping, and she wants to know if Marco is still working for him. Marco says that he works for the Chihuahua Police. “We need to get everyone responsible,” Sonya pleads. And for the first time, we see Marco stop skirting the line and truly take a side: “Yes, we do.”

A realtor, the one we always see the cardboard cutout of, is setting up the Red Ridge house for its imminent guests. Eleanor, Cesar, Jamie and, shortly after, Charlotte arrive at the house. They are transferring the property out of Charlotte’s name, so she’s only there to sign some paperwork. Charlotte immediately excuses herself to go to the restroom, where she texts the DEA about what’s going down. At the same time, Eleanor orders Cesar and Jamie to attack and kill the realtor; they move his body to the garage. Charlotte sees what they’ve done and wants to leave, but Eleanor assures her that she’ll be free once they’re done with the paperwork. Charlotte doesn’t look so sure.


A businessman comes in, then the notary. Charlotte signs the paperwork, and everything is finalized. The businessman leaves, and the DEA thinks it’s prime time to storm the house and arrest Eleanor. Cesar sees the police coming, and Eleanor immediately turns on Charlotte, knowing she is the one who told them about their location. The women fight, and Eleanor knocks down Charlotte. The DEA and Hank hold them at gunpoint. The head DEA agent is looking a little smug when Galvan’s men barge in, shooting everyone in sight. Eleanor sees them coming and hides under a table. The DEA agents are killed. Hank, wearing a bulletproof vest, is shot several times, but still manages to make a few kill shots himself.

The massacre leaves many dead, including Charlotte. Eleanor is not hurt, and Cesar seems to be only wounded. Hank is badly hurt, but a blood trail leading out of the house makes us suspect (and dearly hope) that he’s still alive. And here we are, back the beginning.

The Bridge, rated TV-MA, airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on FX.


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