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‘The Strain’ hits its stride with 'Creatures of the Night'

Season 1 | Episode 8 | “Creatures of the Night” | Aired Aug 31, 2014

Goodness gracious. Great balls of fire! That’s what we’re talking about, people! That episode was the best one so far, hands down. The Strain hits its stride in episode 8, “Creature of the Night,” when it brings Vasiliy and the blond computer hacker (Dutch) onto Team Ephraham (Abraham and Eph). The suspense was through the roof—with vampires and gore galore. We also got our first major death of the season, and it was a shocker indeed. Injuring Thomas last episode sent a very clear message to the Master, and in this episode, the Master replies—with a swarm of relentless vampires. Here’s everything you need to know about what went down on that brilliant episode of The Strain.

Looters: Nora, Eph and Jim snap into action by breaking into a medical supply store in search of UV lamps. Someone has beaten them to the punch, though. It’s Vasiliy! Our minds were pretty much doing backflips at this point, because we knew Vas was about to join Abe’s vampire-slaying club and all of our dreams would soon come true.




Vas is kind enough to split the UV lamps with them, which just further proves he’s ready to become a team player. Eph, Jim and Nora go across the street to a gas station while Abe tries to recruit Vas, who’s more interested in rolling solo. Save that speech for a later day, Abe! Vampires start descending upon the gas station, and before we know it, Eph, Nora, Jim, Abe and Vas are all trapped inside with no way out. Looks like Vas will have to work with them no matter what now.

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Trapped: The whole gang is now trapped inside of the gas station, and guess who’s there—the hot computer-geek chick, Dutch! Remember this babe?

Michael Gibson/FX










She’s there with a female friend, who doesn’t seem too thrilled by the pack of zompires (as we affectionately call them) herding outside of the gas station. To make matters worse, they overhear the patrons inside talk about how all the phones, WiFi and credit card machines are down—and her friend starts to panic. Dutch decides to drop the bomb that she’s the cause of all this, privately to her friend—which causes her to freak out even more. Team Ephraham, with its new member Vasiliy, immediately get into battle mode and start preparing to defend themselves, charging the UV lights and warning everyone to stay inside. Some random old dude who looks like Kenny Rogers doesn’t take their advice and thinks his best bet is to try to run past the pack of zompires outside to a bread truck near the gas station. Long story short, he doesn’t make it.

Dutch’s friend decides to try her luck, and she swerves through the group of zompires like they’re traffic cones and runs free. Then something crazy happens: The gang notices that the creatures didn’t follow Dutch’s friend outside of the gas station parking lot—they turned their attention back to them. They seemed focused, fixated on the people inside. Then our group of survivors realizes that they aren’t here to drain just any old human. They are here for Abe and team, and were sent by the Master!







Looks like the “message” Abe sent the Master last week wasn’t well received. Our best guess is that Thomas and the Master are slurping on some O-negative cosmos and laughing all the way to their inevitable world takeover. Soon after, Abe and the gang realize they are being specifically targeted, and things start to escalate. The gang tries to hold the fort and hold off the increasingly aggressive vampires. Jim, still trying to redeem himself for catapulting this entire chain of events, starts charging one of the UV lights and uses it to ward off any creatures from entering. His efforts work, but he gets caught in the crossfire, and one vampire’s proboscis grazes his cheek! Check out a clip of the battle:









RIP Jim: Jimbo tries to wash out the cut in the bathroom, but no dice. Sorry, Samwise, but no amount of hydrogen peroxide and lukewarm tap water is going to deworm your face. Nora and Eph notice a worm crawling in Jim’s cheek and decide to do an emergency procedure to remove it. We get it: They’re friends and they want to save Jim, but they don’t really have time for this crap right now. Vampires are attacking the building from all sides, and it’s imperative they get out right away. Eph cuts into Jim’s cheek, removes the worm and burns it under a UV light.










Success! Not so fast. Shortly after, they see more worms crawling under Jim’s skin, and they know there’s nothing they can do. Eph and Nora refuse to pull the trigger on Jim, so Vasiliy steps up and gets the job done. We’re pretty upset about Jim’s death because it means we don’t get to make anymore Samwise jokes. Eph and Nora are obviously devastated as well, but they can grieve over his death later—right now they need to get the hell out of Dodge!

The Great Escape: With high emotions from Jim’s death, the group acts quickly to save themselves from the same fate. The creatures are now coming into the building from the roof, and they group is running out of time to escape. They come up with a plan to use the UV lights as a blockade, and they make homemade Molotov cocktails, aka grenade bombs, to launch at the zompires.

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During their preparation, Vasiliy compliments Abe for his creative use of the nail gun to attack the zompires. They shake hands, which in our eyes solidifies Vasiliy joining the Scooby gang. The plan they came up with works, and the group sprints to the bread truck, where they find the keys on the driver. Vasiliy takes the position of captain and drives them all off to safety. Vasiliy is officially No. 1 on our list of the most kickass characters on the show, next to Abraham (hey, we have to give props to an 80-year-old with a zompire-fighting sword).

All that was missing from the episode? Gus and his six-pack.










Gus is one tough cookie with a heart of gold, so we know he’ll fit right in on Team Ephraham. In addition to our need for Gus to appear next week, here are some thoughts to marinate on:

  • What will the Master’s next move be now that Abraham and the gang escaped the gas station? Something tells us he won’t be giving up that easily. After all, we just learned that he can see through the eyes of all of his hideous minions.
  • Will Dutch ‘fess up and tell everyone what she did? If we were she, we would probably take that little secret to the grave.
  • Who were the creepy cloaked vampires from the previous episode? They are obviously looking to stop the strain from spreading, so where did they come from? Remember, we have yet to read the books, so we are looking at this with new eyes.

Don’t miss The Strain every Sunday on FX at 10pm EST. In the meantime, sound off with your thoughts and predictions, and we’ll see you next week. #FangsOut!





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