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'General Hospital' recap: Death by chocolate and Peter who?

Season 51 | Episodes 102-106 | Aired Aug 25-29, 2014

For many people, 1984 is the year that we learned not to get Gremlins wet, watched Mary Lou Retton score perfect tens in the Summer Olympics and Van Halen told the world to “Jump!” But in the town of Port Charles, it was when Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings first met and eventually fell in love. Viewers today embrace Felicia with her current spouse, Mac Scorpio, but a lot of events led us to where we are today.

Felicia’s beloved Aztec jewelry has a long history of being sought-after and stolen. One of the people who was after them, way back in 1984, was Felicia’s ex-fiancé Peter Harrell. Luckily for viewers that are scratching their heads and saying “Who?,” there is a Wiki page that has a handy-dandy refresher for us.

Why are we talking about a character that last graced our screens nearly 30 years ago? Because as it turns out the annoying, fake hippy-dippy, hostage-taking, non-Australian we know as Levi Dunkleman is actually Peter Harrell Jr.! The specific details of the whole operation have yet to be revealed, but it turns out that Levi/Peter is out to avenge his father’s name and taking down the daughters of the people who led to his exile may just be his icing on the revenge cake.

While the PCPD, led by Dante, Nathan and Anna are putting the pieces together, Maxie and Lulu are not the most amiable of hostages. The twosome actually seem to take delight in tormenting newly shorn Levi/Peter, taunting him on everything from his lack of sexual prowess to Maxie’s burgeoning crush on Nathan. They manage to get under Levi/Peter’s skin enough for him to toss his phone across the room, before storming out. Maxie uses her latent soccer skills to kick the phone to Lulu, who calls her husband, allowing the police to pinpoint their location before Levi/Peter interrupts the call. Levi/Peter is ready to abandon his current safe house, but before he and his hostages can take leave, the PCPD announces they have the place surrounded.

At the precinct, Nikolas is fretting about his sister, while Britt and Elizabeth take a few standard pot shots at one another. To Elizabeth’s horror, Britt makes sure to mention that she and Nikolas were about to do the deed the night before. Later, Nikolas shows up while Elizabeth is babysitting Rocco and declares his feelings for her. But Elizabeth is tired of the ping-ponging declarations between them, and wants no part of Nikolas while he still has feelings for Britt, regardless of which emotional pull is stronger. Has Elizabeth put the final nail in the Niz coffin?

Nina decides to make a strong move for Silas, bemoaning the fact that his breakup with Sam has paved the way for Nina to be with her husband, but there’s still been no sex. Silas, despite having shown no romantic intentions towards his undead wife, hears her pleas. In a move out of nowhere, he swoops her up and takes her to bed. In the morning, Nina is torn between fantasies of stabbing Silas and wanting another romp in the sack. She opts for the latter and then immediately heads to GH, where she makes the acquaintance of her niece, Britt. Having had sex twice in the past 12 hours, Nina is now certain she must be pregnant and asks Britt to examine her. Britt tries to explain the medical impossibility, but Nina isn’t having it. Nina is stunned when Britt reveals that Nina is actually in early onset menopause, probably as a result of her prolonged coma. Nina declares she will have Silas’s baby, one way or the other. As she exits the exam room, she bumps into none other than the very pregnant Ava. Hmmm….

Ava has quite the busy week as well (or day, in Port Charles time frames). Despite his misgivings about dining in the penthouse where his father was killed, Michael proves to be a very gracious dinner guest, eating everything Ava places in front of him. Just before the oleander-laced chocolate mousse course, Kiki and Michael advise Ava about Faux Luke’s loathsome come-ons to Kiki. Ava is repulsed, and in a fit of rage and defiance, flings Michael’s poisoned dessert across the room before he takes a bite. A returning Julian is surprised to see Michael still alive and reminds Ava what happens when people don’t follow Faux Luke’s orders. Ava is adamant that she will not kill Michael just to make Kiki available to Faux Luke, she returns to her plan to help bring Sonny down by obtaining the A.J. recording. All Ava has to do is get Franco to switch his allegiance from Carly.

Which may not be as hard as Ava thinks, as Carly’s cover story for her night with Sonny quickly unravels. At the PCPD, Scott is looking for a way out of Lucy’s demands that he choose between her and Bobby. Franco conveniently is there and mentions the nightcap Bobby had with Scott after her pizza and wine with Carly. When Scott is confused, Franco demands to see his phone to try and figure out the timeline of the evening. Scott refuses, but Franco’s suspicions about Carly remain in high gear. He tells Sonny to stay away from his girlfriend, forgetting that Carly is a grown woman who makes her own rules.

Sabrina and her bouncy curls pay a visit to the long-forgotten Carlos at Pentonville Penitentiary looking for answers about the car accident that killed her son. Carlos is saddened to learn of Gabriel’s passing, but stunned to hear of Rafe’s involvement. With some prodding, he admits to Sabrina that she should be wary of digging further because he fears Ava will kill her.

Finally, The Floating Rib was a hot bed of activity this week, as it saw Ned and Olivia’s first date (interrupted by news of the hostage situation), the return of Coleman (and his arrest for being Levi/Peter’s jewel fence), and a cutesy pool game between Patrick and Sam. Sam, naturally, hustles Patrick, requesting he shave as her reward. Until Jason’s inevitable return, has the “cute” groundwork for Patrick and Sam’s coupling finally been set in motion?

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