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'The Quest' recap: Rage cage

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “Under Siege” | Aired Aug 28, 2014

A lone ogre breaks through the outer defenses and it’s up to our paladins and Ansgar to deal with it. Ansgar yells at the group to armor up and carry a scorpion piece by piece to a good spot on the wall to shoot down at it. The group frantically tries to put together the scorpion (basically a standup crossbow) while Ansgar faces the ogre alone outside of the wall. This isn’t your the nice Shrek-type ogre ,either. While Ansgar is getting tossed around like a rag doll downstairs, the group fails to piece the scorpion together and can only cheer Ansgar on from above. Ansgar gets a grip of his mace and beats the ogre to death single-handedly.

Despite not getting any help from the paladins, Ansgar is all smiles after defeating the ogre, and why wouldn’t he be? Ansgar tells them they’re going to have to learn how to defend and attack. With Christian and Lina becoming the team leaders, Christian makes very strange choices for his team with Patrick, Adria, and Bonnie. Letting Lina have Andrew, Shondo and Leticia makes it clear that he wants the weaker team.

The training challenge is to build a defense for two gates by stacking things like sandbags, logs, and barrels behind it. With Andrew and Shondo meshing well, Lina’s defense looks perfectly constructed while Christian’s defense ends up looking like a bunch of third graders pushed things together. The teams then switch sides and use battering rams to break through their opponents’ gates. In the end, Christian’s gate goes down easily and Lina wins the Mark of Ingenuity.

The Fates challenge is a gauntlet. Patrick, Adria, Bonnie and Christian must run through a course of obstacles while locked in a cage they have to carry with them. Patrick harbors some ill will toward Christian after being a part of his “weaker team” and checks him with his cage in the middle of the course, allowing him to gain a big advantage. The cages are made of solid iron which make it harder for Bonnie and Adria to keep up with the guys. Patrick wins the race, Christian and Adria finish soon after. Bonnie has loads of trouble and while on the floor, she rolls her hand under her cage and almost breaks it, screaming in pain. The paladins rush to her aid and Patrick goes all Hulk on the cage, angrily throwing it into the forest.

Adria, Bonnie, and Christian are under the gun this time around. In the judgment circle, Andrew has trouble coming to terms with Christian’s choices, and the majority of the group recognize Bonnie’s big heart. During the vote, only Leticia stands behind Christian. “Every paladin should be able to turn around and see at least one person standing behind them,” she says. Christian’s fourth Fates challenge was his last, and he disintegrates into the ether.

Let’s talk a bit about Christian’s team choice. Why would he choose the weaker team? During the episode he constantly says he believes his allies will have his back if he ends up in another Fates challenge, just as they have in the past. So, choosing a team that was made to lose kept the stronger members safe, which I believe was his intention. What he didn’t count on was the rest of the group questioning his integrity and losing allies in the process.

Meanwhile in the courtyard, Bonnie sings a song to Ansgar about his ogre-killing exploits with the whole group singing backup, which makes for a very special moment. (Boy, am I glad Bonnie survived that judgment!) The moment is, of course, short-lived when a flying, flaming eyeball makes its way into the castle, forcing the group and Ansgar to duck for cover.

The Quest airs Thursdays at 8/7C on ABC.


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