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'Alias' nostalgia react: Finally, I'm feeling hooked

Season 1 | Episode 6 | “Reckoning” | Aired Nov 18, 2001

Alias hasn’t been bad, but it’s been a slow start for me. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I started watching it, but I did kind of expect for it to be, well, thrilling. Again, I’m not saying I haven’t enjoyed the show, the pace has just been a little slower than I anticipated (probably because I’m living in a post-Alias world where all of the shows influenced by Alias have taken the foundation it built and added to it).

But this week, that finally started to change. Watching episode 6, “Reckoning,” I finally felt that thing. You know that thing I’m talking about. It’s the closest thing to infatuation that you can feel for a TV show and not a person. It was like Alias and I had had a few so-so, okay, not-bad-at-all-but-not-mindblowing dates and then BAM—we just realized we both love the same stupid thing that no one loves and it’s like GAME ON. Now, I really want to see Alias again. I’m not just being polite because a really good friend set us up and I’ve heard about how great Alias is for a while now and I have nothing to lose by giving Alias a chance. I’m starting to think about staying up all night with Alias. And we don’t have to do anything, even. We can just hang out and get to know each other.

In other words: I’m getting the urge to binge. Even though I’m watching Netflix, up until now, I’ve been pacing myself, watching one episode a week like this is actually 2001. Even though there have been episodes that ended on cliffhangers before now, I’ve never felt that pressing need to press next episode and keep going. But now I do. I so do. Everything is finally getting really real, particularly for Sydney, who is starting to face some of the consequences of her recent reckless actions and her bumbles in double-agentry.

Syd has been helping the CIA sabotage SD-6 missions and steal secret information from them, but she’s never really seemed to grasp just how dangerous and difficult this endeavor is. I really think that, when Sydney walked into the CIA headquarters to go Double Agent for them, she thought within a couple of months she would have completely dismantled the organization and gotten her life back. When Vaughn proudly informs her that the CIA has gotten a whole 2 percent of SD-6’s files, she can’t believe how slow they’re going and seems pretty unconvinced even after Vaughn explains that they have to go slowly to stay undetected. On top of that, she’s been purposefully throwing missions, she completely froze when Dixon saved their last mission with his magic backup detonator and she’s been screaming at her father in public about the CIA and her mother’s death.

And now, finally, Sloane’s suspicions have come to a head: He’s reported (to someone—a nebulous entity on the phone, presumably someone powerful and scary—that he thinks SD-6 has a mole. Marshall has discovered the leak and taken SD-6’s computers offline to stop it. And, oh yeah, Sydney is in a Romanian mental institution trying to get information out of a brainwashed sleeper assassin and, as it turns out, that mental institution is run by K-Directorate and they absolutely recognize her. And THAT’S THE CLIFFHANGER. She’s about to be attacked by a hoard of angry Russian spies. And her agency probably knows she’s a double agent. And everything is getting SO. GOOD. Come on, Alias, come up for a cup of coffee. Let’s keep hanging out.