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'Welcome to Sweden' finale recap: I have a dream

Season 1 | Episode 10 | “Home” | Aired Aug 28, 2014

Bruce, our fearless friend who gave up everything in New York to move across the world so he could begin a new chapter with the love of his life, wakes up half naked in Aubrey Plaza’s bed. This is not a good start to his three-month stint back in the States.

Welcome to SwedenBruce: Did we have sex?
Aubrey: Yes!

Bruce: How was it?
Aubrey: Amazing.
Bruce: Now I know you’re lying. No one has ever said that to me.

Aubrey complains to Bruce that he’s too Swedish. All he did was talk about Emma in his sleep, along with IKEA, Volvos and herring. Bruce decides right then and there that he is Swedish and he wants to spend every minute with Emma.

Emma is still reeling with the separation of her parents. Her mom is perusing dating sites and choosing men who look exactly like her father. She and Gustaf console Birger by taking him to the summer house. Gustaf encourages his father to embrace his singleness. Emma jerks him away to figure out his motive. Gustaf assumes that if their parents get divorced, they will have two celebrations with each holiday. That’s twice the presents and food! Emma reminds him that if their parents get divorced, Viveka will replace Gustaf with a new man and he will be forced to live with Birger. Who will wash his clothes and pay for things? On that note, Gustaf is officially on board with reuniting Viveka and Birger.

Welcome to SwedenBruce is trying desperately to reunite with Emma. There aren’t any flights into Stockholm, which is odd. (Read: Amy Poehler bought them all.) Bruce tries to win over the girl at the counter by comparing his situation to a romantic comedy. She is unfazed but can get him on a flight that has quite a few stops and a middle seat that doesn’t recline next to the bathroom. He is forced to take it after another man isn’t willing to give up the ticket he purchased for his dog.

Emma tells her father he must do something to win Viveka back. Birger puts on his old sea captain uniform and tries to woo his wife. It doesn’t work. Gustaf suggests they attend a group meeting that teaches people how to cope with being alone. The group just happens to be for widows, but they embrace his loss and give him a new perspective. He has a chance to make things right. His wife is alive, and he should do everything he can to make her happy.

Gustaf and Emma escort Viveka to the summer house. Birger comes out wearing a nice suit and his captain’s hat. He tells her that he wants every day to be an adventure with her. And then he sticks a for sale sign in the yard. He sweeps her up and carries her off into the sunset. Well, he almost carries her off. His back gives out about 20 steps in. It was still romantic.

Emma leaves for the airport to catch her flight to New York. While she is riding up the escalator, Bruce is riding down. He professes his love and she professes it right back. They meet at the top and share a kiss. Just like the movies!

Welcome to season 2, Bruce.


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