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'LeAnn & Eddie' recap: A matter of taste

Season 1 | Episode 7 | “The Elephant in the Room” | Aired Aug 28, 2014

I have been very forgiving of LeAnn and Eddie so far this season, suspending my belief in moments that I really shouldn’t have. That’s the spirit of reality television after all, but I feel like this show might be stretching my willingness to look the other way a little too far with both of the major plot arcs this week.

LAE4The story in which LeAnn and Eddie argue over designing their Malibu home is far less contrived than the scenes with LeAnn and her line of clear handbags but does feature a mischievous Eddie pulling a prank on his princess-y wife, and I always love it when he’s teasing her.

In the opening scene, we see LeAnn and her interior designer Jonathan having a long conversation about tables: where they should go, where they should be moved to, how many there are. Among all this talk about tables, Eddie walks in and gives his opinion, when asked, about said tables and LeAnn promptly does the opposite of his suggestion. This scene is meant to establish a pattern of LeAnn’s, in which she doesn’t care about others’ opinions, unless they agree with her own. Check.

Eddie and LeAnn take a ride on the freeway, dodging paparazzi and Eddie brings up the exchange at the house. He calls her out on her inability to listen to anyone else and refuses to be appeased by her obvious attempts to appease him. In response, LeAnn gives him the opportunity to show off his designing skills in their media room, and Eddie makes her promise not to offer her advice unless asked.

The ensuing bit gets pretty funny when Eddie, LeAnn and Jonathan go shopping at a home store. Everything LAE2LeAnn suggests, Eddie vetos. Everything Eddie likes is so tacky and over the top that LeAnn can’t help but chime in with her disapproval. Seeing the twinkle in Eddie’s eye when he shuts her down, reminding her she can’t offer an unsolicited opinion, is enough to get me through the next few scenes, which explore LeAnn and Eddie’s new venture of clear handbags.

These moments feel so rehearsed and contrived that I couldn’t even pretend to be interested. Even when LeAnn’s friend Liz suggests they put naughty products in the bag and goad the paparazzi into snapping pics for free publicity, I was yawning a little. LeAnn gets up to go to the bathroom right in time for a mom from the boys’ school to stop by, and then that same mom conveniently cancelled a play date with one of Eddie’s sons. LeAnn assumes it was the tequila, vibrator, pregnancy test and handcuffs that were in the bag, but when she asked her, it was really just because of morning sickness. They might as well have been reading off cue cards, it was so wooden and predictable.

LAE1All the while, Eddie and Terrell are working hard at making the media room looks as terrible and ugly as possible, so when LeAnn sees the real media room prepared by Jonathan, she’ll feel tricked, and we’ll all get a good laugh at her expense (thus the need for the scene at the top of the episode). These are my favorite versions of LeAnn and Eddie. I love Eddie when he’s naughty and mischievous, and I love LeAnn when she’s being a pouty diva and knows it. LeAnn wound up loving the room and conceded that Eddie did, in fact, have good taste when he had help from a designer.

I am intrigued by scenes from next week’s season finale. The preview hints at a pregnancy, and I, for one, am rooting for one. I know that’s probably not popular opinion, but I think it would be cute. What do y’all think?


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