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'The Bridge' recap: Delicate plans

Season 2 | Episode 8 | “Goliath” | Aired Aug 27, 2014

The tables continue to turn as we pass the midpoint of season two. The stakes are high; we have a better idea of where the plot is going. Now, we just have to see which wrenches the writers throw in the protagonists’ plans.

Sonya is watching over a homeless drug addict. She leaves a locket of hair from a box of her sister’s things in the sleeping woman’s hand. “It’s over,” Sonya says. We pull back to see that Eleanor is watching Sonya. After she leaves, Eleanor approaches the homeless woman to take the locket. She smells it and leaves with it.

Robles is eating out at a local restaurant when the Marinas (Mexican Marines) surround Robles and take him. Why? They need him to tell them where Fausto Galvan is. Oh, you know Robles is going to talk.

The next day at the Chihuahua police station, Marco sees Robles getting ready in the restroom. Robles tells Marco that he’s taking some personal days. Marco walks to the sink that Robles was standing over; there are spots of blood in it. Marco is officially suspicious.

Meanwhile, Sonya is at the scene of the crime that took place at Adriana’s place. Lucy is still alive, but her parents don’t approve of her relationship with Adriana, so she’s not able to stay with her at the hospital. The attacker is dead, and the detectives discover that the man had two addresses on him belonging to Adriana and Daniel. Clearly, it was not a random break-in; somebody sent him. Sonya asks Adriana if she knows where Daniel is. She admits that he’s up to something crazy;  he sent her a text saying he was going to get at Sebastian Cerisola from Grupo Clio. Adriana connects the dots for Sonya, explaining everything she and Daniel have linked in the investigation.

Cerisola visits Galvan to admonish him for going after the reporters. Galvan laments about being cooped up in this hideout. Cerisola mentions that even Eleanor agrees with him about Galvan’s hasty and bloody actions, and Galvan finds it interesting that Cerisola met with Eleanor. “We need to cut our losses,” says the strict businessman. But Galvan is not backing down; he’s not willing to lose millions of dollars because Cerisola is getting skittish about the deal. Cerisola gives Galvan the reality check that he needs, “You can’t kill your way out of this.” Of course, Galvan doesn’t take Cerisola’s advice. He hashes out a “delicate” plan to deal with the cop situation. He asks his lackey to call the “Chopper.”

The Chopper is soon revealed to be an American. We see the man riding a dirt bike in the desert, doing daredevil-like stunts. Another older man comes by and hands him a phone with a picture of Sonya, his new target. He takes the deal, which leads him to a non-descript van with his payment inside. Sonya better watch out.

Sonya is near Red Ridge when the DEA agent shows up and tells Sonya to get in his van. The DEA agent gets real about the situation. They both want Eleanor Nacht. He says he doesn’t need Sonya involved, but Sonya turns it around on him, threatening to tell the CIA about their plans. The agent cuts a deal with Sonya. She gets to book Eleanor for murder and agrees to let the DEA question her. Part of his terms is that she keeps all of this from Marco. Sonya instantly says she can’t do that, but then the DEA drops a bomb that Marco and Galvan were childhood friends, both of their fathers were in the business. Sonya can’t believe it. The DEA agent taps the final nail in the coffin when he hands Sonya a flash drive and mentions that David Tate died in prison last night and Marco is seen visiting him earlier.


Linder and Eva are still on the run; however, we later learn that they’re more on a vigilante mission than running away from anything.  She asks him about his past, and Linder instead asks about hers. Eva talks about her mother, childhood, and how she ended up with Hector to begin with. At the end of her story, she spots the man who offered to give her a ride and ended up taking to the men who assaulted her outside. The man gets in his car, and they follow him.

Daniel Frye hits up Cerisola while he’s picking up his kid from school. Daniel is loud and in your face, telling Cerisola’s kid that his dad sells drugs for a living and yelling that Cerisola tried to get his partner killed. Cerisola’s security takes Daniel away and put him in jail. Adriana comes to get Daniel out with Marco’s assistance. When Daniel reveals that these problems have officially escalated over the border, Marco is surprised and worried.

Sonya plugs in the flash drive and sees the video of Marco visiting Tate. She decides to visit Hank at his place to ask for permission to work with the DEA. “What’s the catch?” Hank asks when she explains their agreement. She tells Hank what they told her about Marco. Hank admits that he knew about Marco’s connection to Galvan but believes he’s his own man. Sonya can’t see it that way. Hank tells her that he won’t be coming in until the deal with Dobbs is sorted. “It seems only fair that you’re held accountable,” Sonya replies.

Cerisola visits Eleanor, and they update each other on what’s going on.  Cerisola asks her if his name can be taken out of it. She questions him, but he eventually asks if it’s possible to leave this mess unscathed. She suggests selling Red Ridge immediately and taking the loss. In fact, Eleanor already has a buyer. Cerisola asks her to come to his side, but that means betraying Galvan. She tells Cerisola that Galvan has what she wants. Cerisola implies that maybe he can get what she wants from Galvan. Eleanor looks at him with a sparkle in her eye. I have NO idea what she’s thinking.

Speaking of Galvan, a Marina raid takes place at his hideout.  They find the tunnel, and the man that Galvan has been keeping prisoner, aka Eleanor’s pet. It looks like Galvan no longer has what Eleanor wants.

Sonya tells Marco that she knows about Tate and his visit to see him. She asks straight out if Fausto Galvan killed Tate for him. Marco doesn’t deny it, but tries to explain.  Sonya has a very black-and-white way at looking at things. She only processes things strictly as they are. Meanwhile, all Marco sees is the gray and how complicated each situation is. These two opposite ways of thinking finally clash with these detectives, and for the moment it has severed their relationship. Marco has lost Sonya’s trust. I was surprised by how tough that scene is to watch. You feel deeply for both of those characters in that moment.

Marco arrives to Chihuahua Police Station to find out that the Marinas might have Fausto, and taking a look at Robles, he knows who’s behind this.  Marco confronts him about it, and Robles won’t admit to ratting out Galvan’s location. He reminds Marco to choose his friends wisely.

Galvan and his lackey are still in the tunnel. Galvan believes it’s time to tighten the circle, so he kills his men, meaning that there will be fewer snitches. He and his lackey remain as they continue down the tunnel.

Finally, we learn about Linder’s past. He talks to Eva about childhood with his sister and abusive father. He was beaten badly, and when he was old enough he left without his sister, who was abused even worse by their father. Linder regretted leaving without her, and when he went back, she was gone. He eventually found her at a shelter, where she died. Linder blames himself for sister’s death because he did not stand up to their father. We hear Linder tell his story as we see him sneaking into the home of the man they have been following. Linder hits the man’s head with force, and he’s dead. It’s just the first (or shall we say, second?) of many vengeful murders to come for Eva and Linder.

We are left with Sonya arriving home alone. Only, she’s not by herself. The Chopper is there, pointing a gun at her. He directs her to drop her cell phone. She does and when he moves close, she grabs at his gun and tries to overtake him. The Chopper expects that move and knocks her out. He doesn’t kill her though. He picks her up and kidnaps her. This is all part of Galvan’s “delicate” mission; I wonder what he has up his sleeve for Sonya.

The Bridge, rated TV-MA, airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on FX.