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'Legends' recap: Don't mess with Dante Auerbach

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “Lords of War” | Aired Aug 27, 2014

Legends rebounds this week with an hour of intensity, brutality, and the debut of Martin’s most notorious legend, Dante Auerbach. Dante is an international arms dealer who likes to get his hands dirty, and they were filthy by the time this episode was over. Sean Bean gave a killer performance as it felt like he sunk his teeth into this character more than previous legend, Lincoln Dittman. Dante gives off a cool, sexy vibe, but with a gleam of bad intentions behind his eyes. I think this week only scratched the surface of what Dante Auerbach is capable of.


(Credit: http://twitter.com/LegendsTNT)

The majority of the episode is Dante trying to infiltrate the Chechen mob responsible for kidnapping chemist Richard Hubbard and his family. To do this, first Dante has to find out who is trying to broker a deal for the deadly VX gas that Richard is being forced to create. Once he meets the unexpected female broker, Dante is eventually seduced by the sultry Ana Paulanos, played by Necar Zadegan. When I say seduced… we’re all adults here, right? Basically, Ana Paulanos doesn’t work with anyone she hasn’t slept with. Poor Dante. It was a tough job, but somebody playing a fictional somebody had to do it. Good thing Martin Odum is divorced!


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Martin also finds the time during this mission to pop home and disappoint his son, yet again.

The best part of this scene is Odum desperately trying to recall how he proposed to his wife Sonya years ago. Later on, we find he’s confused Dante’s fictional proposal with his real one. Sonya, played by Amber Valleta, is brilliant in this scene as the depth added to Martin’s fragile psyche is allowed to play out. Last week’s interaction was brief and lacked impact, but this week you can see why this marriage didn’t survive. Her facial expression says it all.

Young Aiden Odom isn’t the only child full of disappointment on Legends this week! Agent Tony Rice, who is tailing Martin after discovering his involvement in the subway hobo murder, gets a home visit from Director Nelson Gates. He’s already warned Rice to leave Odum alone, but Rice is insisting on interrogating him. Side note: I get the feeling that Gates might know more about Odum’s “real past”  than we realize.

Gates tells Rice to back off of Martin Odum, or he might find his career in jeopardy. Before Alex Trebek can pop out of a closet, Rice’s young daughter interrupts the conversation.

Rice’s Young Daughter: Daddy, I can’t sleep.

Rice: As soon as Daddy is done being emasculated in his own home by Mr. Gates, I’ll be up to tuck you in.

Rice’s Young Daughter: What does ee-mask-oo-lated mean?

Director: It means your Daddy’s balls have been officially dropped.

Sorry Agent Rice.

The end of the episode sees Crystal lead a gas-mask-wearing SWAT team into the Chechen mob’s hideout. Richard Hubbard and his family are saved, but the deadly VX gas has already been moved. I was shocked the Hubbards survived. Really shocked. Every episode of Legends has had one brutal death and…. I spoke too soon. The very end sees Dante being tested by the mob’s leader, The Colonel. He forces Dante to take an eye dropper full of liquid VX gas and…. you should watch the episode. This scene was disturbing for Dante, and the audience, but it reenforced the fact that Martin will do anything to keep his cover. I hope this element of his personality continues to escalate as the season goes on because it will make for a fantastic series.

TNT: You’ve Got Something In Your Eye.

Legends airs Wednesday at 8/9C on TNT.


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