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'Finding Carter' react: 6 reasons I really (x 6) like this episode

Season 1 | Episode 9 | “Do the Right Thing” | Aired Aug 26, 2014

As Finding Carter barrels toward its season finale, it’s turning up the drama. And, for this show, that’s really saying something. What’s happening with Max and Taylor’s relationship? Will David be able to repair his relationship with Carter? Will Elizabeth stay with David or go running back to Kyle? Will anyone ever notice Grant? The point is, this week’s episode, is six reallies worth of good, and here are six reasons why (don’t worry, the first one explains the “six reallies” thing).

1. Maxlor (Maylor?) finally consummate their relationship

Yeah, I guess I’m at the point in my life where I’m the adult who’s actively rooting for fictional teenagers to get it on in PG-fashion on cable television. What? Is that not a phase everyone goes through? Oh well. The point is: Max and Taylor finally do it! Yep, it. They adorably screw up their first attempt by trying to make everything perfect (Max even goes to the hardware store for a last-minute lamp purchase in his attempt to perfect the lighting for Taylor). It is the ultimate in understated overthinking. Sure, they don’t rent a hotel room and pepper the floor with rose petals and scented candles, but they do plan it. Taylor skips school for the occasion. Max has the pressure of being her first (and wanting to be her best, comparing himself preemptively to her future conquests). It is a whole mess.

When Taylor is home and sad after it doesn’t happen, Carter reassures her that it will and that it will be perfect when it does. Taylor insists that she really (really, really, really) likes Max, and Carter points out that that’s a lot of reallies—but not quite enough. Apparently six reallies equals love. #kidsthesedays

So, when Max surprises Taylor (she’s wearing a fluffy, dorky robe and applying face cream—not dolled up to perfection like she was before) and tells her it’s the right time because he really (really, really, really, really) likes her, she says “one to go” and greenlights the big event. As first times go, Maxlor’s is horribly perfect. It’s perfect because they’re perfect for each other and horrible because Elizabeth walks in on the act. When Max is leaving, a little embarrassed from the run-in, they share a six really moment that will make your heart melt.


2. Finally, David’s lies all come to light

David piles on some lies and B.S. about how his actions were misguided but his intentions were pure with that whole Lori lie. Carter forgives him and says he can still write the book (even though she was obvi having second thoughts about the whole thing). Cut to Elizabeth discovering the finished manuscript for Finding Carter. Complete with red editor’s notes! She and David fight it out all night, keep Carter out of school the next day (the truant officer will be looking for all of their children soon, except Grant because, LOL, no one ever looks for Grant).

How does Carter react when she gets the news, sees the finished manuscript and listens to David’s promise? “I never would have published it without your permission.”

“I don’t believe you.”

David’s all:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.18.35 PM

And Carter’s all:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.18.57 PM

Sorry, David, but you kind of (totally, completely, 100 percent) deserved that.

3. Grant’s OK with less attention 

I’m not saying that Grant isn’t justified in his annoyance at being the afterthought of the family. He is. But it was great to see him verbally (and, I think, sincerely) give the OK for Elizabeth to focus on Carter this week. She’s at the bake sale  (she’s late and he lies to her about her cookies, saying they sold out first, when really David punched them in his anger about the book, ruining them for bake sale purposes) and gets the call about Carter being in jail. Yeah, I know we haven’t been over why Carter is in jail, but when isn’t she? Elizabeth looks pleadingly at Grant and he’s like, “Go!” He’s becoming so willingly independent.

4. Bird’s mom is a boss 

Now let’s get to that whole “Carter is in jail again” thing. Ofe gets into a bad spot with his illegal bookie operation (he’s letting people pay in Bar Mitzvah bonds and can’t repay a debt) and needs Bird to bail him out. Since her parents are in town and on her case about the massive credit card bills she’s racked up in their eight-month (!!!) absence, she decides that the best way to do this is to steal a $100,000 necklace and have Crash pawn it for Ofe. Miraculously, another bet placed by the “client” who was threatening to break Ofe’s legs goes bad, and he doesn’t need the cash after all. Unfortunately Crash has already pawned the necklace, and Bird’s mom totally noticed that it went missing. Bird inexplicably blames the whole thing on Carter, who looks super guilty since she’s wearing Bird’s mom’s $20,000 bracelet (the friendship bangle Bird gave her for her birthday).

Even though Carter is the victim of unfortunate and very contrived circumstances, Bird’s mom is awesome. She is not having any of it and calls the police immediately to arrest Carter on charges of grand larceny. I totally believe this is a successful woman. I also totally believe she would neglect her daughter. Well played, Finding Carter casting department.

5. Carter’s parents question her innocence—and they’re totally right to

Too often on teen shows, the parents are evil villains for not believing in their poor, framed child’s total innocence. Elizabeth and David want to believe Carter is totally angelic in the whole situation, but something (Her criminal record? Her criminal boyfriend? Her questionable friends?) makes them falter. The thing is, even though Carter is outraged that Elizabeth would calmly ask if Crash was involved, Elizabeth is 100 percent right. Crash was involved. And Carter knew it was a bad idea and tried to talk him out of it. She is absolutely an accessory, certifying Elizabeth and David as non-demon parents, at least in this instance.

Also, Crash uses the money from the necklace to post bail for Carter and run away with her. The episode ends with her letting the pages of David’s book fly out of the window of the speeding car because she is done (for this second at least) with the Wilson family.

6. The David-Elizabeth-Kyle triangle is bound to heat up again

Elizabeth was desperate to keep David last week, but was she really? Or was she desperate to keep her family together and to not be the one rejected in her relationship with David? Now that his true colors are showing (the book thing was rightfully overshadowed by Carter’s wrongful imprisonment), will she really want to stay with him? What will his other children think when everything comes out? Will she leave him for Kyle? Should Kyle even take her back at this point?

What did you think of this week’s Finding Carter? I mostly can’t get over Maxlor when everything is said and done.


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