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Image Credit: Image Credit: The CW

‘America's Next Top Model’ recap: You feelin’ sexy yet?

Cycle 21 | Episode 2 | “The Guy Who Gets a Second Chance” | Aired Aug 25, 2014

This week on America’s Next Top Model, photographer Yu Tsai joins the judging panel; the models pose in a big, sexy pile on the beach; and eight contestants must pack their bags and head home.

The models face a dangerous challenge early on: riding the LA Metro at midnight. Barefoot. (Somewhere between wardrobe changes, most of the models lose their shoes and run around in the station and on trains in bare feet, which disturbs me more than anything in this episode, even the grunting noises Adam makes doing push-ups before his shoot.)

At each of four stops on the red line through Hollywood, the models have 60 seconds to piece together a seasonal look (Beach casual! Back to school!) and get back on the train for a photo shoot with photographer Franco Lacosta. Miss the train and immediately lose the challenge.

It only takes two stops before most models are left behind on the platform; in fact, by the time “winter” rolls around, only Matthew and Danny are left. Despite calling Matthew boring, Lacosta crowns the Colorado native winner of this four seasons station challenge, a victory Matthew compares to losing his virginity.


Back at the house, tattooed Wiccan Romeo and slick Staten Islander Danny engage in the episode’s obligatory verbal showdown, while the rest of the models eat pizza and look on with only mild interest—they’ve seen this before, in seasons 1 through 20.

The models arrive at a beach at sunset, delighted to discover a campfire and s’mores. (Surely fat-free chocolate and organic marshmallows.)

Only the second episode and already these models are Twitterpated. Keith’s fallen hard for Kari (“She’s not sexy. She’s beautifully sexy. I think I got a thing for her.”) Ben’s got his eye on Kari, too. And PR Maven Kelly Cutrone’s playing matchmaker, robotically teasing Matthew for giving “foxy” Mirjana his jacket on the beach. (His defense? “She was cold! And, I was trying to flirt.”)

Commercial break cliffhanger: Kelly introduces Yu Tsai (who’s worked with Kate Upton and Irina Shenk, among other celebrities), who will not only photograph this challenge, but will work as creative consultant on every shoot this season. Romeo calls him “a genius,” Mirjana calls him “hard core.” Will’s super nervous.

The models pour into skintight dominatrix bodysuits and leather boxer briefs. Tsai gives each of the dominatrices a one-on-one coaching session before they climb on top of each other in an intertwined tangle of limbs and leather wrist cuffs. “Whose hand is on my nipple?” Denzel wonders as they sandwich themselves together.

Tsai insists he’s not looking for them to be perfect, but instead wants to determine who has the most potential.

So what does Tyra Banks think of this gothic group photo? “Insane!”

The panel only agrees on a few models:

  • Miss J likes Danny, but Kelly can’t taken him: “He looks like he’s at an audition for Cabaret.”
  • Tyra feels Romeo, Miss J calls him “the original bitchcraft.”
  • Tyra wonders about Adam: “Is that passion? Or is that crazy?”
  • Kelly on Will, the resident ballerina: “I love him! He’s Nordic, he’s American, he’s Texan, he’s gay, everyone’s going to love him. He’s adorable.”
  • Miss J says Lenox has the body of two different people, but Kelly argues “she’s moody, eerie, my little Christina Ricci indie girl.”
  • Everyone agrees Kari is a contender; Tyra points out while “everything” is wrong with Kari’s face: “her mouth is too big for her face, her forehead is huge (holla!), her eyes are too wide apart” it all adds up to model.


In the end, the judges crush the dreams of eight hopefuls, and 14 models live to catfight another day.

Tyra calls Chantelle and Will first. During the shoot, Tsai compared Chantelle to the X-Men, impressed with her confidence. Miss J worries she poses like “Modeling 101,” but Kelly says she could earn a “master’s degree in courage.” (Aww, Kelly!)

Also safe: Keith, Kari, Mirjana, Matthew, Lenox, Ben, Romeo, Ivy, Raelia, Shei, Adam and Denzel.

Josh the farmer is out; Danny, too, though he’s pragmatic about the outcome and promises third time’ll be the charm; Jamie Rae, who Tsai described as a “beauty pageant girl” and “dead inside,” insists it’s a “joke” she’s eliminated; Lindsey just sobs.


Next Week:
The remaining 14 will walk in a fashion show, which, according to Tyra will be “like we have never done on ANTM,” with a wardrobe “unlike any other,” because they’ll be wearing silly string. Plus, more flirting, fighting and f-bombs!

America’s Next Top Model, rated TV-14, airs Mondays at 9/8C on The CW.


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