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Stopping bombs and dropping bombs: 'Rookie Blue' season finale

Season 5 | Episodes 10 & 11 | “Fragments” & “Everlasting” | Aired Aug 21, 2014

Season finales provide a good opportunity to look back and reflect on how far a show’s characters and stories have come. For Rookie Blue, there has been no shortage of evolution over the last 11 weeks. The officers of 15 have been through a lot, and many relationships have suffered as a consequence. There are many unknowns that still remain; lots of cliffhangers ensure we come back for more in season 6.

The first image we see as we dive into the final two hours of season 5 is Andy and Sam blissfully enjoying each other’s company in the early hours of the day. Sam offers Andy a key to his apartment (it’s a key to my heart that also happens to open the front door); she turns him down. Andy sees the key exchange as the first step on the road to monotony. She wants to keep things fun and romantic. She’s happy, so why mess with it? After all this time, it’s funny that Andy wouldn’t jump at the chance to make things more official. I guess that after having called off an engagement that she rushed into with her eyes basically closed, she figures it’s not a bad idea to slow down and enjoy the progression of things.

When everybody arrives in the parade room for their assignments, Andy sees that Duncan is back. Oliver informs her that Duncan was asking to ride with her. Andy cannot believe his audacity and tells Oliver that she has absolutely no interest in working with Duncan. Nick can tell that Andy is very worked up about it and offers to take Duncan with him for the day. Nick Collins should be considered for sainthood. However, he tells Andy she probably shouldn’t thank him, since the trade means she has to ride with Chloe, who’s been yammering all morning about what to wear to the police gala the following evening. (Just one question: Both Sam and Chloe had to spend weeks on desk duty when they first came back from the hospital. Duncan didn’t sustain any physical injuries, but given his proven incompetence, wouldn’t it have made sense to relegate him to some paperwork for a little while?)

Gail is walking through the station when Holly finds her and tells her there are some issues with evidence on a case Gail had been working on. She needs to talk to her. Privately. (OMG. Is this what I think it is? Yes! Yes it is!) Holly gets Gail into a room and just attacks her mouth. Gail is thrown off, but pleasantly. Of course, the kissing has never been the problem, but they still need to talk about things. Gail has “a thing” that night, but the following night she’d love to.

Andy and Chloe head out on patrol, and Chloe can immediately tell something is up. Andy spills about Sam’s key offer and how she said no. Chloe tells her she’s not crazy; she’s stupid: “Everyone knows you always take the key.” Good thing we have Chloe in there saying the things we’re thinking. Meanwhile, Nick is stuck in a car with Duncan, who’s attempting to bond with him over their shared experience of being burned by Andy McNally. Nick, showing tremendous restraint, simply tells him to stop talking.

Chloe and Andy drive right past a garage attendant throwing a sign in anger as a car speeds away after skipping the toll. As they stand outside the garage, they hear a loud boom coming from inside. They go to investigate and discover an explosive device went off inside one of the cars in the garage. A young girl is injured but OK. They hope it’s an isolated incident, but soon learn that another device has exploded downtown, this time injuring six and killing one. The whole time Andy can’t shake the feeling that this was not the first time she had seen the car that sped away from the garage right before the explosion. As they start putting the pieces together, she realizes she recognizes the car from the apartment building they were at last week, making sure the tenants were all evacuating. Since they had been wearing the police cameras, Andy asks Dov to pull up the footage so they can potentially find the car and identify the driver.

Dov goes to pull the film but is unable to access a chunk of Chloe’s footage, which seems to have been deleted. Andy finds the car and notices that the man getting into it is the guy who almost hit her and had to be restrained. Andy calls in the plates to see what information they can get on him. As she’s working, Duncan repeatedly tries to be her friend. Andy keeps shooting him down, reminding him how messed up his behavior is and that he only has his job because his stepfather is important enough to pull strings. Duncan is feeling unsupported in this environment, so when a call comes in with a tip about the car, he goes to check it out on his own.

Clearly this was a terrible idea; Duncan ends up getting himself beaten and handcuffed to car wired to a bomb. Nick has been attempting to reach him, but given his track record, just assumes he’s shirking his responsibilities again. McNally gets a hit on the license plate, and she and Collins head out to the house to find Ted McDonald. Nick tells her about Duncan’s attempt to bond with him over McNally’s mistreatment. It’s awkward. They look into the guy on the way over and figure out that he was a victim of another bombing exactly four years ago where his son was killed. They arrive at the house and see a police cruiser in the driveway. They go in and discover Duncan in the car with the timer. McDonald is nowhere to be found. There are under 10 minutes to go until the bomb explodes. There’s not enough time for the bomb squad to arrive, so Nick tells Andy he can take care of it. He insists that she leaves; then Oliver gets him on the phone with ETF to walk him through disarming the explosives. As Duncan realizes his life may end in mere moments, he radios to McNally to apologize for freezing up and leaving her hanging and for filming her as she implicated herself. It’s close, but Nick is able to shut down the bomb.

As the case becomes more complicated, intelligence is called in, and Marlo shows up at the scene. It looks like she’s going to be working with 15 for a while as they try to locate McDonald and make sure there are no more explosions. McNally is feeling threatened by her presence, but Sam reassures her that as much as it may feel like it, this is not the third grade.

As the day goes on and more clues fall into place, it becomes clear that Ted (brilliantly played by Shawn Doyle) is on a revenge spree after his son’s killers walked free. He is certain that there is corruption running through the court system and the police department, as they work hand-in-hand with organized crime bosses. He has all the evidence to prove it. He set up bombs to injure the children of all the corrupt people involved in the cover-up. Sam tells him he’ll look into it as long as Ted tells them where the other bombs are. He complies and Oliver (all dressed up and back on the street) is able to get to the last intended child victim to save him. Sam checks with the commissioner about whether or not to pursue the corruption claims. He tells Sam to go ahead. Andy heads to the evidence room to get the hard drives and a bomb goes off. Somehow, McNally makes it out unscathed. Sam runs to find her when he hears the commotion, and when he returns to the interview room, McDonald is dead. He appears to have slit his wrists with a razor blade that is lying beside him. Chris, who did his processing, is pretty certain he didn’t have a razor on him, but says he’ll own the error if it was his. (And to be clear, this was not drug-addled Chris, it was post-rehab sober Chris, so he seems trustworthy.)

The evidence is certainly pointing to a cover-up of epic proportions. I don’t exactly understand when the commissioner would have had time to set up an explosion, nor how he would have had easy access to explosives, but I suppose we’ll get answers to that at some point. It definitely seems like this stepfather of Duncan is not a particularly good dude, so maybe we have to have a little empathy for the twerp.

While all of this is unfolding, Dov is trying to solve the mystery of Chloe’s missing camera footage. He asks her directly and she stumbles through an explanation that she did erase some of it, but it wasn’t case-related. Dov tells her she could have jeopardized everything by tampering with evidence. Ultimately she confesses that she did it because Wes kissed her and she didn’t want him to see it. She swears it was nothing and then says, “You have to trust me.” Dov points out that she had a secret husband she neglected to mention for months, and then she felt so guilty about something that she claims was nothing that she deleted evidence. Of course he doesn’t trust her!  Dov acknowledges that he loves Chloe, but he just can’t be with someone he doesn’t trust (even if she does look beautiful in her red dress). Marlo does remind Dov that it’s important to forgive the people we love, so maybe there’s hope for these two down the road. (P.S.: I am bummed that there was no gala.)

Holly and Gail finally seem to be in a good place. They have been apart long enough to realize they don’t want to be apart anymore. Each one comes to the conversation with a major life plan that she hopes to will include the other. Gail is hoping to adopt Sophie, the little girl whose mother was killed earlier this year by a stray bullet. Gail discovered the body and was there when Sophie came looking for her mom. Apparently, Gail’s been visiting her regularly since then (which is not completely surprising, given how affected Gail clearly was by the whole ordeal), and really feels like she’s ready to be this girl’s mother. Unfortunately, Holly comes to Gail to tell her she’s accepted a job in San Fransisco, and she’s hoping Gail will go with her. Just when it looked like they’d be able to make things work, life gets in the way. Are these obstacles that can be worked around?

How cute is Gail asking Nick if he’ll be a reference for the adoption agency? And then how weird is it when he opens his door and knocks down the girl he met at the convenience store? If we didn’t know and love Nick, he would have seemed mildly creepy, and then he would have seen more than mildly creepy when he showed up at the coffee shop. But Juliet doesn’t seem creeped out; she seems charmed (understandable)—until he nonchalantly mentions mid-kiss that he’s a cop and she takes off. What’s the deal with that? Can’t Nick just find a nice girl to love him? (Also, wasn’t he wearing his uniform when they met in the convenience store?)

And then there’s Steve and Traci. I’m not sure there’s a reconciliation in their future. But he misses her! Come on, Traci! Forgive the man. If he can forgive you, can’t you just call it even? Have I mentioned I love Steve Peck? (Had to get one final one in for the season.)

Finally, things are winding down for the day. McNally and Swarek are back in bed, where they started the day. The bombs have all been quieted—and bam! One more big explosion. Marlo?

Is she really pregnant? Is it Sam’s? Could it be Sam’s? If it is Sam’s, what does that mean for Sam and Andy? Can their very strong foundation survive this earthquake?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. See you all for season 6! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. :)


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