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'The Awesomes' recap: School is in

Season 2 | Episode 4 | “Tim Goes to School” | Aired Aug 11, 2014

The life of a superhero, dear reader, is a hard one. One minute you’re busy saving the world from a disgruntled former accountant; the next moment, you’re being shot down by an army of prejudiced ape-men at a destination wedding on Catalina Island. While it seems there is no rest for the truly heroic, there are some tasks that are more mundane than others. And so, we find the Awesomes this week dealing with the public education system.

While he may be one of the most powerful and heroic superheroes on Earth, Tim is also an 11-year-old boy; as it turns out, the law says that he has to go to school. And who should show up to enforce that law but the Awesomes’ token buzzkill, Joyce Mandrake, head of the Government Office of Superhero Affairs (voiced by Rachel Dratch). Longtime viewers will remember that the last time Ms. Mandrake visited Awesome Mountain, it was to arrest Perfect Man on accusations of treason. And while our heroes succeeded in breaking Perfect Man out of prison, they have not yet found him a better home than the meeting room of Awesome Mountain, which made it a bit awkward when Ms. Mandrake came back around.

With Perfect Man posing as a cardboard cutout of himself in the corner, the Awesomes discuss the issue of Tim’s schooling. Ever since California Man and his flying surfboard mistook San Francisco for the capital of California instead of Sacramento, it has been government policy to require all superheroes to get a full education. Coincidentally, Muscleman and Frantic also never finished school, so the whole team heads back to middle school! Prock, Concierge, Impresario and Gadget Gal all pose as members of the school staff to ensure Tim’s safety. And while the Awesomes can do a lot to keep Tim safe as a team, he is the only one who can control his ability to transform into a gigantic, raging sumo wrestler, so the team makes him promise he won’t lose his cool.

Meanwhile, Prock confides in his best friend, Muscleman, about lady problems. Apparently, ever since last week, when Prock saved Muscleman’s sister with CPR, she has been sending him inappropriate messages. Prock doesn’t know how to deal with the situation, but it’s making him feel terrible when he is with his actual girlfriend, Jaclyn Stone, the lawyer from Perfect Man’s case (voiced by Amy Poehler).

At school, Tim is making friends almost as quickly as he’s making enemies. On his first day, a girl named Kate Walker takes him around and shows him the ropes. At the end of the tour, though, the school bullies are staked out by his locker. And while they try to get a rise out of the new student, Tim just imagines a beautiful sunset and keeps his cool the entire time. It seems like Tim might just manage to fit in at the school.

In an entirely different part of the world, Malocchio Junior is trying to put together a team of supervillains to defeat the Awesomes. He has already recruited Elliot Levy-Apelstein and given him the evil superpower serum. While it’s still unclear how the potion works, it seems to give everyone their own special superpower. For Elliot, this means the ability to stretch his body into any shape or size. Malocchio Junior tells him he must also take on a new evil name. After much consideration, Elliot Levy-Apelstein decides to become Jeff Levy-Apelstein. Tremble before him, tiny humans! Together, Jeff and Malocchio Junior form the Primates Really Into Crime and Killing Sprees. You can feel free to do the math on what their special evil anagram is.

Back at Spiro Agnew Middle School, Prock is having an even harder time keeping his team in line than his class. With Muscleman and Frantic as poorly behaved as ever, Prock struggles to get through an algebra lesson without distraction. However, it turns out that plan was ill-fated from the beginning, when the gorgeous Miss Sampson comes strutting in asking to borrow some chalk. Miss Sampson is totally into Prock and makes no secret of it.

At lunch, Tim struggles to keep his powers a secret when the bullies start making fun of his new friend, Kate. He keeps it together fairly well for a little while, but eventually loses it and goes full sumo, scaring the bullies away. When he turns back, Kate is unfazed, and the two finish their sandwiches together.

The next day, the bullies are back and urging Tim to sumo out. They tell him it is really cool, and that it makes them want to hang out with him. With Tim in sumo mode, the group skips school and makes trouble around town. It seems like Tim has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Fortunately, after school that day, Prock gives Tim a talk about doing the right thing that ends with Tim promising to do better.

The next day at school, Tim tells the bullies he can’t hang out with them anymore. They don’t take that very well. In fact, they break into the vice principal’s office to make fun of Kate over the PA system. When they mock her for being poor, Tim does his best to control himself. He walks down to the office and confronts them using his words. He tells the bullies that Kate is an awesome person and they should be nicer to her. After Tim sings the love song he wrote for Kate, the bullies reveal the mic is still on and the whole school heard him. Tim goes all-out sumo, losing control and raining mayhem on Spiro Agnew Middle School.

With the help of Metal Fella, whom longtime readers will recall is secretly Prock’s ex-girlfriend Hotwire in disguise, the Awesomes try to haul in the sumo. But when Hotwire hears about all the women clambering all over Prock these days, she bails on the mission. Fortunately, a new hero comes in to save the day. It’s Tim’s new friend Kate, who, it turns out, has secretly been a superhero all along. She blows bubblegum bubbles to stop the police from firing on the sumo, then talks Tim down from his perch atop the school flagpole. All in a day’s work.

After the Awesomes have packed it in at school, the rest of the students are heading out at the end of the day. But on his way out, the head of the bullies, Pablo, is pulled into a limo by an elastic ape arm, and a shadowy, accountant-shaped figure offers him a new career as a supervillain.

Will Malocchio Junior’s supervillain league come together? Does destroying an entire middle school get Tim out of having to earn a high school diploma? What does the future hold for Prock and his many women of interest? And when will Hotwire tell her team that she’s still alive? For these answers and many more, tune in next week, dear reader! Same Awesomes time. Same Awesomes channel. Until then, leave some love in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking about the Awesomes.

The Awesomes can be seen on Hulu.


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