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'The Fosters' summer finale recap: Sister, sister

Season 2 | Episode 10 | “Someone’s Little Sister” | Aired Aug 18, 2014

I don’t know about you, my dear Foster fans, but I just watched The Fosters summer finale and I am RAVAGED. “Someone’s Little Sister” was an intense hour that brought a lot of season 2A storylines full-circle and completely blew the door open on some old ones. I don’t even have time for a clever introduction; we have many things to discuss.

Callie pays a visit to Rita, who is not doing so hot now that Girls United is homeless. Seriously, sister is deep in the throes of a shame spiral (empty pizza boxes are always the first sign) and seems ready to throw in the towel. Luckily, Callie knows what it’s like to pick yourself up when you’ve been knocked down. She wants to raise money for Girls United, and mid-brainstorm sesh with Daphne, who should walk into her restaurant but the one richie-richster who can help her: Robert Quinn.

Fresh off signing the abandonment papers for Callie, RQ agrees to throw a fundraiser for Girls United. Planning seems to be going smoothly until the Quinns ask Callie to DTR so things don’t get awkward in front of their guests. When Callie suggests they just refer to each other as friends, Sophia does not respond well. She seems offended and hurt that they wouldn’t call Callie her sister. Something’s rotten in the state of Sophia, amiright?

Honest sidebar: I know they just remade Single White Female a few years ago with Lyla Garrity and Blair Waldorf, but I’d be totally cool with a remake of the remake starring Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison. We’d be able to cut the trailer just from scenes of The Fosters, and recycling is good for the Earth. But seriously, Callie, don’t buy any kittens, because they will end up in your washing machine.


After surviving a fairly awkward sleepover with Sophia, it’s the day of Callie’s big fundraiser! RQ is every bit the proud papa, displaying Callie’s photos and just being a straight-up gentleman to Stef and Lena. And after a heart-to-heart with Rita, Callie is starting to question her assumptions about her birth father. Rita notices that RQ is genuinely trying to care for Callie and maybe she should let him because, well, he is her father.

Rita has a point. Why is Callie completely rejecting this man who is trying to support her and get to know her? I’m not saying I don’t want Lena and Stef to adopt Callie, and I’m not saying I wasn’t also wary of RQ’s intentions at the start of things, but I am saying that this is complicated.

Rita’s words strike a cord with Callie, who outs RQ as her father in a very touching and very public speech. Sophia is, of course, over the moon, and promptly informs Callie that it’s not too late for them to be a family because she stole the abandonment papers from the mail and ripped them up and isn’t that just great? No, I mean it, Callie—hide your cat. Hide all of the cats.

RQ can fix everything by signing a new set of papers, but he admits to Callie that he won’t, he can’t do that for her. Signing the abandonment papers was the hardest thing he had to do as a father, and he can’t bring himself to do it again. He won’t let her go this time; he wants to be her father. If it’s any consolation, RQ does look pretty torn up about the whole thing.

And then nothing else really happens. Nope, nothing to see here. No rekindling of a semi-inappropriate, pseudo-sibling romance of any kind. Just kidding, Brallie fans! Here’s the skinny: When Callie, feeling completely betrayed, runs out of the party, Brandon “I don’t want drama either” Foster runs after her. He doesn’t put up much of a fight when Callie says not getting adopted might be “the way it’s supposed to happen” and plants one on him. Brallie lives to see another day.


The Fosters plays with an interesting parallel by having Callie rethink her relationship with a biological parent, while Mariana completely shuts off whatever she was previously feeling for hers. Again, it just shows the complexity of these relationships and how confusing it must be for these teenagers, no matter the outcome. I think having these two stories play out simultaneously really highlights that.

Mariana makes good on her decision to hear out Ana from last week, but the family reunion is not a cheerful one. In trying to make amends, Ana admits that she loved getting high more than she loved her kids, and for that she’s most ashamed. Mariana can’t even be in the same room with this woman, whom she sees now as just a “sad stranger.”

Still upset at home, Mariana confesses that she hates the fact that she shares DNA with Ana, but is comforted by Lena’s reminder that DNA doesn’t make a family. Lena wouldn’t love Mariana any more even if she had given birth to her—she’s her daughter no matter what.

Lena and Mariana hug, and my wine is getting watered down with the uncontrollable tears that seem to be flooding my face. It’s all well and good that you’re comforting your daughter, Lena, but who’s going to comfort me, huh?

In other family news:

  • Callie snaps at Sophia after realizing she may lose the Fosters. This sends Sophia off the deep end, and she locks herself in the bathroom with, we’re led to believe, the intention to hurt herself. For as much crap as I give Sophia for being a complete freak show when it comes to Callie, this is pretty distressing. Choose life, girl!
  • New couple alert? Jude is back from his camping trip, and he and Connor hint at maybe hooking up while sharing a tent. The Fosters is being a little too coy with this for my taste, and I’m not sure I totally believe it just yet.
  • Lena calls out Connor’s dad for being a bully and wants to take action against him. The new principal thinks it’s a conflict of interest, so Lena ups and quits her job. Stef thinks this is just Lena trying to take control after feeling powerless from losing the baby. I’m more concerned that a principal asks her students to call her Monty.
  • Miracles do happen! I wanted to reach into my TV and give Jesus a big ol’ hug not once, but TWICE in this episode. His gut reaction to protect Ana was a doozy, and ignoring Hayley’s needy plea to skip the fundraiser was the first smart thing he’s done all season.
  • Finally, isn’t Maia Mitchell just the best?

Well, friends, that’s a wrap on season 2A of The Fosters. Until we meet again, here are some questions to mull over: Think the Brallie kiss was just Callie’s way of coping with her heartbreak over losing her family, or is this true love?  Will Mariana ever be able to forgive Ana? And what really went down on that seventh-grade camping trip?

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