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Atlanta Exes (VH1)

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Meet the newest ex-wives in VH1's 'Atlanta Exes'

Ever since the Hollywood Exes finale, I have been suffering a giant melodrama-shaped hole in my heart. But VH1 understands my sadness and has brought us another installment in the Exes franchise: Atlanta Exes. Not only are these women all my Southern sisters (I’m from Georgia too), but they were all once married to some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. This show promises high drama and juicy female politics, and I can’t wait to see how the dynamics shake out in a group with this many strong personalities.

I thought it would be great idea for us to get to know them a little before Monday’s season 1 premiere. Introducing (in no particular order) the ladies of Atlanta Exes:

Tameka Redmond (previously married to Usher): Tameka seems pretty down-to-Earth, and she claims the rest of the ladies are as chill as she is. We’ll just have to see about that instead of just taking her word for it. (This isn’t my first experience with reality TV.) She is super-assertive and doesn’t seem the type to mince words; for instance, now that she’s dating, she will admit that Usher’s shoes are hard to fill, but she’s broken it off with more than one man for mentioning her ex’s name one too many times.

Torrei Hart (previously married to Kevin Hart): Torrei remembers meeting Kevin when they were in college, and she encouraged him to pursue a comedy career even back then. She had chicken wings and Sprite on their first date, and put her career on hold to support him throughout his ambitious rise.  She called that time in their lives “fun and exciting,” but I think she might have more to add to that story (*fingers crossed*).

Monyetta Shaw (Ne-Yo’s former fiancée and baby’s mother): Monyetta is from Shreveport, Louisiana, where she met Ne-Yo at a Jamie Foxx show. She remembers having to “share him with the world,” which is a common theme among these women. She says that Atlanta Exes won’t be like other housewife shows, and we won’t see any table-flipping here. I desperately hope that’s not true.

Christina Johnson (previously married to CeeLo Green): Christina remembers exactly what CeeLo was wearing on their first date, taco meat and all, although there is an ongoing feud about whether his shoes were white or bone. I get the feeling that that was the least of their worries. Christina characterizes her castmates as “strong, powerful women” who will be relatable to audiences. I can see that, if the audience members were all once married to mega-millionaires.

Sheree Thompson (previously married to Ray Buchanan): Sheree went from being a poor college student to the wife of an NFL draft pick almost overnight. She remembers the spoils of being rich, but she also recalls everyone wanting a piece of what she had. She is now back to being the breadwinner for her family and might not be so happy about it.

Let’s make some predictions. Who’s gonna provide the most drama? Who’s gonna be sipping the most tea? Who is still the most in love with her ex? Let’s get ready for Monday’s premiere right now!

Atlanta Exes premieres Monday, August 18, at 9/8C on VH1.


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