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'General Hospital' recap: Love and a three-way in the afternoon

Season 51 | Episodes 92-96 | Aired Aug 11-15, 2014

A wedding interrupted! A gunshot! The undead! Recoupling! Potential three-ways! Spilled ice cream! Milo and Epiphany! Oh, wait … what?

For the last one, we have to first discuss the not-quite-love triangle between Brad, Felix and Lucas. After Lucas’ offhand comment about combining their mutual attractions into a group activity, all three find themselves talking about the possible encounter with a third (fourth?) party. Brad confides in Britt, who tells him not to be a third wheel to Brad and Lucas’ attraction and to go for it. Felix talks to a randomly placed (and shirtless) Franco, who offers a high-five to the opportunity. And Lucas talks to Carly, who is humorously aghast at the idea. Because despite all of her history, including seducing Lucas’ adoptive father while keeping Jason on the side, Carly is a two-person woman.

The trio decide to meet up for a night of “hanging out,” which is little more than code for having a group hook-up. While Lucas shows up at Brad’s studio apartment, Felix is waylaid at the hospital by a nervous Milo. We haven’t seen Milo in a while, and we previously learned from his chat with Sonny that his dreams of building a fitness empire and his love life are in the tank. Milo confesses to Sonny that he’s in love with someone his father will not approve of. Sonny urges him to go for it, so Milo runs off to GH and confesses to Felix that he is finally facing his feelings. Felix is floored, believing Milo is about to disclose his undying love for him, as he mentions his love is African-American. But Felix’s hopes are dashed as Milo confesses his crush is Nurse Epiphany Johnson. Of course, Epiphany is telling Liz, at the exact same moment, that she feels the same. So … yay? Felix realizes from all this that he wants true love, not a hook-up, so he cancels on Brad and Lucas. Lucas admits that Brad is the one he really likes, so the three-way becomes a two-way.

Maxie’s wedding day to Levi arrives, as everyone is still trying to tell her that she may have feelings for Nathan. Mac reveals that Nathan has feelings for her, but Maxie is stubborn in her determination to go through with the nuptials. At the PCPD, Nathan quickly realizes that Levi stole the Aztec necklace from the photographer and rushes off to the Haunted Star to arrest Levi. He confronts him in private as he is getting ready, and Levi admits his whole relationship with Maxie is a con, including his Australian accent. His portrayer, Zachary Garred, IS actually Australian, so the new American accent is somewhat dubious as well. Levi pulls a gun on Nathan and the struggle leaves Nathan bloodied, beaten, unconscious and tied up on the stateroom floor.

During the wedding, Dante goes off in search of his partner, finds him and unties him. Luckily, the wedding is slow to progress, as officiant Lucy has to repeat the vow portion of the ceremony to Maxie three times before she says her “I do.” Just as Lucy is about to pronounce them, Nathan puts a stop to the wedding, revealing all of Levi’s crimes and duplicity. Maxie is beyond angry, but things take a turn when Levi and his accomplice (the fake immigration officer) grab all of the Aztec jewelry and then take Lulu and Maxie as hostages to ensure their escape. For good measure, Levi shoots Mac in the shoulder/chest. By my count, that’s the third (after Liz and Lucas) upper-torso gunshot wound in recent months. Considering the survival rate (all so far), you’d think Port Charles gunmen would pick a new location!

Over at Sam’s, Silas tells her about Rafe’s coercion regarding the car accident. Sam, in turn, tells Patrick, who asks her for help in finding the culprit. She agrees, and the two end up discussing Jason. Sam admits she felt guilty for moving on, but has accepted the fact that Jason isn’t coming back. Shockingly, at the Crichton-Clark clinic, Victor is forcing Robin to administer her medical protocol to Jason, against her wishes. Jason initially crashes, but in an inadvertently hysterical moment, his hand reaches out from the chamber. Robin is relieved, wanting to continue her work, but Victor has other plans. It seems he wants to use Jason as a pawn in some nefarious plot. In turn, he sends Robin to parts unknown, relieving her of her doctoral duties at the clinic. Then, in what can only be an ode to Frankenstein’s monster, both of Jason’s arms reach out from the chamber.

Britt uses her talk with Brad to inspire herself to not take a backseat to anything that may be burgeoning between Nikolas and Liz. She interrupts their dinner at Kelly’s, proceeding to talk over Liz (who was getting ready to discuss feeling for Nikolas) during the conversation. After Liz accidentally-on-purpose spills a milkshake on her, Britt has her mother order Liz back to the hospital for another shift. With Nikolas’ sole attention, Britt bemoans her lack of sleeping accommodations for the evening. Ever the prince, Nikolas invites her to spend the night in one of Wyndemere’s many bedrooms. On Spoon Island, Spencer is happy with the visitor, arranging things so that Britt and Nikolas end up cozied by a fire toasting marshmallows. A little marshmallow in the facial hair, and Britt leans in to kiss the object of her desire.

Finally, we come to what is sure to spur the most viewer feedback: Somewhere between Olivia, Ava and Franco, it’s come to be that we are set up for another ride on the Carly and Sonny merry-go-round. While they have always been in each other’s business, there haven’t been a lot of relationship-type sparks flying between the two. But now Sonny seems to have set his mind on reclaiming his four-time ex-wife. And for all of Carly’s declarations of love for Franco, she suddenly seems open to the idea. Sonny insisting that their wrong is right leads Carly to state that they aren’t a good romantic investment, but Sonny says he is there because he knows what he wants.

While Carly and Sonny reconnect over pizza, Franco finds himself stuck in an elevator with Nina. Even though it’s a hospital elevator, storyline contrivances dictate they will be there overnight, so the two get to talking. Nina is angry to be stuck, as she had somehow planned to procreate with Silas that night. Just to make sure the night in the elevator is no Disneyland, Nina drops the bomb that she saw Sonny and Carly kissing. Cue the fireworks!

While few have seemingly been invested in the Carly-and-Franco pairing, it’s more curious to see how many are on board for a #CarSon redux. Are you in?


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