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'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' recap: The big weddin'

Season 4 | Episode 13 | “Annabama” | Aired Aug 14, 2014

In the season finale, Anna is getting married and moving away with Baby Kaitlyn. And her closer-than-close family isn’t very happy about that—especially Mama June.

It is a more solemn episode than usual, because in a show all about family, we can’t help but feel sad that part of the family will be splitting off. Of course, there’s still room for bathroom humor in the episode, because let’s face it: It just wouldn’t be Honey Boo Boo without at least a few fart jokes thrown in there.

Wedding Jitters

Anna and Mama June have a heart-to-heart about how Anna feels about getting married, even though Mama June’s advice doesn’t go over quite so well with Anna.

TLC“The best advice my mama ever gave me about getting married was … well, nothing really,” Anna admits to the cameras. Still, the sentiment is there, and we can see how much love there really is between this mother and daughter. This is yet another reminder of how hard it will be for Mama June when her daughter leaves.


The girls, Mama June and Uncle Poodle go for pedicures, and of course they have to haggle. They try to get a discount for Uncle Poodle’s missing toe, to no avail. Maybe they should have just gone with a coupon.

After the laughs about their crusty toes and feet, it gets serious when Anna is asked about her father. She doesn’t think her biological father will show up to the wedding, but she knows she can count on Sugar Bear in any event.


Weddin’ Prep

“This is turnin’ into a bridezilla episode,” Michael scoffs as his wife-to-be prepares for the wedding. The hardest part is setting up the bales of hay for the guests to sit on during the backyard ceremony.

This is where we meet Michael’s parents, whom Anna, Michael and Kaitlyn will be living with in Alabama. We also get a glimpse of the entire large family. It is like a scene out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding if it had a “redneck” cast, was filled with body-function jokes and took place in front of a barn.

The Big Day

“Everyone is so stressed out. It’s only a weddin’, people.” Little Alana is the voice of reason.

Anna is so nervous, and to make matters worse, she finds out her father will not be attending the wedding.

TLC“I got her back,” Sugar Bear says as Anna cries when her nerves get the best of her. He will be stepping in as her father.

Anna’s sisters are dolled up in their boots and blue department-store dresses. They make their way down the aisle with their family and friends watching from the bales of hay.

“Why is this taking so long?” Michael says from the altar as he waits for his bride, who is walked down the aisle by Mama June and Sugar Bear.

When she makes it to the aisle, he whispers, “You’re so pretty.”

The young couple exchange very heartfelt vows as Michael holds Baby Kaitlyn in his arms. They kiss and are officially husband and wife.


The family is all smiles as they grab their corn, pork kabobs, hot dogs, ribs and more before the bouquet toss, in which Jessica catches the bouquet. Of course, she was so determined to get the bouquet that she bashes into her cousin Cassie and knocks out one of her teeth. And she has some lovely flowers to remember this momentous occasion by.

Moving Day

Alana tries to hop in the moving truck, until Anna reminds her that she can’t move with them.

Anna agrees to visit two or three times a month, so her family can see Kaitlyn every weekend. Then she drives off with her husband, daughter and moving trucks.

“We knew Mama was gonna be sad watching Anna and Kaitlyn drive off, but she’s been sadder than sad,” Alana says as she watches her mother sulk. Then she gives her mother a photo album she made with her sisters of Anna and Kaitlyn, which Mama June admits really helps.

The show ends with the Thompson family going down to the lake for a night swim, and we know everything will be back to normal soon.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, rated TV-14, airs Thursdays at 9/8 C on TLC.


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