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Mixed emotions on 'Chasing Life' summer finale

Season 1 | Episode 10 | “Finding Chemo” | Aired Aug 12, 2014

The summer finale was exactly what we expected after watching April struggle all season with her diagnosis. Now came the time for her to fight a new inner battle: that of getting through the difficulty of chemo. As she soaked up her final moments of freedom, there were some lighthearted moments for us to enjoy, like the listing off of all the cancers, like rectal, they’d wished April had gotten instead—because it would mean a shorter stay.

On her first day of chemo, we meet Leilani, a nurse who doesn’t hold back on sharing all the harsh realities of the procedure. Martí is the sweeter nurse with a cheerier outlook; she’s April’s favorite, and ours too. To the relief of the family, April’s doctor got better grades in med school than George, so he can learn to hush up.

George still hasn’t separated his role of uncle from his career as a doctor. Not to mention that he also has some figuring out of feelings to do, because adding the title of “stepdad” to his nieces would be a bit strange. After Sara chalks up his spontaneous kiss to “a completely rational response to trauma,” George confesses it would be untrue to play along with that excuse. Apparently our guy George had a thing for Sara 26 years ago, but skipped town, giving his brother free rein to pursue her. Now those feelings are rushing back and, given their history, this could get messy.

Brenna also finds herself in hot water when the school finds out about her and Greer’s rendezvous during the Eco club’s trip to Florida. Not only does she have to tell her mom about getting in trouble with the school right as April’s chemo treatment begins, but she’s also cornered into revealing what she was doing down there when she was suppose to be on a school trip. She drops the N.O. bomb to Sara. The truth about April and Brenna knowing of Natalie Ortiz is out, but we still haven’t gotten to hear Sara’s take on the whole “love child” thing. Greer’s parents cleared up the whole debacle with the swift donation of a field to the school, on the premise that Greer and Brenna no longer see each other. Yeah, we’re sad to see Team Grenna go through this hurdle, but it set up a moment where Sara fiercely defended Brenna, and Brenna apologized for her overall troublesome behavior. It was such a long-awaited genuine moment between the two that I can’t help but feel a tad bit thankful to Greer’s snooty parents.

While life continues to happen outside, April gets a little bit of her old life back when she wakes up to find Dominic at her bedside. Her assuming catches up when she comes clean to Dominic about how long she kept her illness a secret and why. He doesn’t know about her and Leo until he sees them together after her brief runaway. I’m all Team Leo, but I can’t help but take Dominic’s side on this one. April didn’t give Dominic the chance to prove he’d be a supportive boyfriend, and in making those assumptions, she lost him. When she needed someone, she called Leo instead of Dominic. I just wish she’d admit that she cares for Leo more.

Leo motivates her to keep fighting, but makes it clear that he’s the “wrong horse for you to bet on.” Doesn’t matter, Leo—my money’s still on you.

It wouldn’t be a finale without a cliffhanger. At this point, we’re super-invested in Leo and left to wonder his fate. He leaves April a voicemail that we don’t get to hear in its entirety, as she sees his parents walk into a hospital room. What happened to Leo?

Chasing Life, rated TV-14, airs Tuesdays at 9/8C on ABC Family.


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