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Finding Carter: Meredith Baxter, center (MTV)

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Meredith Baxter talks about her devious 'Finding Carter' character

When TV vet Meredith Baxter popped up in the pilot of MTV’s Finding Carter, fans weren’t the only ones who were hoping she’d be back this season. The EW Community talked to Baxter about what attracted her to the show (hint: It’s more than just the attractive young stars) and what’s next for her Bad Grandma character, Joan.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: Tell me about what attracted you to the role on Finding Carter.
 I really liked the whole premise of the show to begin with, and within that, I always want to play a character that is very well-defined. You know what they like, you know what they don’t like, you know what pisses them off. So in any situation that comes, you know, “Oh, Joan’s gonna have a reaction to that!” So you want the audience to be ahead of you. And my character, she’s very wealthy and very controlling and she doesn’t like the husband. She is divisive, and will undermine those that she doesn’t think are fit. And that’s very attractive.

Your character, Grandma Joan, really shows her colors at the girls’ birthday party in this week’s episode. Did you have any idea how the character would evolve when you filmed the pilot?
I did not have an understanding of how she was going to evolve. At first, I was afraid she was just going to kind of be a little milquetoast-y, which is less interesting. Once she had room to develop, they really made something quite interesting.

Grandma Joan has some strained relationships with other characters on the show. Can you give us any hints about how those tensions are going to unfold?
You know, I don’t know how that’s going to unfold. I wish I did, but I don’t. I can trust that I will be back and probably make someone’s life a little more miserable, but I don’t know exactly how.

Your character is particularly adversarial towards Alexis Denisof’s character, David. How do the two of you get along when the cameras stop rolling?
We haven’t interacted much at all. His scenes have been predominantly with other people, and I haven’t had an opportunity yet—but boy, sparks will fly.

What’s the atmosphere like on the Finding Carter set?
Well, there’s a lot of very young, fresh, attractive actors on the show. I haven’t really worked with that many young, attractive people before. They’re very into their phones, and they seem to be very tight-knit already. I like how they form these alliances so quickly and so easily. It’s a really nice group, I have to say, and pretty well disciplined. They do their work really well and I admire that.

Have any of the young actors on set asked you for advice?
I don’t see any of them asking me for any advice, no. If they’re like my kids, they kind of know everything. They don’t need to know anything I learned. That would be the old days.

What do you think of Grandma Joan? Were you excited to see Meredith Baxter on Finding Carter? Tell us in the comments!

Finding Carter airs Tuesdays at 10/9C on MTV.


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