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‘Young & Hungry’ recap: Gabi’s lies catch up to her

Season 1 | Episode 7 | “Young and Secret” | Aired Aug 6, 2014

Last week’s Young & Hungry episode introduced us to Cooper (played by Jesse McCartney), a new love interest for Gabi. In this week’s continuation of that storyline, we see Gabi and Cooper can’t keep their hands off of each other, but also can’t do a good job of hiding that fact from Josh, who has forbidden them from seeing each other while both are employed by him.

It takes about 30 seconds into this week’s episode to realize that Gabi and Cooper are terrible at sneaking around. I mean, that should have been brutally obvious when they go to make out in the laundry room and don’t even shut the door behind them. But they’re just two crazy kids in love, so doors are just nuisances, I suppose. Anyway, Josh does get a little inkling that there probably is something strange going on behind his back, but instead of coming clean to him, Gabi instead makes up a lie that her and Cooper are getting closer because he is actually dating her roommate, Sofia.

So, like any good boss, Josh invites his newest employee and Sofia on a double date with him and Caroline. And this date is painful. For all of Cooper’s nerdy adorableness, one thing he is not good at is lying. I’m no body language expert, but if someone just keeps repeating, “I know this because we’re dating,” I’m going to instantly get red flags in my head that these two people are not actually dating. But Josh, computer genius that he is, obviously isn’t a body language expert either. “I just can’t get over how great you two are together,” he says. Really?

Gabi had already cooked up a scheme (pun intended) to get Sofia to break up with Cooper during the dinner, but the plan doesn’t work out because Sofia wants to remain friends with Caroline. And who wouldn’t? I mean, Lorde is coming to her wedding. Good Lorde, her life is amazing. (Sorry.)

So because of her scheming, Gabi has gotten in a fight with her best friend and may have lost her boyfriend.

Even though Gabi says she’s angry with Sofia because of her unwillingness to go along with her plan, I think much of the anger also stems from jealousy over Sofia’s new friendship with Caroline, Gabi’s enemy No. 1. In Sofia’s defense, for all of Caroline’s terrible qualities, it would be fun to be friends with her for a little while, just to live in her world and see what that is like.  But Gabi is also understandably not a big fan of Caroline, and seeing her best friend spend time with Caroline would definitely be painful.

The worst part of the episode came with the realization that there probably won’t be any more Jesse McCartney for a while. I’m going to miss that nerdy little dreamboat. I hope he returns soon, mostly because he and Gabi did seem to be a good couple. But also because he’s Jesse McCartney.

Young & Hungry airs Wednesdays at 8/7C on ABC Family.