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'The Fosters' recap: What about the rest of them?

Season 2 | Episode 8 | “Girls Reunited” | Aired Aug 4, 2014

We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekly hang with The Fosters to check in with some of our favorite kids at the Girls United house; it is a most welcome return. After weeks away, Callie returns in “Girls Reunited” to spend a weekend with her old group-home friends under the guise of helping out at Community Day. What Callie soon realizes, though, is that all is not well at Girls United.

A new resident at the house, Dev, is causing trouble. She’s playing Cole (Tom Phelan), pretending to be in a relationship with him in order to use his drug dealer (whom he had on call for his hormones) and as a ticket out of the house. She’s lying to Girls United leader Rita (Rosie O’Donnell) and sneaking said drugs in. She’s confrontational with our girl Callie, accusing Callie of stealing her drugs and belittling any hardships Callie thinks she might have. And really, she’s just flat out rude to everyone. Manners, child—get some.

Honest sidebar: What I love about Girls United (tonight and always) is that it gives The Fosters (and ABC Family) the chance to tell stories about the teenage experience that might not be as pretty and polished as, say, some little liars might be (I’m not hating, I’m just saying). But more than that, it reminds us just how vast the teenage experience really is. It’s refreshing to have a show put the same importance on a story about a transgender teen dealing with identity as it does a girl trying to fit in with her dance team—and I mean that in both directions. No one teen experience is the same and no one experience is more valid than the other. When you’re a teenager, everything seems important and life-changing, so it’s incredibly truthful to tell stories that run the gamut. OK, hopping off my soapbox now.

Dev couldn’t hold down the Girls United gang for too long. Kiara (Cherinda Kincherlow) helps Callie admit to why she really arrived at the Girls United doorstep this time around: She’s seeking refuge as she continues to deal with the unresolved trauma from her rape, and the tension it’s brought to her relationship with Wyatt. As someone who has been through it, Kiara sagely reminds Callie that you don’t get over something like that until you do, and hiding from Wyatt won’t solve the problem. PREACH.

Another honest sidebar: Is it just me, or do all the Girls United gals, Kiara and Daphne especially, totally realize Callie has bagged a grade-A hottie in Wyatt? It’s probably just me. It’s usually just me.

Callie, in turn, helps Cole see the light about Dev. Cole was completely under Dev’s spell and willing to run away with her, giving up his spot in the LGBT group home he had so desperately been waiting for. After Dev berates Cole, calling him a freak, Callie offers some comfort: Cole isn’t a freak—he just knows who he is, and that’s scary and brave all at the same time. Cole ditches Dev (Dev announces she’s leaving the house anyway) and makes the right choice for himself.


Amidst all the in-house drama, Girls United has to put on a good show for Community Day. A crazytown neighbor is harassing Rita and pressuring her landlord to shut down the group home. While Callie does her best to act the part of “success story” and answer inane questions from neighbors about gang relations, my favorite Girls United member, Becca (Annamarie Kenoyer), is having her dreams crushed.

I was moved to see Becca, the angry girl who was once Callie’s adversary in the house, look like she had grasped on to some glimmer of hope. She was finally leaving the group house and moving in with her mother. But when Becca’s mom shows up for Community Day, she informs her daughter that she has found a new boyfriend—a good one this time, she promises. Becca has heard this story before, and that glimmer that things might get better is snuffed out.

Later that night, Becca seeks solace in Dev’s missing drugs. When Becca passes out in the basement, the entire house goes up in flames. Rita and Callie rescue Becca, and it seems everyone has made it out of the house fairly unscathed, but the future of Girls United is left up in the air.

In other family news:

“No matter what happens during the night, every morning the sun comes up, again and again.” God, Lena, even when Skyping from a seventh-grade camping trip, you can have soul-piercing insights.

So much shipping! First, after an awkward double date with Jesus and Hayley, super-cute Mat finally leans in and plants one on Mariana; we all celebrate. Then, while listening to some sweet tunes, Lou and B almost kiss. I’m really rooting for those two; they could use one another.

Everyone but Jesus realizes that Hayley is manipulating him. Always listen to your mom, Jesus! #bringbackEmma

Stef receives a letter from Ana asking to make amends with the twins. By the end of the episode, it seems like Stef is considering it. I’m looking forward to seeing this play out.

Anyone else need a physical confirmation that Dev actually left the house before everything went down in flames? Hope we’ll pick up the Girls United story again soon. Or were you missing your full dose of Foster tonight? And can Ana seeing the twins end in anything but heartbreak? Also, spotted in previews for next week: Wyatt’s hair!

The Fosters, rated TV-14, airs Mondays at 9/8C on ABC Family.