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'General Hospital' recap: Farewell 57 Lake Road

Season 51 | Episodes 82-86 | Aired July 28-Aug 1, 2014

Nina Clay spent 20 years in a coma because her mother gave her an overdose of prescription medication. You’d think, with that history, Nina would be a little leery of drugging Silas for her own personal gain. But since Nina has gone from wanting to destroy Silas to wanting to reclaim him as her own in the blink of an eye, all other logic has gone out the window with her new motivation.

Nina’s plan works to almost perfection, as she manages to get entangled on the couch with Silas, luring him into a drug-induced kiss at the exact moment Sam shows up at his door. Sam, ready to tell Silas that someone did overhear them on the roof, turns and flees without voicing her suspicions to Silas. Nina is unable to get Silas to impregnate her (the ultimate icky goal), but she does manage to convince him that he was stinking drunk, as opposed to drugged.

During his “hangover,” Nina is able to work the nostalgia angle on Silas. They even go for a little old-school strip poker, although Silas only loses his shirt. Nina ups the ante, showing Silas that she can now stand for a few seconds, much to his surprise. Nina may find her reveal to be ill-timed, though, as Sam is simultaneously telling Patrick she is convinced that Nina is not as wheelchair bound as she claims to be. Patrick has nothing but time on his hands since he was fired, so the two decide to go check out the clinic where Nina rehabbed post-coma. The camera makes sure to zoom in on a Morgan family photo—could it be the same clinic where Robin is trying to save Jason?

After Julian’s refusal to divulge his Sonny-related information, Mickey is out to teach Julian a lesson about loyalty to the boss. Mickey has a bomb placed in Alexis’ mailbox. Initially, Alexis, Molly, T.J. and Danny are home, but a well-timed baby meltdown over a forgotten toy keeps them out of harm’s way when the bomb explodes. Julian arrives at 57 Lake Rd. to find it fully engulfed. Thinking the family is inside, he tries to enter, but a second explosion sends him flying. Alexis shows up and clues him in to everyone’s safety, and Julian takes off in a huff of vengeance.

Back at the Metro Court, Jordan plays it cool when Mickey busts her and Shawn in his hotel room. Claiming Shawn is basically stalking her, Jordan sends Shawn on his way and gets down to business with Mickey. But despite never having a clue about her law enforcement in the park rendezvous, Mickey quickly zeroes in on the recording device she has affixed to his bed frame. The recording begins with her identifying herself as DEA, and Mickey isn’t buying that it is a cover story. Jordan switches modes, trying to offer him a plea deal, but Mickey is out for her blood. He pulls a gun and they scuffle. Jordan gets the upper hand and is trying to negotiate when Julian storms in and shoots Mickey point-blank. Jordan sends Julian away, offering to take the blame and say it was self-defense. When Anna and the police arrive, they continue with the cover story, with Anna clued in to the truth by Jordan.

Julian, after stopping by Sam’s to get berated by Molly for his possible involvement in the bombing, returns home and places a video call to his stored contact, “13-107.” Finally, someone involved in nefarious activities not listing the person by their real name! The secret contact turns out to be Faux Luke, still sunning himself on an island somewhere. While Faux Luke is none too pleased about Mickey’s condition (brain dead), Julian takes the time to read his boss the riot act over the bombing and the introduction of heroin to the town. Julian demands an equal partnership and no more heroin, but Faux Luke tells him he’s making a grave mistake. Julian ends the call with a hilarious “Peace out, bitch,” but he doesn’t realize Ava has spied him on the video chat. When Julian exits the penthouse, Ava does a redial and is stunned to hear Faux Luke, whom she believes to be the real deal. She offers up her services on the home front, despite the fact that she is basically imprisoned in her penthouse. Faux Luke wants her Sonny information, but she plays it close to the vest for now.

When Sonny ambushes Julian at the art gallery, Julian keeps nothing back. He informs his nemesis that he knows the truth about A.J.’s shooting. Sonny is more concerned with Ava’s baby, challenging Julian to keep Ava safe, but reminding him that no fortre ss is impenetrable. He reminds Julian that while he won’t kill him, for Danny’s future medical sake, a few shots to the kneecaps wouldn’t interfere with a possible marrow donation.

While Julian is smart to not use his contact’s name, over at Spoon Island, the same can’t be said for Britt, who is calling and texting Spencer right under Nikolas’ nose. She claims to be chatting with Nathan, but she best hope the good prince never actually looks at her phone. Nikolas is still panicked over his son’s disappearance, with Britt right there to offer comfort and support. She contemplates telling him the truth, but instead thinks it will work out for the best if she just brings Spencer home herself, playing the role of heroine.

Spencer is busy making himself at home in Josslyn’s room, unbeknownst to Carly. When he comes across Franco trying to hack Carly’s computer to obtain the Sonny-confession recording, Spencer makes his presence known to protect his Uncle Sonny. It takes a moment, but Franco recognizes him as missing and starts to call the police. Spencer makes him a deal: Don’t turn him into the police, and Spencer won’t tell anyone that Franco is trying to bring Sonny down.

Back at the hospital, Alice’s health is deteriorating, so Morgan brings David Otunga (wrestler/lawyer/fiancé of Jennifer Hudson) by for a visit to cheer up the Dominator. It lifts Alice’s spirits, but at the same time, Tracy is telling Ned that Alice isn’t long for the world without a new heart. Ned thinks Alice has a right to know, but Tracy is afraid it will sap any remaining will to live. Mickey Diamond’s brain-dead body shows up, and Tracy finds out that he is a matching blood type, but Elizabeth advises he’s not an organ donor. Will Tracy find a workaround before it’s too late?

Last, as Ned and Olivia are starting to bond and make out, we are left with a very important lesson: “Never drunk-dial an animal shelter!”


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