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'Young & Hungry' recap: Hey there, Jesse McCartney

Season 1 | Episode 6 | “Young and Punchy” | Aired July 30, 2014

This week’s episode of Young & Hungry started with a punch. Not just any punch. A horrible, terrible punch, which was horrible because it was thrown at the beautiful face of Jesse McCartney.

Yes, the former teen heartthrob has reemerged from the posters of early millennial girls’ bedrooms to the screens of ABC Family. He guest-starred this week as computer genius Cooper Finley, who did such a good job of hacking into Josh’s website that Josh just has to hire him for his own company. Because that is apparently how the world works nowadays.

As a way to woo Cooper into working for him, Josh takes him to a new bar where Gabi is working. But during the wooing, Cooper gets a little too drunk and touches Gabi somewhat inappropriately. No worries; it was an accident and was done with good intentions of helping her get spilled alcohol out of her dress. But Josh didn’t see it that way, and punches Cooper in the face because he feels the need to defend Gabi’s honor. I’d love to know what his fiancée, Caroline, who has been surprisingly absent for the past couple of weeks, has to say about that.

Gabi then has to work hard to convince Josh and Cooper to both apologize to each other, because it is important for Cooper to work for Josh—and it is equally important to Gabi that Cooper keeps coming around to Josh’s place, because she is crushing hardcore.

Yeah, you could probably see this coming. Gabi falls for Cooper—because how could you not? Even with glasses and a nerdy, nervous disposition, Cooper still looks like Jesse McCartney. He’s incredibly cute and sweet and, of course, ridiculously smart, on top of incredibly good-looking.

And, of course, Cooper falls for Gabi too. And they’re basically perfect for each other, in their own quirky, weird, adorable way.

So Gabi finally has a cute, good guy (who is age-appropriate, unlike last week), who isn’t her boss and isn’t engaged. Only problem: Josh does not approve of Cooper and Gabi having a relationship because he doesn’t want his employees dating. But also, probably more because he is jealous of any guy dating Gabi. Because of course he is.

So now we have Gabi and Cooper, who are forbidden to date, but also cannot keep their hands off of each other while in Josh’s house and on Josh’s payroll.

The theme of Gabi and Cooper’s sneaking around continues next week, which means we’ll find out more about Gabi and Cooper and how their plan to keep dating and not tell Josh works out. Best part about the continuation of this storyline: more Jesse McCartney. How could you possibly say no to more Jesse McCartney?

Young & Hungry airs Wednesdays at 8/7C on ABC Family.