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'Finding Carter' react: Taylor the Make-Out Queen and other character anomalies

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “The Heat” | Aired July 29, 2014

This week’s episode of Finding Carter, “The Heat,” was a little like stepping into Doppelgängland. After weeks of establishing everyone’s place in the show, the FC world was turned a little upside down. Not like, opening credits, literally upside down, but everyone was acting a little out of character. And, OK, some of them were acting a lot out of character.


How she usually is: Selfish and whiny and, let’s face it, kind of terrible.

This week: She was actually, weirdly, putting other people and their feelings ahead of her own. First, she went on a legit bonding trip with Elizabeth. That’s right: Carter went on a ride along with her, but first, they used a battering ram and played paintball in an abandoned building. It was almost as cute as the paintball scene in 10 Things I Hate About You. But not that cute, because nothing is that cute.

But that’s not all! There was more not-totally-selfish behavior from Carter.

She drags Taylor and Max (aka MAYLOR) to a party, where everyone is smoking and drinking and playing spin the bottle because, teen parties, amirite?

Carter starts rigging the game, blatantly, so that Taylor is making out with everyone. More on that later, but it’s a weirdly kind gesture from Carter and one of the first moments in which she and Taylor seem to be really connecting as sisters.


How she usually is: The caricature of a … let’s say “witch.”

This week: She put aside her own issues with Carter and her Other Mother to have a rom-com-worthy day of mother-daughter cuteness. She also showed some affection for David, which is a first for her on the show. They have a cute scene cuddling on the couch watching movies, but it’s a little hard to watch, since we know she’s cheating (and we know he knows she’s cheating and is planning to leave her).


How she usually is: A meek little mouse of a girl.

This week: Taylor lets her inner sexpot out. OK, maybe “sexpot” is a little extreme, but she does release her inner Make-Out Goddess, as she plows through the boys at the party during three back-to-back rounds of Seven Minutes in Heaven. She gets the chance to smooch her longtime crush, Gabe, but “smooch” is too sweet a word for what Taylor did to Gabe. She basically lunged at his face and attached herself to him at the lips.

And, of course, we finally got a solid Maylor kiss. Yessss. 


How he usually is: Very passive and willing to do anything to help Carter, even if it goes against his instincts or morals.

This week: When Carter tries to use Max as her lapdog/carrier pigeon to get a message to her mom, he says the only message he plans to deliver to Lori is for her to leave him alone and stop making him an accessory after the fact. Being around Taylor is making him smarter, probably because their dates involve SAT vocab flashcards.

In fact, when Lori does approach him, he decides to skip the speech and go straight for threatening to turn her into Elizabeth. GO. MAX.


How he usually is: Obsessed with Carter. End of story.

This week: After Taylor kiss-attacks him, his interest in Carter is (at least momentarily) dead. He’s all, “Hey, Taylor, I’ll call you!” And Taylor is like: *confused face because she likes Max now and is over Gabe*

It’s amazing, and I’m so happy for Taylor that she gets to have this moment. I only hope that Gabe’s interest doesn’t make her old feelings come rushing back and create a dreaded and miserable love triangle.

Of course, this is just the quiet before the storm. Next week’s episode promises the separation of David and Elizabeth (his agent is holding his latest book check until the separation is legal), and a reunion for Carter and Lori. That’s a lot of stuff primed to hit the metaphorical fan.

What did you think of this week’s Finding Carter? Sound off in the comments!

Finding Carter airs Tuesdays at 10/9C on MTV.


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