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'Married at First Sight' recap: Moving in

Season 1 | Episode 4 | “Moving In” | Aired July 29, 2014

In the span of six days, three couples met a person for the first time, learned their name during their marriage vows, and tried to get to know each other in a hotel room overnight before heading out on their honeymoon (or “vacation,” as some of the participants thought of it).

While trying to get to know each other, it didn’t seem they remembered they were going to have to go home—and whose home would they go to? Vaughan and Monet live in two different states, Doug lives with his parents after losing his job, and Jason lives in an apartment with his sick mom and takes care of her. How will the couples figure it all out?

Jason/Cortney: The cutest couple of all joke about playing rock, paper, scissors to see whose place they will move into. Jason has a crazy work schedule and needs to take care of his mom, and Cortney will be off doing her burlesque show in the city. They decide to get a place together near his mom, meaning Cortney is giving up her home—a shared studio—completely. Since they are going to look for apartments, they pick a place that’s between Manhattan and Brooklyn so they can both get to work without trouble, and Jason can get to his mom easily. Before going apartment hunting, the two discuss money. Cortney has two student loans, is in debt to her parents and has no savings account (and doesn’t know how to save). Jason is the opposite, which is good. But with her limited money and his budgeting, how are they going to find an apartment they can afford?

They find a place for the two of them that’s within their budget and has a door to the bedroom—a must-have. While moving in, we finally get to see Jason’s frustrated side with Cortney’s unorganized box of hangers. Throwing them on the floor and walking away angry isn’t exactly the right thing to do, but then again, 11 days ago, they didn’t know each other.

Vaughan/Monet: Vaughan asks his new wife how she feels about moving to New Jersey, but she works and lives in the city. The commute would be terrible for their relationship. They are both open to checking out the other’s apartment, and it is more convenient for Vaughan to move in with Monet.

He makes the trip to Harlem and actually likes Monet’s apartment. After listing off the situations of each apartment, it’s decided that Vaughan will move into her place. An added bonus? Her dog seems to love him on the first visit. Vaughan brings up the finance situation and he’s used to being the provider, but Monet doesn’t expect it or want it. They compromise and will go 50/50 on the household bills and rent, but Vaughan will pay for dates.

Monet feels Vaughan is negative and wants to introduce him to her friends, but he’s not into it. He asked for someone sociable and attentive, and now he’s changing his tune. What does he truly want other than what happens in the bedroom?

Jamie/Doug: Although the two are now more comfortable with each other (on Jamie’s side), the couple did not consummate their marriage. Doug, the complete gentleman that he is, says he is waiting for Jamie to be ready and will not push the issue. Jamie has her own apartment and is proud of it (as she should be!), but the two agreed to get their own place, so she agrees (in a semi-joking way) to keep her apartment in case they don’t work out.

Jamie isn’t so understanding of the fact that Doug lives at home at 30, even though it completely makes sense financially and will make it easy for him to move in with her. Doug is just getting started in his new job, while she is stable in hers. She doesn’t want to go back to the life she grew up in and doesn’t want to be married to someone who is going to cause that to happen—or, as she puts it, “a schmuck.” The couple that started out with an almost-bailout by half of the duo has wound up being the easiest and calmest in the end. Doug jokes before looking for an apartment that Jamie’s dog will “mark her territory” when the place is right. After Doug and Jamie decide to take their apartment, Doug discovers the dog did, in fact, go to the bathroom in their soon-to-be home.

Next week the couples get back to work and start living their everyday lives. Doug starts his new job, Jason’s schedule starts to worry Cortney, and Vaughan and Monet’s relationship starts to unravel: a fight on their honeymoon, during Day 1 in their apartment and during the first day of real life?

Married at First Sight, rated TV-14, airs Tuesdays at 9 ET/10 PT on FYI.


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