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5 FAN-tastic San Diego Comic-Con 2014 moments and memories

Another year, another San Diego Comic-Con. But the sore feet and lack of sleep were totally worth it, because some very cool things happened while I was there. While I may have officially been there as press, I’m a fan and geek girl at heart, which is why I’m sharing my list of things that happened at SDCC that made me happy to be a fangirl.

1) The cast, crew and social media team for Hannibal.

The thing I heard over and over from the actors, Bryan Fuller, producer Martha DeLaurentis, director David Slade and the social media team was just how much they appreciate the fans and how blown away they are by the fan interaction. The fan art, the tweets, the blogging—believe me, they see and appreciate it and are loving every minute of it.

A couple notes for you Hannibal fans: Scott Thompson and Arron Abrams are hysterical together. I can’t play you any of the audio I have because it’s bluer than blue, but let’s just say that those two are more fun than should be legal. (Also, that picture up top is courtesy of the Hannibal Tumblr, and it’s hashtagged #You should have seen the ones we couldn’t post.) Also, Raul Esparza is a total and complete doll.

Oh and, I have to share this: Tiny Hannibal’s attempt to Eat the Con and Tiny Will’s attempts to catch him. This was so much fun.

2) Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Bamber has still got it.

Photo by Nicole Campos









3) Supernatural‘s Misha Collins is really, really, really handsome.



4) The Headless Horseman was out at the Petco Park Interactive Zone for the Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience, and it turns out he’s extremely photogenic.

He even let me keep my head.

me and headless


5) Dominion. Oh. My. God.

What total angels (no pun intended). Between how good-looking they all are and how thoughtful and generous and kind they were, I was just entranced. I mean, look at this!

Both Chris Egan and Tom Wisdom made sure I got a picture of them looking right at me the camera.

alex michael

Roxanne McKee gave us some great insight into her character, Claire, and the nature of people.

Creator Vaun Wilmott talked Twitter and just how much he’s enjoying the fan reaction.

Finally, Anthony Head went into more depth on David Whele, which preacher he’s based on, and just what’s up with that accent.

All in all, it was a great time. I’m definitely looking forward to next year!


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