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SWITCHED AT BIRTH - "It Isn't What You Think"

'Switched at Birth' recap: Revenge, revelations and a spicy new relationship

Season 3 | Episode 18 | “It Isn’t What You Think” | Aired July 28, 2014

There must be something in the air on Switched at Birth, because tonight’s episode, “It Isn’t What You Think,” features some very peculiar behavior from our favorite Kansas City residents.

If the idea of Bay’s ex-boyfriend moving in with Toby didn’t seem weird enough, Bay deciding to go to dinner with Tank because he’s afraid of telling his father he de-pledged his fraternity sure took care of that.

After picking her jaw up off the floor when Tank unexpectedly opened the door at Toby’s apartment, Bay calls a truce. Sure, Tank is busy being a real pill about everything that went down, refusing to let die the notion that he de-pledged for Bay, her cheating and subsequent dumping of him. But it seems like their post-relationship friendship is taking a turn for the better. Bay accompanies Tank on a dinner with his father so Tank can admit he has de-pledged with a support system, and it’s good he does, as his father (played by Parks and Recreation‘s Jim O’Heir) predictably flies off the handle. Tank also breaks the news that he and Bay are no longer together, only adding fuel to his father’s rage flame. “No girl and no fraternity. That’s rich,” his father seethes. Here’s hoping Bay and Tank can actually be cordial friends instead of sullen enemies, given this show of support and the fact that Tank is the only person so far whom Bay has told about the hereditary aneurysm that runs in the Sorrento family.

Daphne’s bad-girl saga continues when she insists on accompanying her old Riverside pal Nacho (Rene Moran) on a dangerous vandalism spree at the groundbreaking site for the East Riverside project Regina is heading up. As is custom with Daphne’s extreme ventures into the world of rebellion, this outing goes farther than she anticipated, culminating in smashed windows and her nearly getting it on with Nacho right there at the project site under the moonlight. First cocaine, then this. Baby steps, Daphne! It’s a long road to destruction, and it makes me sad to see you barreling down it so fast.

Daphne, full of a renewed mission to reconnect with Regina after a heart-to-heart with Melody, quickly backtracks, angrier than ever, when she sees Regina with Chip Coto. (I knew that dastardly Chip Coto would return!) Thanks to Daphne’s little stunt with Nacho, Wes and Regina have no choice but to go to Coto’s company if they want their project to come to fruition. Because of course. The Regina Is the Worst show continues. And just when Melody—in her brilliant, beautiful Melody way—is able to get though to Daphne in a time of crisis, everything comes screeching to a halt.

SWITCHED AT BIRTH - "It Isn't What You Think"

Toby and my new favorite character, Ms. Summers, got on quicker than I thought! Though Toby’s quest to get Sharee (Bianca Bethune) a second chance was a bit inappropriate—compassionate and touching, but inappropriate—it only really served to get him and Ms. Summers together in bed. And it played out so organically! The classic I-Hate-You-but-Really-I-Want-to-Jump-Your-Bones trope! Ugh.

Oh, and by the way:

  • Toby: “He hasn’t told him he de-pledged lambda panda or whatever.”
  • Keeping score for the high school seniors on Switched at Birth: Accepted to Gallaudet, 2 (Emmet and Daphne). Not accepted to Gallaudet, 1 (Travis). This makes me very sad. Travis deserves a win!
  • Lots of Melody tonight! Please, let’s just make her a series regular already. Every scene she’s in is beautiful. Maybe with her satellite Gallaudet idea, we’ll be seeing plenty more of her.
  • Daphne jumping Nacho in public as a means of karmic revenge, powered by her Regina rage, is regrettable.

Switched at Birth, rated TV-14, airs Mondays at 8/7C on ABC Family.

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