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'The Almighty Johnsons' recap: Nothing beats a god party

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “God’s Gift to Zebras” | Aired July 25, 2014

So we continue on Axl’s quest to find his Frigg, and the 21-year-old has become a walking Axe ad. Yep, it seems like ever since Axl became Odin, the ladies are just drawn to him. But are they Frigg? Who the heck knows! Though he does spot a very cute librarian who also has a shared interest of Norse gods.

At the same time, Ty meets a lady club owner and says he’s “felt something he has never felt before.” Ty actually feels warm when he is with this woman, a feeling he has not had since becoming Hodor. Whom do two brothers who happen to be gods talk to about their lady problems? Duh, Grandpa Olaf. After calling Axl a zebra and Ty a reindeer, Olaf advises Axl that only he will know if the librarian is Frigg. As for what is happening in Ty’s love life, Olaf has to think about it.

Axl continues to somewhat stalk the librarian, Sonja (Antonia Prebble). Little does he know that he is actually being stalked by Stacey, who reports to the other goddesses everything Axl does.

During one of his encounters with Sonja, they chat about Norse gods and she admits that she is the Frigg. Completely confused with everything that is going on, the four brothers and grandpa head to the library to not so discreetly check out this possible Frigg.

The boys regroup and Axl decides to ask out Sonja for coffee to learn more about her, even after being completely freaked out by the fact that Frigg is the goddess of marriage. During their coffee date, Sonja gives Axl even more reason to believe that she is Frigg.

Ty goes on a date with the lady club owner, Helen (Sara Wiseman), and the two really hit it off. We later find out that the reason the two are getting along so well is the fact that Helen is a goddess. The day after their date, Olaf pays a visit to Ty and informs him that Helen, being the goddess Eve, is destined to be with Bragi, aka Anders. Thus, she leaves Ty heartbroken and forces him to break things off with Helen.

Axl goes back to the library to ask Sonja on another date. Sonja then invites Axl to a god party she is hosting at her flat. Stacy listens to the conversation nearby and goes running off to tell the other goddesses. Agentha (Alison Bruce), who is the leader of the goddesses, informs Michele she will also be attending this god party. The goddesses’ mission is simple: Stop Axl from finding Frigg first.

Axl attends the god party, only to be greeted by another girl who refers to herself as Frigg. It does not take Axl long to realize that these people are not really gods, but a bunch of nerds cosplaying (I mean that in the kindest way). Axl goes to confront Sonja, only to come face-to-face with Michele in the hall. The two put on a very entertaining show for the partygoers as they begin to sword-fight.

Michele runs off after pretty much kicking Axl’s bum. Axl follows her and wrestles her to the ground. Michele then enlightens Axl on why goddesses hate gods; here, in this country, without their full powers, goddesses rule. The brothers are now fully aware that they have a race on their hands.

The Almighty Johnsons airs Fridays at 10/9C on Syfy.