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'Hemlock Grove' recap: Prycilla gurl, you in danger!

Season 2 | Episode 7 | “Lost Generation” | Released July 11, 2014

Before we delve into the latest happenings in Hemlock Grove, I want to give a much-deserved shout-out to those responsible for the show’s cinematography. From Miranda’s dream sequence to Roman and Peter’s respective animus morphing, this show’s visual style is rivaled only by that of NBC’s Hannibal. Not only is it lush and expansive, but the cinematography actually becomes a character in its own right. It’s a feat that is doubtlessly appreciated by fans.

OK, let’s just deal with the elephant in the room. Apparently, being at the center of a Roman and Peter sandwich means that you will find yourself on the receiving end of some pretty gnarly dreams, courtesy of the shared vision prowess of both men. Miranda learns this firsthand when she is assaulted with visions of a family being slaughtered by the men in masks. Yet as disturbed as she is by her dream, Miranda is downright ebullient after the threesome. The same can’t be said for Peter and Roman, who are as awkward with each other as you’d expect.

Miranda fills the two in on her dream, and Roman and Peter quickly scurry off to plot and plan accordingly. Apparently, their trust in Miranda only goes so far, and they leave her out of the loop. This, you can already tell, is a BIG mistake.

Believing Sheriff Chasseur to be on board with his visions, Peter pays the man a visit but is disappointed when the Chasseur doesn’t make chasing down nightmares priority No. 1. In a last-ditch effort to get Chasseur on board, Peter tells him of Roman’s involvement—which, naturally, piques the interest of Chasseur, as he is still attempting to figure out whether Roman had anything to do with his sister’s disappearance.

Having received a call from Norman, Roman scurries off to the White Tower and discovers that Shelley is alive! The two share a heartfelt reunion, and we are reminded again of the close bond that exists between the siblings. Olivia also arrives to the family gathering and fawns all over Shelley. This display of bizarre motherly affection infuriates Roman, and the two argue before being thrown out by Dr. Pryce. But Roman sneaks back in and pledges to Shelley that he will keep Olivia away from both of them.

Norman’s private investigator, the one we met last week as she riffled through Olivia’s belongings, and who will forever be known as Hot P.I., has been a busy bee. Not only has she linked Olivia to a murder from 1965, but she also managed to find the only living witness to the crime.

Alas, the answer to “Who ya gonna call?” proves not to be Sheriff Michael Chasseur. Although he promised to go immediately to the home of the future murder victims, Chasseur instead takes a side trip to visit Roman. The two engage in a bit of cat-and-mouse, with Roman denying any supernatural dream premonition abilities and Chasseur continuously feeling Roman out for homicidal tendencies. Over in Ohio, the family Chasseur should be checking on is getting perilously close to reenacting the sequence of events Miranda saw in her vision.

Over at the White Tower, Pryce introduces Shelley to Prycilla and tells her of his plan to have Shelley inhabit Prycilla’s body. While Shelley and Pryce joyously hug, Prycilla’s eyes fly open. Later, while inspecting her new body, Shelley realizes that Prycilla is an actual alive human, with a soul to boot!

It’s round two of Destiny vs. Miranda, and this time, it involves a round of pushing in addition to the verbal smack-down Destiny once again lays into Miranda. But the browbeating is interrupted when, upon touching Miranda, Destiny gets a wave of visions involving blood, children and snakes. She warns Miranda of the impending danger, but Miranda writes it off as one more attempt by Destiny to get Miranda to leave Peter.

The supremely dysfunctional mother-son combo of Roman and Olivia gets even wackier when, upset over Roman’s plan to cure his and Nadia’s upir state, Olivia reveals that Norman is actually Roman’s father. And just to put a fine point on the revelation, she also reminds Roman that this makes Letha his sister. You can’t ever say that Olivia doesn’t know how to make an exit.

Sheriff Chasseur shows up at the house in Peter’s vision, only to find the wrong family. Maybe the threesome got some wires crossed? Chasseur immediately thinks this was all a plot to get him out of town so that Peter and Roman could commence with their unscrupulous shenanigans.

Meanwhile, Norman and Hot P.I. arrive to talk with the murder witness. The committed woman manages to identify Olivia by drawing a number in her own feces on the wall. And while helpful to her guests, I’m not sure this is the kind of thing that would hold up in a court. But apparently I’m wrong, because Hot P.I. wants to go to the police immediately, while Norman votes to wait.

Shelley, believing that her return is causing those she loves pain, takes to the roof in a bid to end things. Pryce arrives and, in a shockingly vulnerable moment for the doctor, tells Shelley how much she means to everybody and how happy they all are that she has returned. The emotional monologue has its desired effect, but Shelley immediately demands that Pryce forget his evil-doctor plan of having her switch bodies with Prycilla. But Pryce wouldn’t be our own resident Dr. Evil if he didn’t have a plan. He convinces Shelley that Prycilla has no functioning mental awareness by unplugging the floating girl’s computer monitor. It seems that Pryce would rather forgo his scientific breakthrough in order to help Shelley live normally.

Roman and Peter connect their Spidey senses and figure out that the boy from Miranda’s dream plays on the Hemlock Grove’s Little League team. As the two scurry off to save the day, Miranda becomes even more suspicious about what is going on between the two men. Peter and Roman are able to thwart the murder, and each morphs into his respective mythological beast state and lays waste to the killers. Unfortunately, Miranda shows up and witnesses the carnage.

Hot P.I. wins the battle of wills, and she and Norman report their discovery to Sheriff Chasseur. At first Norman is a bit thrown that Chasseur so readily accepts what the two are telling him. But the dots get connected when Chasseur begins to tell the two all about upirs.

Olivia arranges another clandestine meeting with Dr. Z, and the two hatch a plot to disrupt Roman’s final conversion treatment. Norman arrives and begins to have angry sexy time with Olivia, but it all turns out to be a ploy to pluck a few hairs from her hairbrush for analysis. And Miranda steals baby Nadia by putting her in a box and driving off to an unknown destination. With that, the stage is set for a number of long-awaited confrontations!

Comments, Gripes & Observations

  • We finally learned the reason why Shelley lost her awesome glowy abilities! It seems that her immune system is compromised, and that’s what causing the dullness. Was anyone else shocked by the seemingly humdrum explanation?
  • Hot P.I. (aka Leticia) is smart and ballsy and reminding me a whole lot of Clementine. Ergo, I predict she is doomed.
  • I get Miranda wanting to flee with Nadia. I don’t get grabbing a box instead of a car seat for the journey. And in a snowstorm, to boot!
  • When do you think Peter will find out that Roman is Nadia’s father and that he and Letha were actually brother and sister?
  • Speaking of which, the Letha reveal would have had more impact if she were still alive. Bring her back, already!
  • Miranda’s mention of Dr. Spivak makes me think the friendly town doctor will become more prominent as things continue on.
  • Do we really believe that Olivia would sacrifice Roman?

Hemlock Grove can be viewed on Netflix.


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