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'The Bridge' recap: Metamorphosis

Season 2 | Episode 3 | “Sorrowsworn” | Aired July 23, 2014

The week’s episode reintroduces some of last season’s supporting characters and their own subplots. But first, let’s go shopping with Eleanor. Eleanor Nacht’s idea of clothes shopping is intimidating the salesperson and stabbing her own chest with a needle in the fitting room. As we see the blood trickle down her chest, she acts like it’s a ritualistic thing, especially since she had killed the teenage boy, Kyle, the night before.

From there, we move on to Sonya and Jack Dobbs in throes of passion. Well, he at least is feeling it; Sonya admits the sex wasn’t as good as last time. Jack now seems unnerved by Sonya’s bluntness, and the connection between the two is going a little stronger. I’m a bit scared to see where this goes, now knowing that Hank and Jack are hiding something BIG from Sonya.

Finally, season 2 brings back one of last season’s main supporting characters. Charlotte (Annabeth Gish) is still working with Galvan through Monte and having her dumbass boyfriend, Ray, and ranch hand, Cesar, transport drugs across the border. Ray and Cesar are transporting when they get hijacked and lose the drugs to a gang of teenagers. The kids decide not to kill them, believing that Galvan will do them in for losing the load.

Sonya gets a lead on Eleanor from Kyle’s best friend, the one kid who had common sense and ran away from her at the end of this season’s premiere. Sonya and Marco interview him, and they learn that Kyle is missing. They interview Kyle’s parents, and Marco talks to Kyle’s little brother, who tells him that someone took his metamorphosis card.

Eleanor is still shopping, as we see her load a new barrel into her car. We wonder what that is for … Next she heads to a street corner where a bunch of undocumented workers are waiting for work. Eleanor chooses one of the least popular guys to work for her.

The head DEA agent is sitting down with Sonya to discuss the missing kid and Eleanor. Sonya tells him that she believes the boy is still with her. And the DEA agent immediately asks if they think it’s a sex thing, then says women with tattoos are “statistically more sexually adventurous.” Can this guy be any more obnoxious?

Sonya ignores what he says and asks how the woman fits into the cartel investigation, insisting that Eleanor “isn’t a girlfriend.” The agent lets up and admits that there has been talk of a “shunned Mennonite” working on a Galvan operation. Marco asks what makes her so special to be an active female member in Galvan’s operation. The agent refuses to say, especially not in Marco’s presence, since he’s with the Mexican police.

The detectives leave the room, but Hank decides to chat up the agent. I guess Hank’s sweet talking has been working, since the agent gives up Eleanor’s name and that she’s one of Galvan’s money people. “We grab her, and we have legitimate shot at bringing down Fausto Galvan.” The agent insists that Hank keeps an eye on his people and keep “the big picture in mind.”

Journalists Daniel and Adriana go to tell Raul the news about his friend, whom they found dead in last week’s episode. Upset, Raul divulges more information about his friend, saying that he had something to do with the money and was working with a woman, who sounds a lot like Eleanor. Raul doesn’t think it was the cartel who killed him, but says that whoever it is, they’ll now be following Daniel and Adriana.


We welcome back Steven Linder (Thomas M. Wright) as we see him cruise through the desert. Unsurprisingly, Linder is headed to Bob’s shelter to see Eva. Once there, Bob tells him that he found a man stalking the ranch and has him captured in the barn. Bob tries questioning him; the man, a Mexican police officer, doesn’t break. Linder first takes a merciful approach, simply asking the man for his story. It doesn’t work.

Sonya and co. find Eleanor’s unit and Kyle’s clothes inside, with the metamorphosis card his brother had told Marco he was missing. All the while, Eleanor and her worker are wheeling the barrel into a shed. She gets a phone call and tells the person on the phone that there’s one more thing she needs to take care before she goes to Juarez.

Ray and Cesar finally get home. Cesar tells Ray that running away will only piss Galvan off. Of course, Ray doesn’t listen and tells Charlotte they are moving to Alaska because “Mexicans don’t like the cold.” Cue eye roll. Charlotte is trying to get ahold of Monte and thinks they should stay. But Ray is bent on hitting the road and letting their lawyer to do the talking.

Even after Raul’s warning, Daniel and Adriana stay on the case and camp outside of a bank. They realize that Raul’s friend’s job was to deposit large chunks of money into several accounts at that specific bank—the same one that Eleanor had visited a couple episodes ago.

During a rather rare and personal moment between these two, Sonya asks Marco if he ever thinks about Tate, the man who murdered his son, Gus, and why he thinks he did it. Marco goes on to her about how he still feels his son’s presence from time to time. It’s all he has left. Sonya says that never happened to her, and she kind of seems sad about that, which is no surprise since she misses her sister so much.

Back at Bob’s shelter, Linder reunites with Eva, and he asks her to tell him what happened to her back in Mexico to remind her “she’s not alone in the darkness.” The next thing you know, he’s leading a violent charge at the man tied up in the barn.

Eleanor’s last errand is to visit Kyle’s friend to eliminate him as a witness. The boy is frightened, and as she talks to him, she realizes that unlike Kyle, this boy is much more innocent and refuses to touch her when she asks him. She can see “the light” in him and tells him that Kyle is with the butterflies. With that, she spares him. I guess there’s a limit to Eleanor’s killing insanity.

The boy talks to the police and tells him what happened and where she said Kyle was. The “butterfly” comment spikes Sonya’s interest.

In Mexico, an assassin enters Raul’s apartment, and Raul looks like he knew it was coming. He asks the man to not kill him with a gun, that he still wants to be beautiful when dead. The assassin allows him this last request and stabs him quick and straight into the heart. A weird thing happens as Raul dies, uttering “Jesus”: The assassin looks astounded as he sees that Raul had a cross in his hand, then looks to the crucifix on the mantel. I’m going to assume he had some religious epiphany; otherwise, I don’t know how to explain that moment.

Sonya follows the boy’s lead to a butterfly farm, where they find Kyle’s remains in the barrel Eleanor had placed there. Eleanor watches the police scene from afar, with an intrigued yet satisfied look on her face. Once again, we’re left wondering, What’s the deal with this woman? If anything, this season has given us a fascinating and dark nemesis.

The Bridge, rated TV-MA, airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on FX.


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