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'Married at First Sight' recap: The wedding night and honeymoon

Season 1 | Episodes 2 & 3 | “The Weddings” & “The Honeymoons” | Aired July 15 & 22, 2014

This is the social experiment that involves major life changes. Six people get coupled up and walk down the aisle. What’s the catch? They’ve never met, their friends haven’t met, they don’t know each other’s names and they won’t until they are saying “I do.” Last week, the three couples finished saying their vows, started having anxiety attacks and began to enjoy their new lives. But not everyone was thrilled with the person the panel of experts picked for them. Would someone refuse to go on the honeymoon and file for divorce before their breakfast even arrives?

Vaughan/Monet: Despite Vaughan being three years her junior, Monet warms up to her new husband and family, and they have a good banter in their honeymoon suite. What they don’t have is a conversation about the future and boundaries, although Monet makes it known nothing will happen anytime soon when she says he can sleep in the bathtub. It’s a surprise the next morning to find out they consummated the marriage.

They are headed to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon, and Vaughan has a list of places he wants to take Monet when they get there, but she doesn’t seem thrilled. She winds up enjoying activity No. 1: paddleboarding. Although she loves it, she realizes it’s not a great way to get to know each other. Vaughan starts to think the same thing, wondering if the sexual chemistry is enough in order for them to get to know each other on all levels. On a public bench, they argue about their emotional connection. Vaughan feels like Monet shuts him out, but Monet doesn’t agree at all. They reconnect during their final night with some drinks and time in the hot tub.

Jason/Cortney: These two define the title of the show. Both were glowing as soon as the door opened, and Cortney walked down the aisle to meet Jason. They definitely had some kind of love or lust at first sight, and their wedding reception was as if they had been dating since the sandbox. Let’s not forget that he’s a wrestler with tights, and she’s a burlesque dancer. Like two giddy newlyweds, they jumped on their bed and promised to be there for each other—sealed with a pinky swear. It’s surprising to find out they didn’t get intimate on their wedding night, and Cortney isn’t thrilled to find out they are going to the Poconos on a quick honeymoon. Once it clicks in her head that Jason takes care of his mom, I don’t think she has an issue wearing Uggs and a cute jacket. Since Cortney has a soft spot for firefighters and paramedics because they’re in her family, she understands and listens when he speaks about his job. The two of them relax in a Jacuzzi with rose petals and make s’mores by the fireplace while they get to know each other better. Cortney’s activity for the two is to go horseback riding, which Jason goes along with, despite his fears. In their next video, we find out they consummated their marriage. They discuss what life will be like when they get back.

Doug/Jamie: While Jamie said she didn’t care so much about looks, she spends the entire wedding day and celebration crying and whining about how she isn’t attracted to Doug, making it uncomfortable for everyone. They are possibly the most perfectly matched couple, and Jamie needs a solid, stable family—and husband—standing by her. He prepared a scrapbook of all of his extended family and important events of his life. She sets some obvious “move away from me” boundaries and keeps pushing him away all night. To make things worse, she has no idea what her new last name is in the morning. Good thing they’re off to St. Thomas for their honeymoon, where Doug can possibly trade her in for a woman who will at least hold his hand. She hates being called “wife,” says she expected a model, and gets upset when he puts a pair of his shorts in her suitcase. Doug just wants her to like him at this point, and it’s not really working: “I wouldn’t even let him touch me.” Great wife … er, married partner of the female species. To make Jamie feel better, the word “honeymoon” has been changed to  “vacation.” Since they planned a lot of activities and Doug respects her space, they naturally come together as each moment passes. Jamie even admits that she’s used to him touching her and being with him. Most important, she finally realizes how much they have in common (the reason they were matched). It takes a week, but they finally kiss and Jamie is happy to be Doug’s wife. Jamie tells the camera she finally likes Doug, but she’s gonna keep it a secret. After Doug brushes his teeth and does a happy dance in the bathroom, they kiss passionately, leading viewers to assume the marriage is consummated. But who knows with Jamie?

Next week is moving day. Monet has her own place, but gives it up to move in to Vaughan’s. Courtney was sharing a studio apartment and will now move in with Jason and his mom. Jamie will move in with Doug and his parents, which happened when he lost his job—but he’s almost ready to move out since he started a new job.

Married at First Sight, rated TV-14, airs Tuesdays at 9 ET/10 PT on FYI.


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