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'The Almighty Johnsons' recap: Like a virgin

Season 1 | Episode 2 | “This Is Where Duty Starts” | Aired July 18, 2014

Let the quest begin! Well, really, the only Johnson brother who has become obsessed with the quest is sweet-talking Anders. He even started researching girls in the area who are of Scandinavian decent whom Axl can meet. Anders pretty much pressures Axl the whole episode to stop sitting around and start meeting and connecting with the ladies. Anders is not the only one who is keeping a close eye on Axl; we also learn that the goddesses are watching from a distance. Now that the window of opportunity has passed to kill Axl—and if you kill Odin, a natural disaster will take place—the goddesses are turning to genealogy to track down Frigg before the brothers.

Axl finds everything a wee bit overwhelming and seeks advice from brother Ty. Though more reasonable then Anders, Ty is still kind of a Debbie Downer. Ty reveals that it may take Axl years to find the Frigg; there are a million of women out there who could be she, and when they find her, there is no guarantee that she will also be 21, single and good-looking.

Things get a wee bit complicated when Axl meets Jamie, a friend of his flatmate Gaia (Keisha Castle-Hughes), and asks her out on a date. It is safe to say that Anders is not fond of the whole idea of Axl dating—unless it is the Frigg. After some not-so-encouraging words from Anders, Axl goes on a date with Jamie and it goes pretty well. Anders, of course, pops over the following day to see how the date went and to propose the first chick on his Frigg list. At this time, we learn that poor Axl is still a virgin and does not want his first time to be with some chick … aw, romantic! Anders convinces Axl to attend the sporting event in which the maybe-Frigg will be partaking, causing Axl to cancel his second date with Jamie.

We also get a bit of Mike backstory in this episode, which might explain why the eldest Johnson brother seems to have a permit stick up his bum. Mike and his wife, Valerie (Roz Turnbull), have been trying to have a baby, but nothing seems to be working. Could it be that Mike’s god sperm just does not work with Val’s human eggs? We also meet Coma Rob, Mike’s friend and Val’s old lover, who, well, is in a coma. Though after a visit to see Coma Rob, it seems like he maybe getting ready to wake up. Rob has been talking some Olaf-like Norse talk in his sleep.

Back to the popping Axl’s cherry: After the sporting event, Axl, Anders and maybe-Frigg head back to Anders’ apartment. The nervous Axl enters the bedroom with maybe-Frigg and starts to do the deed. Mike, Ty and Olaf all arrive at Anders’ at this exact moment to stop Axl from making a huge mistake. A naked Axl comes running out the bedroom announcing that he thinks that he killed maybe-Frigg … what a truly awful “first time” experience. Lucky Ty’s cold hands bring maybe-Frigg back to life, and it is clear that the boys can check her off the list of maybe-Friggs. Turns out that it can be pretty dangerous to have sex with Axl if you are not a goddess.

On the way home, Mike shares with Axl why having godlike powers can be a real challenge sometimes: See, Mike put Rob into that coma. Right after Mike turned 21, he wanted to test out his new powers, which lead to a pool-hall fight that ended with poor Rob hitting his head and entering a coma.

Another perfect example of “with great power comes great responsibility.”

The Almighty Johnsons airs Fridays at 10/9C on Syfy.


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