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'Rookie Blue' recap: Mc(Fi)nally!

Season 5 | Episode 6 | “Two Truths and a Lie” | Aired July 17, 2014

Full recap coming up in just a minute, but first … MCSWAREK!!!!

OK, had to get that out. We’ll come back to it later.

This week, Two Truths and a Lie picks up right where we left off last week: Sam and Andy find their missing person, Brian Gowdy, dead in the back of a car. Their only lead is a doctor who had a shady experience with a man who test-drove his car. The man seems to have been targeting people selling the same type of car on the same car-selling website. At first it looks like he may be a serial predator, but it quickly becomes clear that Gowdy was the intended victim.

Nick and Gail cross-reference the car they believe the suspect was driving with the description from the doctor. As they sit at the computer sifting through information, Gail tells Nick she’s going to make him an online profile since she knows him so well and would make him a great one. Now that she’s single, he says he can make one for her too, and they share a delightful back-and-forth making fun of each other’s idiosyncrasies. (Yes, this was sweet, but you can’t trick us. We want Holly back.)

They find a match, Sean Harrison, and head to his house to bring him in for a chat. At the station, Harrison tells them he knows nothing, but when his wife shows up she mentions her husband’s friend Larry—a man with a major criminal past who is living in their basement. It doesn’t take long to realize that Larry is the man the doctor had taken for a test drive. (Side note: Good thing Sean and Larry both match the same description. If the silver sedan had been owned by Sean’s wife, Gail and Nick never would have stopped on Sean’s photo, which ultimately led them to Larry, whom the eyewitness was describing. But, anyway …)

For the rest of the episode, the cops of 15 Division try to figure out why Larry would have been after Brian Gowdy. Dov and Chloe are trying to uncover some secrets about him, but Chloe is convinced he’s the cleanest person they’ve ever investigated. Dov reminds her that everyone hides something—like, for instance, a husband. Chloe is clearly irritated that Dov is still bringing this up, but she still hasn’t mentioned the words “divorce” or “annulment” or given Dov anything in the way of an explanation. We (and Dov) don’t know why Chloe married Wes in the first place, nor do we know why she hasn’t done anything to get out of it. By the end of the episode we know a little more—drunken tomfoolery with real-life consequences. But why has she done nothing to end this?! She just thought she could start dating Dov and he would disappear?

Sam sees the list of inmates who knew Larry in prison and bolts out the door to go interrogate them. Andy senses that something is up with him and (like some kind of superwoman) manages to get two cups of coffee and beat him out to his truck, where she insists on going on the road trip with him. As they get further outside the city and radio reception fades, Andy scrambles to think of a game they can play to pass the time. (Twenty Questions fails when Sam guesses that Andy will pick bubble gum or the moon before she’s even thought of something. “Yeah, those are good ones,” she says. I Spy fails because he’s driving, but really because Sam clearly doesn’t want to play a game.) Ultimately, Andy lands on Two Truths and a Lie, which she encourages Sam to use as a way of explaining to her what’s bothering him. Sam refuses to take the game seriously, and they instead listen to static on the radio.

Gail and Nick are riding around trying to figure out where Larry might have gone. It occurs to them that he likely wouldn’t have gotten on a plane, so they head toward the bus station. As they’re arriving, they get an alert that Larry has been spotted waiting for the bus. They arrive right after receiving the information and are able to bring him into the station. On the drive, Gail tells him that Sean has already given him up. He’s admitted that Larry had access to his car and that he couldn’t account for Larry’s whereabouts at the time of the murder. Upon hearing this, Larry breaks the window of the squad car and uses the glass to cut his throat.

While all of this is going on, Traci is dealing with her ex, who missed their mediation session earlier. She feels a little guilty that she was happy when he didn’t show (points for her!), but Steve reminds her that even though she didn’t start the battle, she still has to win it. (Have I mentioned that I love him?) Traci later finds out that he missed it because he was in a fight and is in the hospital, and she somehow ends up sending Steve to go get him. Dex is (understandably) annoyed at that choice, but he and Traci share a moment when he arrives at the station, and she tells him that as Leo’s father, it’s really important that nothing happens to him.

McNally and Swarek conduct a few interviews in prison that lead them nowhere. As they are about to go talk to Larry’s sponsor, Swarek gets a call that Peck and Collins have found Larry, and he announces that they no longer need to finish their interviews. A guard tells Andy that the next inmate they were scheduled to see is Jay Swarek, Sam’s dad. Andy confronts Sam in the car, telling him that she knows why he ran so quickly. Sam doesn’t want to discuss his father, and Andy loses it on him, screaming at him that he knows everything there is to know about her. Sam doesn’t understand why she would care about all of this. “Because I want to know you!” Andy screams at him.

Andy unleashes her anger at Sam: Every time things are going well with us, you shut down. To which he reminds her that she ran away to go undercover right after Jerry died. It’s the closest Sam has ever come to telling Andy he needed her. Andy tells him she can’t do this again, and Sam hands her the file. They learn that Larry attempted suicide and decide they need more answers. “It’s time you meet my old man,” Sam says as they head back into the prison.

Sam’s dad is every bit the jerk Sam describes him to be. But once Andy is alone with him, he gives her the information she needed. Larry confided in Jay that Sean is insane, and he had followed his wife and knew she was having an affair. All he knew was the make and model of the guy’s car and that he was trying to sell hit. He forced Larry to scan the website and call every listing of that type of car. He had Larry lead him to his wife’s love (Gowdy) and promised Larry he just wanted to talk. He then killed Gowdy and pinned it on Larry.

Traci tells Sean and his wife, Kelly, that they found Larry and that he attempted to kill himself. She warns them that should Larry survive, they are going to be charging him with murder. Before they leave, Kelly goes to use the bathroom and passes the discovery room with all the photos of Brian Gowdy. She immediately understands what happened, but (for reasons I cannot fathom!!!) does not say anything and leaves the station with her husband. Chris (newly sober? more functionally high?) notices that Kelly was acting strange, but Traci chalks it up to being unsettled by what her houseguest was capable of.

By the time Traci gets all the info from Andy and heads back to the Harrisons’ house, Kelly has killed Sean. They left the station, he started hitting her in the car, somehow it moved inside, and she grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed him to death. She explained that she and Brian had plans to run away together, but when he disappeared, she thought maybe she had misunderstood. Now she realizes what actually happened.

With the case solved, Andy and Sam can focus on other things. He confesses to her that his father was in jail, because when Sam was questioned, he said he hadn’t been with his father at the time of a burglary, even though he had been. (His father went on to commit murder in prison, which extended his sentence from six months to 20 years). Sam has always assumed that Andy would run the other way upon learning the truth about him, but she isn’t going anywhere. Except to bed. With Sam. Who attempts to play Two Truths and a Lie, but really just tells Andy lots and lots of true things about her that he loves. Because he loves her.

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