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'The Fosters' recap: These are B's confessions

Season 2 | Episode 5 | “Truth Be Told” | Aired July 14, 2014

Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets, secrets hurt someone. By someone, I mean almost every member of the Foster family. The latest episode of The Fosters, “Truth Be Told,” had a lot of people grappling with the guilt of secrets and suspicions, and trying their hardest to keep the truth from others. Needless to say, it didn’t work. Some big bombshells were dropped. Let’s take a look at the damage.

It’s empanada night at Mike and Crazy Dani’s! Brandon’s ready to get this awkward dinner going (if you recall, B and Crazy Dani slept together not too long ago), but it turns out Mike has to stay late at work and won’t be able to make it. When Brandon makes to leave, Dani gets upset, and they finally have at each other.

Brandon is racked with guilt over their icky sexcapade and can’t believe Dani doesn’t feel the same way. Brandon insinuates that Dani took advantage of him (he was drunk and hurting and, oh yeah, 16), and Dani fires back that B was the one using her to get back at his dad. “You weren’t screwing me that night, you were screwing him,” she yells. Brandon tosses an equally sassy line at Dani and storms out. It’s nice to see B growing a pair. Sort of.


Honest sidebar: The biggest note I had on this scene was, “But how did the empanadas taste?!” I’m serious. And hungry.

Brandon ends up on some type of musical walkabout in the woods with his new bandmates. After a little peer pressure, Someone’s Little Sister gets Brandon to relax by ingesting the biggest pot brownies I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t do much by way of inspiration, and Brandon starts bugging out. He stumbles off and has to call Lena to come get him.

Sherri Saum and David Lambert were great in these scenes when Lena is trying to talk B off the paranoid ledge of his high. It was so true to the characters; of course, when her teenage son turns up stoned, Lena is compassionate, but also finds time to squeeze in one of her patented “there’s a lesson to be learned here” speeches. Obviously Brandon’s high would be full of anxiety and Crime and Punishment references.

With his inhibitions down, the guilt of his and Dani’s affair is too much for Brandon, and he confesses to Lena. As cool and progressive as Lena is, she is understandably not OK with this news. She reminds B that it was illegal for Dani to sleep with him. B pleads with her to keep his secret, but how can she? Hopefully getting this secret out will help people realize that someone needs to put Crazy down.

While Mama is dealing with Brandon’s big secret, Stef is out investigating the shady things Mike has been up to. Stef is holding onto Ana’s dental records because she knows that if they match the Jane Doe who turned up dead, she might be handing over a piece of evidence that would link Mike to a homicide. After another of Lena’s do-the-right-thing speeches, Stef submits the records.


Meanwhile, Crazy Dani is at the police station harassing Stef into checking up on Mike. Apparently, Mike bailing on the empanada fiesta isn’t a onetime deal. Dani is worried he could be drinking, or on drugs, or even worse: cheating on her. Stef’s eyes say “get a grip, weirdo,” but her mouth says, “Don’t worry about Mike.” In reality, Stef is extremely worried about Mike and the repercussions this whole situation might have on him, Brandon and the entire Foster family.

In a last-ditch effort, Stef follows Mike home from work; however, Mike doesn’t make it home. He pulls up to a motel and heads into one of the rooms. When too-curious-to-help-herself Stef knocks on the motel room door, it’s not Mike who answers, but Ana. DUN-DUN-DUN.

It’s hard to find real importance in the Emma-Jesus-Hayley love triangle this week when Moms are putting out fires fueled by possible murder and statutory rape, and Jude is suffering from selective mutism, but alas. Emma corners Jesus and admits that breaking up was a mistake; she doesn’t know Jesus has moved on with dance girl and terrible person Hayley. Though once he hears that Emma is still interested, Jesus is predictably confused.

Jesus decides to break things off with Hayley, but again gets confused when Hayley starts macking on him. Hayley tracks down Mariana and tells her she’s officially dating Jesus, but Jesus wants to keep it a secret in order to spare Emma some hurt feelings. Hayley takes a page out of Dani’s book and manipulates Mariana into telling Emma that Jesus is off the market.

When Jesus discovers Mariana has been interfering in his love life, he drops the truth bomb that we’ve all been waiting for: Mariana so badly wants to fit in with the dance girls that she is willing to do almost anything, no matter how wrong or blond it may be. Also, she’s a terrible dancer.

In other family news:

  • Keeping up with Sister-gate: Sophia pops over to give Callie an identical version of the jacket Callie complimented her on last week. Should we be worried that Sophia is slowly single-white-femaling Callie? Fingers crossed.
  • Callie thinks she’s ready to do the deed with everyone’s favorite boyfriend, Wyatt, but has a panic attack and can’t go through with it. She tells her pal Daphne she thinks it might be because she’s still in love with Brandon. Callie’s terrified reaction to the Liam look-alike says different.
  • Jude is still not talking, but he does offer a hand to Callie, who obviously needs him after the whole Liam incident. It’s a sweet moment that demonstrates how much these two really need each other.
  • Shirtless Wyatt alert! Pause your DVRs around the 33-minute mark. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Well, Foster fans, what is Mike up to? What’s Dani’s endgame? How long do we think Lena will keep Brandon’s secret for him? (My guess: not long.) And in the competition for world’s greatest friend, who’s in the lead—Daphne or Connor?

The Fosters, rated TV-14, airs Mondays at 9/8C on ABC Family.


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