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'General Hospital' recap: A tale of two Patrick Drakes

Season 51 | Episodes 68-72 | Aired July 7-11, 2014

The Fourth of July may have ended in Port Charles, but the fireworks were just beginning. As we closed last week, we saw Rafe and Molly crash into the police roadblock, and this week we start off immediately with the fallout. Sam and Dante are first on the crash scene and call for help, which begs the question: What good is a police roadblock if there are no actual police there?

Molly and Rafe are both in and out of consciousness and are quickly transported to General Hospital. Molly’s concussion is enough to erase the memory of Rafe’s pre-crash confession that someone put him up to running Patrick and Sabrina off the road. Rafe is able to eke out an admission of guilt and apology to Patrick, but before he can say more, he suffers a seizure.

The diagnosis comes down that Rafe has suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and is need of immediate surgery. Naturally, since GH is a world-class medical facility, word comes down that only Dr. Patrick Drake is available to perform the procedure. Dr. Obrecht reminds him of his medical oath and insists he operate, despite having just learned that Rafe was responsible for the death of Patrick’s premature son. In the OR, Patrick is literally beside himself, as the good doctor confers with his dark side about the possibility of killing Rafe on the table. Luckily for viewers, we can differentiate the two, as his revenge-prone subconscious wears dark scrubs. Patrick pauses in surgery, contemplating his dark side’s suggestion to nick an artery, but ultimately decides that he cannot be Rafe’s judge and jury.

During Rafe’s operation, Silas takes the time to blame himself for his nephew’s perilous situation. Sam is there to lend support, but when she mentions Rafe’s penchant for white powders, Silas is stunned, then upset, to learn that Patrick is already aware of Rafe’s drug problem, wondering if Patrick will be able to put his anger aside to save Rafe. Sadly, as soon as surgery is over, we learn that a blood vessel burst in Rafe’s brain, rendering him brain-dead.

Silas, with Nina’s baiting, decides that Patrick must have compromised Rafe’s care during surgery. Rather than ask any number of the other people who were in the operating room, Silas allows his suspicions to bubble over into outright anger. By his side, Nina insists any logical person would draw the same conclusion because revenge is a powerful monster. Sam takes the more direct approach, flat-out asking Patrick if he botched Rafe’s medical care on purpose. Patrick admits the thought did cross his mind, but insists he gave Rafe proper treatment. Back in Rafe’s room, Nina actually thanks Rafe (his death will help to drive a wedge between Sam and Silas). She promises him a great funeral but is shocked when he grabs her wrist and his eyes fly open. Is it reality or her imagination?

But Rafe isn’t the only patient this week, as Alice (The Dominator) gets grave news following her collapse. Not only did she suffer a massive heart attack, but Monica reveals that Alice will need a heart transplant in order to survive. Conveniently, there does happen to be a recently brain-dead character right down the hall. And whaddya know? He has the same blood type as Alice. Tracy wastes no time in trying to procure Rafe’s heart, sending Kiki to find out if Rafe is a donor. Alice feebly attempts to tell Michael about Tracy’s ELQ schemes, but is interrupted by Tracy revealing that a heart may be available. Will Tracy’s grand gesture be enough to keep Alice’s silence?

And while Molly is off getting a CT, Julian shows up to give Alexis some comfort. She tells him all about Rafe’s drug habit and how grateful she is that Julian got out of that life. So naturally, across town is another meeting between Anna and Jordan about trying to find out who is Julian’s real drug boss. But finally, these two learn that meeting in the park isn’t really that subtle, as Mickey Diamond spots them. Jordan plays it off as police harassment, but to stay on Mickey’s good side, agrees to a date at the Metro Court.

Delia and Ava continue their mission to get Sonny’s evidence on Ava by staging a massive blowout between mother and daughter. Delia storms out, and Sonny gloats that Ava is once again all alone and doomed to die after giving birth. (Remind me, are we supposed to be rooting for Sonny in this?) But all is not as it seems, as Delia is actually sneaking into Sonny’s office, looking for the incriminating flash drive. She’s a little too leisurely in her search because as soon as she has it in hand, she is busted by Olivia. Olivia doesn’t buy her cover story of being Sonny’s new assistant, and a quick phone call sends Ava’s plan right down the drain. Sonny has Shawn take Delia back to New York and returns to taunting Ava. Kudos for the clever inside joke from Delia, looking at a photo, marveling over the resemblance between Sonny’s father and her husband Roger (both were played by retired actor Ron Hale).

Remember the love triangle between Felix and Lucas and Brad? It finally returned to our screens this week. And while the story is ripe with pop culture references, including Golden Girls, there is a lack of rooting factor in any of the pairings. Brad ambush-kisses Lucas and then later Felix, allegedly to represent the passion he has for Lucas. Lucas is drawn to Brad, but can’t get over his deceptive ways. And Felix is steady in the middle, clearly harboring a crush on Lucas, but without the requisite attraction fireworks. What would Blanche do (WWBD)?

Maxie and Nathan are finally uncuffed from one another, but the emotional bonds are still drawing them together. Levi is released from custody, and notes their camaraderie but is distracted by the fact that his visa is expired and he was almost deported. Learning this, Nathan wants to turn him in, but Maxie begs him to keep it a secret so Levi can get the situation resolved. Nathan discusses the entire Maxie situation, including Levi’s visa, with fellow officer Dante; Maxie does the same with Lulu. Both Falconeris think that there is more to Maxie and Nathan’s relationship than friendship. Maxie is just beginning to ponder the idea—when an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer shows up to deport Levi. She tries to feign ignorance to Levi’s whereabouts, but Levi enters the room, randomly identifying himself. The ICE officer tells Levi not to waste money on lawyers, as he’ll be returning shortly to retrieve him for deportation. Anybody want to place wages on when the green-card marriage will take place?


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