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THE BRIDGE -- Pictured: Diane Kruger as Sonya Cross -- CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

'The Bridge' season 2 premiere recap: Help me

Season 2 | Episode 1 | “Yankee” | Aired July 9, 2014

There is a haunting quality to the Tarantino-esque opening scene of The Bridge’s season 2 premiere. Lyle Lovett’s Monte walks into a house full of  dead bodies. Blood drips from the stairway onto Monte’s cowboy hat. The music swells in the background, as we move along the lifeless house with Monte until he stops and hat-tips a woman holding a knife, both dripping in crimson.

From this quiet, violent scene, we move to another louder and faster one: As the Chihuahua State police raid a home and search the house for the person they’re looking for, a policeman turns on Marco (Demian Bichir) and tries to shoot him.

Clearly, last season left these characters in a lot more danger than ever before.

Back in Texas, Detective Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) visits Jim Dobbs (Brad William Henke), the man who murdered her sister and is now dying. If we remember, Dobbs was shot in the head, causing him to have irreparable brain damage. Sonya, always on the hunt for the truth, doesn’t want Dobbs to die. She needs to find out why he killed her sister, but his condition makes that pretty impossible. While watching over him, she meets Dobbs’ brother. The man is first surprised by Sonya’s intentions and how forthcoming she can be. But how can you say no or reject someone who lost her sister because of something your brother did?

Afterward, Sonya visits the ranch where her boss Hank (Ted Levine) is hiding Eva (Stephanie Sigman), a victim of assault by members of the Chihuahua police department. Sonya and Marco saved and smuggled her into the U.S. Unfortunately, Eva is no longer safe at Hank’s, because they catch a Chihuahua police officer on his property. If Eva were to reveal how vile and corrupt the police are in the Mexican state, it could mean a world of trouble from them, especially from their new president. In ensure her safety, Hank hands her over to Bob (Jon Gries), the man who runs a shelter for women in the middle of desert.

In Mexico, the new president wants to limit U.S. involvement in his country; he makes that clear in a meeting with a U.S. official. He also appoints a new state prosecutor for Chihuahua. The appointment seems abrupt, seeing that the man, Abelardo Pintado (Manuel Uriza), is surprised by being referred to the title. But Pintado assumes the role quickly by making a visit to the Chihuahua police station to speak with the captain. The captain’s attempts at avoiding the prosecutor are obvious to Pintado. Later on, the captain sends Marco to deal with him, and the men come to an essentially unspoken agreement that Marco will filter the information he passes along to his captain. Marco is on a slippery slope since he’s pretty much a walking target with nothing to lose. Yet it’s reassuring that he still wants to play the game and take down the corruption that surrounds him.

THE BRIDGE -- Pictured: Demian Bichir as Marco Ruiz -- CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FX

That, however, doesn’t seem too obvious to Sonya, who decides to finally visit Marco, since he’s been ignoring her phone calls. Marco admits to her that someone from his team tried to shoot him, but he doesn’t want her to get any more involved with the situation, lest she end up dead in a random ditch somewhere in the desert.

Sonya goes back to visit Dobbs and bumps into his brother again. They begin talking, and you can see in Sonya’s eyes that she desperately hopes this man can answer the questions his brother can’t. She brings him to her home, where she gives him a family photo that was found on Dobbs when he was shot. The two bond over the photo, and you can tell that Dobb’s brother isn’t quite sure what he’s doing there at Sonya’s house. As awkwardly as you can imagine, Sonya makes a move toward him. He freezes, and she asks him, “Is this weird?” Uh, YES, it’s weird. The two go at it anyway.

Our favorite—or not-so-favorite—alcoholic journalist Daniel Frye (Matthew Lillard) is still investigating the murder of an old woman who was housing millions in cash at her home. He follows a lead to a deserted skate park, and the man there gives him information on three family members with the name Quintana, who are linked to the murder and money. He crashes a lunch that Adriana (Emily Rios) is having with a friend to share with her the new intel, which suddenly piques her interest. I should mention that Adriana’s sister, who went missing at the end of last season, still has not been found.

All the while, we are introduced to two mysterious new characters that are crossing the border into the U.S. legally (well, to the officials, it looks legal). The woman must be in her thirties, but she’s dressed so homely that you think she’s older or a religious devotee. She is accompanied by another man, and they head into a bank to meet up with a banker there. Once in the banker’s office, they confront him about the money that was seized from the old woman’s house. The banker assures them that he’s handling his mistake, but losing around $68 million is not cool with these folks. The woman asks him to share the name of the other person responsible for handling the money. The banker hesitates. So the next obvious move—to her at least—is to cut off the ear of the banker’s assistant and threaten his family. It works.

This homely looking woman is Eleanor Nacht (Franka Potente), and dear The Bridge fans, she is this season’s dangerous new villain. By the end of the episode, we learn that the bloody opening scene is her handiwork. The banker’s information led her to that home and massacre. Later that night, in the back way of some buildings, a bunch of young boys stumble upon her washing the blood off her body. Interesting tattoos creep along her skin, and you know there has to be a story there—a sinister one, for sure. Crouched and naked, she looks up at the boys vulnerably and utters, “Help me.”

Last season taught us that looks can be very deceiving, and that theme follows through to this season—only it seems like this time, the audience may be in on it.

The Bridge, rated TV-MA, airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on FX.


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