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'The Fosters' recap: Say it like you mean it

Season 2 | Episode 4 | “Say Something” | Aired July 7, 2014

How powerful is a word? How powerful is a sentence, a song, a promise? How powerful is silence? The latest episode of The Fosters, “Say Something,” finds many of our Adams Fosters and their friends dealing with the power and repercussions of things they’ve said or want to say or refuse to say. Callie struggles with saying those three little words, Lena finally confronts a broken promise, and Jude gives the ultimate silent treatment.

Let’s see what our favorite family had to say this week.

Callie decides she’d like to meet her sister, Sophia (Bailee Madison), but wants Jude’s blessing first. The two, like always, have a heartwarming little chat where Callie reaffirms that Jude is her person and Robert Quinn is simply a guy with whom she shares DNA and an affinity for milkshakes. Jude, seeing how much meeting her half-sister means to Callie, gives her the green light. Callie assumes Jude is completely fine with the situation. She doesn’t notice that Jude stops responding verbally.

Honest sidebar: In all fairness to Callie, I didn’t notice this at first either. I assumed Jude stopped speaking because of Connor until I went back to this scene. Admittedly, I have very little going on in my life, so I totally get how Callie, who has just met her birth father, recently broke up with her brother/lover and is generally just trying to stay out of juvie, could miss some of Jude’s signals.

Callie and her tongue pay Wyatt a little visit on the beach. Things are getting hot and heavy until Callie uses the greatest “I don’t want to have sex” excuse in the history of all “I don’t want to have sex” excuses, and stops Wyatt short by telling him “having sex is a violation of [her] parole.” Wyatt is unfazed and admits to Callie that he’d wait forever because he loves her. BE STILL MY HEART.

Later, while she’s with Robert Quinn and company, Callie admits to what is really going on. During some one-on-one sister bonding time (seriously, how great were Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison in this scene?), Callie claims she loves Wyatt but is afraid saying those words aloud would betray someone else she loved. Sophia has yet to hear the whole story, but we all know Callie still feels some allegiance toward Brandon.


Callie goes home and has a very metaphorical conversation with B. in which she gives him permission to hand over “Outlaws” to Lou and the band. She assures Brandon (and herself) that it isn’t a betrayal. With a clear conscience, Callie finally responds to Wyatt’s declaration. Callie is in love with Wyatt and doesn’t care who knows it! Except maybe Brandon, eventually.

Lena also has to decide how to handle a betrayal of words when the backstabbing of sperm donor Timothy (Jay Ali) finally comes to a head. It’s time for Lena’s big interview for the principal position at Anchor Beach, and as we found out previously, Timothy is on the hiring committee. He claims he’ll be impartial, but it’s hard to believe when he says it in the same breath that he says “I’ve hired a lawyer” to represent his claim for parental rights over Lena and Stef’s baby.

During the interview, Timothy grills Lena. Afterward, Lena rightfully puts Timothy in his place and reminds him that she only chose him as a sperm donor because she thought he had integrity—but a man of integrity wouldn’t go back on his word, a man of integrity would sign the anonymous donor contract like he had promised.


Then comes a little bad news/good news for Mama. Bad news is Lena doesn’t get the job; the school wants new blood in the position after some budgetary problems. Good news is Timothy redeems himself and not only informs Lena that he voted for her to get the principal gig, but he also hands over the anonymous donor contract, complete with his signature.

Another honest sidebar: I’m really glad all of this evil-Timothy stuff is seemingly over. He made much more sense to me as that charming English teacher whom you secretly wanted to have keep you after school for a “detention,” which really turned out to be him reading passages from Pride and Prejudice. But maybe that’s just me.

Stef is on high mama-bear alert this week as she accompanies Callie on the aforementioned Quinn expedition. Always the police officer, Stef wants to get to the bottom of the Robert Quinn mystery—why was he creepily stalking Callie at work, and why won’t he sign his parental rights away? Unfortunately for Stef, her fears are not quashed by this little visit. RQ spouts nothing but good intentions for Callie: He loved Callie’s mother, he wouldn’t have left if he knew she was pregnant, and the only reason he hasn’t signed the papers is because his family is suspicious of Callie, but he’s not.


Stef’s bullshit detector is going off. When RQ asks for permission to start a college fund for Callie because, after all, Callie is his daughter, Stef understands just how powerful those words are. Robert Quinn holds all the cards in this situation, and Stef is worried.

But perhaps the most powerful use of words in this episode is Jude’s refusal to use any. After his conversation with Callie about Sophia, Jude is silent for the rest of the episode. He refuses to speak to Connor, he refuses to speak in class and he refuses to explain his silence to his moms and sister. Jude’s silence could fill a room. Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it next week, as Jude always has such lovely things to say.

In other family news:

  • Mariana discovers the real reason she made the dance team was not because she’s Latina and the team needed to fill some sort of (imaginary) diversity quota, but because with Lena the acting principal as her mother, Mariana was a sort of an insurance policy against the team getting axed during budget cuts. I’m a bit disappointed that The Fosters bailed out of exploring Mariana’s relationship with her ethnicity a little more. It was an interesting layer to peel back.
  • We’re having a girl! Lena lets it slip during a family cleaning sesh that the Adams Foster sibs will be adding a sweet little sister to the brood.
  •  More Mikey the Bikey, please!

Foster fans, what do you think will get Jude talking again? What’s really going on at the Quinn residence? Do we think Brandon and Callie can close the book on their relationship that easily? Does my boyfriend Wyatt even stand a chance?

The Fosters, rated TV-14, airs Mondays at 9/8C on ABC Family.


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