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'Rewrapped' season finale recap: Wise Cheez Waffies

Season 1 | Episode 13 | “A Word to the Wise Cheez Waffies” | Aired July 7, 2014

I’d never heard of the Wise Cheez Waffie before Rewrapped began. Neither had Joey Fatone. Luckily that doesn’t stop him from making plenty of puns as two food bloggers and one Virginia seafood chef compete to recreate the waffle-wafer combo on the latest episode of Rewrapped!

Wise Cheez Waffies (http://www.wisesnacks.com)It all starts with a few fun facts about the Wise snack food, which used to have blue cheese and Swiss varieties in addition to the classic cheddar. Then the three chefs begin their recreations, working to get both the cracker and the slightly gritty cheese to just the right consistencies.

Chris is altering a shortbread cookie recipe to try to recreate the crunchy Waffie cracker, while Saira and Laura are both going for more of a waffle-cone base, preparing their Waffies in hot waffle irons. Laura is using real cheddar and cream cheese, while the other two contestants opt for cheese powder. (Saira and Chris are on the right track, points out Wise executive Kevin Foltz, since the real Cheez Waffie recipe uses powdered cheese.)

All three contestants manage to spread the cheese on their crackers without breaking anything, and it’s time for round 1 judging to begin!

Saira’s Waffies are too soft and the flavor is off, plus they’re a little too perfect. She scores 22 out of 30 points. Chris is up next, and while his cheese flavor is spot-on, his cracker is more like a cookie, and the judges only award him 19 points. Laura is the last contestant to present, and although her cheese is too creamy, the color is good, and she scores 21 points. It’s a close race, and they’re off to round 2.

As the chefs begin to innovate, host Joey Fatone shares a history lesson on Wise Cheez Waffies, which were originally packaged in cardboard tubes and have been around since the 1960s. We learn that Wise was the first company to sell chips in cellophane bags. There are so many fun facts this week, it’s almost (almost) like watching Unwrapped again!

Round 2 flies by, and Laura presents her dish, the “Waffie Cristo” Monte Cristo sandwich, to the judges. They love her presentation and her cheddar waffle, and everyone seems surprised that the savory/sweet dish actually worked. It worked so well, they gave her 25 points.

Chris is up next, with lobster Waffie nachos that head judge Marc Summers calls “amazing.” They’re only worth 26 points, however, and Chris is officially out of the running after falling short in round 1.

The last dish to reach the judges’ table is Saira’s Waffie crab cakes, which taste good but look bad. She needs 25 points to win, but only scores 24, which means we have another Rewrapped tie! The judges deliberate for a few minutes, and decide that it’s all about presentation. MOMables founder Laura is named the winner, and she takes home a year’s supply of the cheesy cracker snack.

Well, folks, that’s a wrap for Rewrapped! What did you think of the show’s first season? Would you tune in for season 2?

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