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'Rewrapped' recap: Are those doughnuts in your turkey burger?

Season 1 | Episode 12 | “Rich Frosted Fun” | Aired June 30, 2014

Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donut has been the company’s top seller ever since it was introduced in 1972. Fast-forward more than 40 years, and the Food Network has brought in three chefs to recreate and innovate the iconic snack food on Rewrapped!

The latest episode kicks off with bakers Julian, Vickie and Rob each creating a different type of doughnut and trying to get their chocolate frosting just right. Julian goes for a classic white cake recipe and fries his donuts. Rob does the same, but with a lot more meticulous measuring. Vickie, meanwhile, bakes her donuts, also opting for a chocolate ganache instead of a frosting.

The chocolate for Entenmann’s donuts has a very particular look—it has to be shiny, dark and dry. It’s also made with dark chocolate, a fact that judge and Entenmann’s representative Lisa Mahon points out as contestant Rob pours semi-sweet into a pan.

As all three contestants begin to plate their donuts, it’s clear that Vickie’s looks the best. It’s the only one dark and dry enough to stand up to the classic packaged treat. With her spot-on appearance but a slightly burned chocolate taste, Vickie scores 22 out of 30 points in round 1.

Julian’s doughnut also looks pretty good, but it’s not dark enough, not sweet enough, and seems a little crispier than it’s supposed to be. All in all, he scores 19 points. Rob’s doughnut taste is “unbelievable,” says head judge Marc Summers, and although he has too much frosting, he comes out ahead in round 1 with 23 points!

We’re on to the “innovate” round next, and as usual, someone’s going savory. While Julian and Rob stick to chocolate deserts, Vickie is chopping up avocado and prepping ground turkey for chocolate doughnut turkey burgers. It’s a big risk, but if she pulls it off, she’ll definitely stand out for creativity.

After 12 weeks of recapping Rewrapped, there’s yet to be a dish that I felt I needed to try. But as Julian flambéed bananas, stuffed them with marshmallow and breaded them for deep-frying, I was sold. New Yorkers can already enjoy his ice cream sandwiches at Melt Bakery, and hopefully we can all try his doughnut-encrusted banana fritters one day as well!

As Vickie’s burgers begin to cook and Julian’s fritters continue looking delicious, Rob is working away at a bacon-chocolate decadence cake that probably has the kitchen smelling amazing. We learn a little bit about National Doughnut Day (which celebrates the women who served doughnuts during WWI) as the chefs finish cooking and plating their innovative dishes.

It’s time for the judges to sample round 2, and Julian, with his banana-and-peanut-butter “Elvis meets Entenmann’s” fritters, is up first. Everyone loves the taste (duh), and he scores a solid 26 out of 30 points.

Next up is Vickie, and the judges absolutely love her turkey burger. All three judges are doubtful at first, but she takes a big risk and it pays off. (Sorry, boys!) She scores a whopping 29 points, meaning that Julian is out of the running, and Rob will also need 29 to beat her.

Although his dish is creative and tastes good, Rob only scores 22 points and Vickie is named the winner! She heads home with a year’s supply of delicious, chocolatey Entenmann’s donuts.

Rewrapped airs on Mondays at 8/7 C on Food Network.


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