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'Falling Skies' recap: Aliens in the outfield

Season 4 | Episode 2 | “The Eye” | Aired June 29, 2014

From his solitary cell, Tom keeps track of the hovering mothership. He tosses a rock onto the electric fence way below him. Yup, still works. On the ground, a mother steals a can of food for her starving baby. Tom of the Hood rides in to the rescue—or at least that’s the plan before but his flamethrower craps out. Always carry spare batteries, kids. At the last minute, another Ghost vigilante pulls in on a motorbike. His flamethrower works, and the Fourth of July holiday starts early with a little hornet barbeque.

Copycat Ghost pulls off his hood and acknowledges the original; then the crowd cheers for Tom of the Hood. Resistance is fun!

The skitters drag all prisoners out of their cells and lock the doors behind them. “Did they just lock us out of solitary?” Weaver asks. Snort. Outside, Hal downloads the older men on how the alien hornets are taking all the kids out of camp. Tom reassures him they’re going to find Jeanne and Ben and Matt and Anne and Lexi, so don’t you worry none, son. The mothership lowers a harnessed kid to issue orders: No more food drops until the Ghost is turned over.

Weaver demands Tom not do anything stupid like turn himself over, and suggests Pope might have enough supplies to keep people fed for a while. Pretty sure Pope will turn Tom in for the reward, given half a chance. Hal updates his father on the electric fence: Can’t go under it. Can’t go over it.

Anne and the freedom fighters pursue the Espheni who’ve taken the children. Dick collapses from exhaustion. Probably because he’s kept on his shirt. Anthony chides Anne that they need to rest. While Anthony and Deni fret over Anne going hardcore, she proves their point by bringing down an Espheni in the wild.

In Chinatown, Ben and Doctor Kadar confab over Lexi. Kadar is glad Ben is there, as everyone seems to think Lexi is a god and she needs someone who’ll tell her the truth: She’s dying. Well, she’ll probably be 85 tomorrow, so that’s not really a surprise. Her hybrid DNA is unlike anything Kadar has ever seen, but Lourdes has had Lexi on lockdown, denying Kadar access because he’s a “nonbeliever.”

At EJ School, Matt is grilled by Team Leader Kent and answers with perfect propaganda. Skip passes him a note with plans to meet after lunch. Sheila, last week’s perfect convert is graduating. Her parents are insurgents, so Sheila is sent to join her parents at their camp and then turn them in to be “saved.” Later, Matt joins Mira and they walk down the hall holding hands. Mira sneaks a peck on Matty and they giggle. Aww. She’s probably a plant or doomed to die, but they’re still cute. Skip, however, has been “graduated” without telling Matt, and Kent is now keeping a close eye on Matt.

Weaver stalks Pope through the ghetto to get Pope’s stash. A mob of guys show up and accuse Weaver and Pope of working together. “No,” they reply with equal amounts of insult. Heh. They rumble. Weaver and Pope knock out all but one guy who’s swinging a bat at Pope, but Weaver pulls Pope away. They just took down a mob of six and one guy with a bat makes them scamper? Oh no, not the bat!

Tom meets Dingaan, who has a working shortwave radio. Gotta respect old skool. Dingaan’s history of escapes are thanks to a Faraday suit, which allows electricity to flow around the wearer and get a man (or woman) through the fence. They’ll need to cut the power, though, to get everyone out. Tom and Hal realize all their answers lie in the mothership hovering above.

Pope and Weaver bicker as they pick through the ghetto. Seriously, it’s the rebel buddy scenario we didn’t know we were missing. Weaver is ready to rumble again, but hark! What noise comes from yonder pile of broken-down crap?

Tom raises Cochise on the shortwave and asks him to hook them up with food and supplies. Cochise confirms the Espheni are working on a new power device that will allow them to go on the offensive. He may also have found Matt and agrees to try to get him out.

anne kills skitter

Do not mess with the mother.

Anne interrogates the wounded skitter and Deni translates that the children were taken to camps for re-education to be successful in the new order of Espheni and humans, together led by the hybrid: “The hybrid is our future.” Anne freaks out and stabs the skitter in the throat while it’s still connected to Deni. That can’t be good.

In Chinatown, Lourdes tries to keep Ben from Lexi because he’s aligned with Kadar the unbeliever. She prattles crazy talk about Lexi’s powers. I’m already bored. Lexi steps out and invites Ben in, but makes a point of shutting Kadar and Maggie out.

Inside, Lexi explains how she shut down the mech by locating its frequency in the air’s electricity. Ben wants Kadar to examine her and thinks Lourdes is trying to control Lexi to gain power. Lexi replies that she answers to a high power. Higher as in the hovering mothership? Lexi goes on her trip about everyone being safe as long as they remain peaceful, but Ben cuts her off: “Will you please stop talking like a damn fortune cookie?” Heh. Lexi gets pissed and the Winds of Power kick up. Ben is not really impressed, but admits he’ll die before he lets anyone hurt his sister. Lexi agrees to see Doctor Kadar if that’s what Ben wants.

Tom’s genius plan is to turn himself in to get the information they need. Up on the ship, the Overlord offers Tom a proposition to help the Espheni in the war against a greater common enemy. Apparently, there is yet another alien race on its way, a force greater than Tom can comprehend. The Espheni have created an elite fighting force to face the new threat.  Tom thinks these are the black hornets, but those are actually rebel skitters stripped of free will and converted into mindless drones. Ouch. The Espheni plan to harness adult humans whose bodies have finished growing and whose personalities and predispositions are already set. In 48 hours, they’re going to start processing the best and brightest humans. Those who resist will serve in a “less conscious” form. Tom and his family will be spared so long as he acts as the link between the war machine and the harnessed humans. “Choose, Tom Mason: Evolution or extinction.”

Pope and Weaver have pursued their mysterious sound and find a tunnel that leads to a wall covered with the green fence. Meanwhile, Hal and Tec scoot around the ghetto masked up as the Ghost and attack the mothership. Left alone in the control room, Tom scans the active monitors and sees where the skitters are hidden in an underground hatch. He also studies a schematic of the ship that shows all the power for the fence is fueled through a direct tether between it and the ship. Because what you want to do is leave a formidable rebel leader alone with all your secrets on display.

1383207594-537783425In Chinatown, Kadar draws Lexi’s blood under Ben’s watch. It bubbles in the tube, which kind of excites Kadar. Lourdes bursts in and demands Kadar give her the blood. Kadar points out Lexi gave consent. Lourdes gets in a snit that only she can give consent on Lexi’s behalf. Kadar accuses her of not wanting the truth to get out. Lourdes accuses him of trying to kill Lexi. She lunges for the blood and struggles with Ben over it. The fighting upsets Lexi and she cranks up the Winds of Power: “You’re breaking the peace!” Ben, Maggie and Kadar force Lourdes from the room, but all are felled by a high-pitch whirl. Lexi’s power flings the test tube against the wall. It shatters and the bugs in her blood scurry away.

Cut to Lexi asleep in her dojo. Out in the garden, Maggie and Ben agree Lourdes is using Lexi. Ben is worried Lexi might be manipulated into using her abilities for evil. Maggie is glad to have another sane person in Chinatown: “Everyone’s drunk the Kool-Aid.” Toldja. Ben checks on Lexi, but she’s missing. Dun dun DUN!

Anne tell Deni she shouldn’t have killed the skitter while it was connected to the girl. Deni’s link didn’t tell her where to find Lexi, but whenever the hybrid was mentioned, the skitter was afraid of the west. Anne concludes this is where they’ll find Lexi.

Ben tracks Lexi and spies on her as she meets with a shrouded being. It’s an Espheni overlord. She begs it to take her powers away before she hurts someone and then bows her head to it.

The food drops start again. Tom is back too. Weaver tells them about the tunnel. Tom admits he made a deal. He confirms Weaver’s suspicion that all the answers were on the mothership: “We’re getting out of here. All the way out.”

Will the boys get free from the ghetto? Will Tom lead the new elite army of the apocalypse? Is Lexi too young to know what she’s doing, or in league with the Espheni for real? Will Lourdes shut up? Who will Anne kill next? Sound off below!

Falling Skies airs Sundays at 10/9 C on TNT.