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Relationships make ‘The Night Shift’ must-see TV

At the heart of The Night Shift are the relationships. The entire hour tends to go down during one night shift at San Antonio Memorial, but inside those walls are people who depend on each other to get through some of the roughest cases they’ll ever encounter on both the professional and emotional levels. Remember when NBC used the phrase “must-see TV”? Personal lives trump the medical cases at Memorial, forcing us to tune in every week.

Whether they come into the job knowing each other, as many of them did, or grow closer after meeting on shift, the feelings they develop are intense. Imagine working that closely with people while you’re on an adrenaline rush. Would it even be possible to keep your personal life out of the equation?

In the latest episode, “Storm Watch,” lines were drawn and broken, and emotions were running rampant. Jordan’s boyfriend, Scott, took a job as the new head of trauma. Landry’s father came to Memorial looking for money. Drew’s boyfriend sent a text; he’s on his way home from Afghanistan. Take a look at how the last minutes of the episode played out.

From these simple moments come great angst. As viewers, we’ve learned relatively little about Scott. In passing, we know Jordan is skittish about committing because of what’s happened in the past. She and Scott haven’t lived together and have had a long-distance relationship, and she’s been growing closer to her former love, TC.

TC and Jordan have a long and strenuous past. It’s no secret they’re the epic love on The Night Shift. TC is the cool rebel that everyone wants to be or be with. Jordan is the trustworthy heroine with a heart of gold. TC’s time in Afghanistan changed him. It was enough that Jordan shared with Landry how difficult it was after he got back. They went through hell together and it tore them apart.

tumblr_n7qwdfvhVF1snp1vwo3_250TC messed it up so badly that Jordan didn’t even consider him a friend until they found each other again at Memorial. We can only imagine how hurt and beaten down she must have felt while TC struggled with his return home. TC’s fling with Landry ended just in time for Scott to come on board and press the issue. Realizing time was no longer on his side and after sharing the incredible experience of bringing Topher’s daughter into the world, TC grabbed Jordan for a passionate kiss. The only thing that tore them apart this time was Kenny entering the room.

As Landry struggled at the sudden appearance of her father, she turned to the person she had been helping — Ragosa. Ragosa has only shared anything personal with one person — Landry. She knows all of his secrets, has helped him through the breakup of his marriage and knows about his blindness. His friendship with her is the real thing, but I have a sneaking suspicion he sees more in their future.

Of all the people Landry could pick, she chose Ragosa when the steaming pile of crap that comes with her father got too deep. When Ragosa told her she’s been hanging around with the wrong people, he wasn’t kidding. If his actions were the nicest she’s ever been treated, she was making poor choices. Are they on the path to something more intimate? Landry finally understands that being with TC was wrong for her, and it makes room for the door to open for this interesting couple.

tumblr_n7r9t33GIV1sjwwemo4_250Meanwhile, Krista was instantly taken with Drew. Drew gives off the wrong signals, but he does it on purpose to keep his homosexuality hidden. The military and sexuality have a long history together, and it tends to end about as well as Jordan and TC after his return from Afghanistan.

After Krista’s pass at Drew, he shared with her who he is, and she’s been playing the role of his new BFF since. Krista is in so deep, she doesn’t know which end is up. She’s clearly fallen in love with Drew despite his honesty. His lives are about to collide as his boyfriend, Rick, is coming home from Afghanistan.

With so many of the Memorial staff adrift and uncertain in their personal affairs, expect things to get heated. It’s difficult not to worry about the patients. Being in a good place emotionally can bring your best forward, but being troubled can cause mistakes.

In the next episode, “Coming Home,” it looks like things come to a head. TC’s emotions are all over the place. While he wants to swoop back into Jordan’s life, his friend Topher tells him to walk away. As is not unusual when TC is around, there will be punches thrown. It will be only the second time since the premiere that we’ll see a sliver of their home life, as TC knocks on Jordan’s door. It’s too soon for Jordan to make a choice, so what will her decision be when faced with two men in her corner? We want her with TC, but rushing this kind of romance can kill it. We want the magic to last, right?

tumblr_n7qwdfvhVF1snp1vwo1_250 tumblr_n7qwdfvhVF1snp1vwo8_250

The other major plot line will be Rick’s return from Afghanistan. It appears he has some injuries, but Rick’s fate won’t turn any tides for Krista. Drew doesn’t question who he is; even if, God forbid, something terrible happens with Rick, Drew won’t go to Krista for anything more than friendship. Will she finally see the man who has been waiting in the wings? Kenny fell for Krista as quickly as she did for Drew, but he maintained his distance. Kenny is the admirable good guy who can be there for Krista in many ways. That’s a relationship worth exploring.

Yes, the medical cases are at times shocking, funny and incredibly inspirational, but it’s the hearts beating in the chests of the staff at San Antonio Memorial that make the most noise. Check out the clip for next week’s episode, and be sure to come back for a recap as soon as it airs!

The Night Shift airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on NBC.


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