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'Adventure Time' recap: The Lumpy Space Prince

Season 6 | Episode 9 | “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” | Aired June 26, 2014

This week’s episode of Adventure Time, “The Prince Who Wanted Everything,” is a Fionna and Cake adventure! Once again, the Ice King escorts the audience from the Land of Ooo to the Land of Aaa — this time to enjoy a fan fiction story written by Lumpy Space Princess. Her story, The Prince Who Wanted Everything, is the central focus for the episode, and the story within the story introduces the Land of Aaa’s version of Lumpy Space into continuity.

In the episode’s opening, the Ice King wakes up tied to a tree in a dark forest. While he calls out for Gunter, his penguin companion, he instead finds his apparent captor: Lumpy Space Princess. She says that she has kidnapped him so that he can read her contribution to his fan fiction universe: The Land of Aaa.

The Land of Aaa is a story within the story about the Land of Ooo. It is a place where all the genders of all our normal characters are reversed. Instead of Finn the Human, they have Fionna the Human. Instead of Jake the Dog, they have Cake the Cat. Previous episodes featuring the Land of Aaa have given us the Ice Queen and Prince Gumball. This time, we focus on Lumpy Space Prince.

Lumpy Space Prince, we find out, lives in Lumpy Space. He’s the heir to the Lumpy Space Throne. What’s more, he doesn’t want to grow up to be the monster his parents would like him to be. So he rebels. He leaves Lumpy Space and its gold-encrusted sandwiches behind and goes through the portal to Aaa. There, he meets a conclave of forest animals, which he orders to bring him freaky clothes and something mind-blowing to read. Cool freaky, not monster freaky. Also, servants from the local area, whom he is sure will not mind serving him.

With servants in chains and a copy of Sigmund Freud’s seminal work in hand, it seems as if Lumpy Space Prince is living the dream. That is, until Fionna and Cake show up to save the captives. Lumpy Space Prince realizes that his perspective on the world is all wrong. He learns new things about the world, like how to dance and how much more interesting food is when it isn’t encrusted in gold.

But woe, it is not to be. Lumpy Space Prince’s handsome spell casts itself over Fionna, and she is mesmerized by his regal good looks. He says that they cannot be together because he can only marry a woman who is just like him in every way. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know of any such person, so he thinks he is doomed to be alone forever. But that doesn’t stop him from singing a song about how much he enjoys the rustic life. Until, that his, he is interrupted by his monstrous parents.

In a glorious and heroic battle, Lumpy Space prince confronts his parents — who are fatter than ever — with characteristic juvenile apathy. LSP sings over and over, “I don’t care,” which strips his parents of their monstrosity. Once LSP has freed his parents from adult mediocrity and petulance, he sings “I don’t care” once more, seemingly killing them without any remorse or even a second thought. Dark, Pen Ward. Super-dark.

The episode ends with a shot of Lumpy Space Princess and the Ice King finishing the story. He reads that Lumpy Space Prince then became so real, he could travel through a portal into the Land of Ooo from the Land of Aaa. We are teased with the possibility of it happening at the end of the episode, but instead, the Ice King is attacked by a seemingly rabid opossum.

The end of the episode, though, does raise serious questions for the future of Adventure Time for fans. This is the third installment we’ve had in the adventures of Fionna and Cake. As they become increasingly popular characters (the second episode of the coupling was episode 11 of season 5, “Bad Little Boy”), is there a possibility that we could see a crossover between both universes soon? We can only hope! Until then, be sure to check back next week for a recap of “Something Big,” which airs July 3.

Adventure Time airs Thursdays at 7/6 C on Cartoon Network.


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