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'The Night Shift' recap: A brutal storm whips up buried emotions

Season 1 | Episode 5 | “Storm Watch” | Aired June 24, 2014

There is a storm coming in San Antonio, but it’s not the weather that worries me most. It’s the tangling emotions of those that work the night shift that promises the most destruction once the storm is over.

While everyone else is going about their normal night, Ragosa is showing Scott around in the hopes of drawing him to San Antonio Memorial as head of the trauma unit. Scott isn’t sold, and neither is Jordan. The last time she lived with a guy it didn’t turn out too well. Was that guy TC?  I’m sure we’ll find out.

“Ball pain is always funny when it’s not yours,” Topher grimaces as he limps his way through the break room. He’s done with his vasectomy and feeling the pain. TC wants Topher and his “squished man tonsils” to sit out a trip into the storm for some rescue work. Topher points at the backs of the two men walking down the hall, noting it’s Jordan’s past and her future right before her eyes. She promises if he brings it up again, she’ll punch him in the nuts.

The Night Shift - Season 1Now is when we get to find out how well TC and Scott being on the same team would work out. As a house collapses around them, Scott and TC operate harmoniously to save a woman and her son. They’re in a better position than San Antonio Memorial, which is plunged into darkness. They have four backup generators. Jordan assures everyone things will be fine. Ragosa then points admits they only have two — budget cuts.

A mean-looking man with a knife sticking out of his chest wanders in looking for Landry. He refuses treatment until he sees her. How well does he know Landry? Pretty well — he’s her daddy. He’s a real winner, asking Topher how much money his little girl is making. Lots of bank, right? Daddy (who never receives a first name, but is played by guest star A. Martinez) won’t leave, and hangs around the hospital, making Landry increasingly uncomfortable as the night progresses.

In an emergency, TC shows off his battlefield skills when he does a variation on the “Texas twist” procedure. Afterward, TC and Scott battle it out in the hallway over who should be accompanying the woman to surgery. Scott’s assessment is that TC is a dick.

2014-06-24_22-21-54Topher heads out into the storm because his wife, Janet, is in labor on the side of the road. Via cell phone, Topher walks his daughter through delivering a baby. He tells Lynn to reach into her mom’s vagina to tell him if her cervix is starting to open. Lynn pulls back with an audible “Ew.” The poor girl is likely facing more than she’s ever seen in her short life, and now her dad wants her to user her finger to determine how far along her mom’s labor is. Lynn tells him what she feels is squishy and wet; Topher realizes Janet is further along than he thought — her water has already broken.

2014-06-24_22-23-03Making life interesting at Memorial, a woman is hot on Drew’s heels. Krista decides the best approach to fend off the woman and for her to lose her own hanger-on is to kiss Drew passionately in the hallway. Krista has been way too cool with the whole “I’m gay” thing. Does she think if she’s there and pushing the envelope, Drew might change his outlook? I don’t think he will, but I’m not so sure Krista is willing to accept who Drew really is.

2014-06-24_22-27-07Landry knows her father just needs money. When he continues to haunt the hospital, she finds him, demanding to know how much he needs. His request for $5,000 (because he fell in with the wrong people) doesn’t do anything but push her buttons even harder. The whole hospital overhears as Landry lashes out in anger.

Paul learns his lessons quickly. After missing the symptoms of heart attack in a middle-aged African American woman who nearly died because he wasn’t thorough, he doesn’t hesitate in forcing the X-ray tech to put his patient, the little boy found in the house, in the front of the line so Paul can determine whether he’s bleeding internally. The put-upon Paul has taken a hike. It’s about time.

Landry gives TC a speech: She has decided it’s best for them to be just friends, noting that he and Jordan are the “poster children for unresolved feelings.” She doesn’t have the time or the desire for that kind of drama, especially after facing her father again.

2014-06-24_22-37-13Topher and Lynn deliver one baby girl in the car and cut the cord together. The second baby is in a special hurry to get out, and tries to come out feet first. Jordan successfully extricated TC from the operating room to help with her staffing shortage, so he’s available when Topher sends Lynn into the rain to find a cell signal — he needs TC’s help STAT.

At 3:10 a.m., the power goes out again — but this time it won’t come back on as easily. The generators are flooded due to their poor location, and all hands are on deck to try to find a workaround. Drew offers to call his unit, and Jordan suggests Ragosa lend a hand. The Reserves arrive with lights and assistance, and Ragosa gets to work on a patient for the first time in ages. He feels alive again.

Paul’s patient is in trouble when the dialysis machine goes down. TC was right to suggest Paul think about specializing in pediatrics, because Paul is fantastic with the boy, calming his fears with his soothing words. I got the feeling Paul felt that limiting himself to pediatrics wouldn’t be as exciting as some other specialties. It seems now that he might be embracing his gift.

2014-06-24_22-15-17Scott runs into problems with his operation and sends for TC. It’s admirable that Scott doesn’t hesitate to turn to TC for help, and he seems genuinely impressed with how TC managed to pull off a surgical procedure without a bypass machine. However, when Scott tells TC he’ll be taking the job as head of trauma, Scott points out that things will change under his control. It sounds like a threat, and TC takes it as one.

2014-06-24_22-52-51-1Landry’s father demands money and points out her clothing as an indicator of her ability to help. He threatens her by sharing that the guys he’s in trouble with have promised to hurt her mother if they don’t receive cash. If she doesn’t find the money, her mother will be the one to pay. Landry calls her mother and confirms that she is truly in danger. Ragosa spots Landry and immediately knows she’s in trouble. He offers to lend her the money. It’s the least he can do after the help she has given him. He’s happy to return the favor, but he does think she should cut the ties with her dad. She can’t do that without losing her mom. Ragosa will always be there if she needs to talk. Nobody has ever done anything like this for her before. Ragosa suggests she’s been hanging around with the wrong people. I’m telling you, something is brewing between these two!

2014-06-24_22-54-42Topher and Janet reach the hospital, and Jordan and TC successfully deliver their second baby girl. TC is overcome with emotion as he holds his friend’s baby in his arms. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room — or in my house. Witnessing the beginning of life during a storm taking lives can be a bit overwhelming.

Paul moves his patient. He and his mother will be roommates. Paul launches into the tale of their rescue, commending the mother for how bravely she acted to save her son.

2014-06-24_22-57-12Krista comes upon Drew sitting in the hallway: “Hi, honey. How was your day?” she asks as she lays her head on his lap. Drew shows her a text from Ric. He’s coming home; he survived Afghanistan. Krista shows surprise and hugs her friend, revealing the pain inside only when her face is buried near his neck. She was hoping for more from Drew, despite his honesty about himself.

2014-06-24_22-59-16Jordan and TC hit the locker room. TC jokes he’s going to think of Janet with his hands inside her until the day she dies. Jordan and TC talk about Scott joining the staff, and she tells him she has been really happy they’ve rekindled their friendship during the past two months. TC apologizes for messing things up between them and grabs her for a fiery kiss. They stop only when Kenny walks in with the message that Scott is looking for her.

It’s the end of the shift, and Ragosa introduces Scott as the new head of trauma, crowning Scott and Jordan as the new prom king and queen running San Antonio Memorial. Oh, if they only knew.

Did this episode of The Night Shift feel any different from the others? Someone quite familiar with hospital dramas from his long stint as Dr. Peter Benton on NBC’s hit ER directed the episode: Eriq La Salle. He did quite a good job, don’t you think? It’s great to have him back in the family!

There is so much to say about the relationships between the characters of The Night Shift, and you can look forward to reading about it in a react piece later this week. We knew what was coming, and we got a pretty good whiff of the turning tides in “Storm Watch.” There’s a lot to discuss!

The Night Shift, rated TV-14, airs Tuesdays at 10/9 C on NBC.


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