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Daytime Emmys 2014 recap: Off the grid and off the wall

For the first time since 1984, the Daytime Emmys weren’t broadcast on any network. (In the previous instance, NBC refused to air a two-hour long infomercial for ABC’s then-unbeatable juggernaut lineup. My, how times change.) For the first time ever, the ceremonies were live-streamed, complete with host Kathy Griffin’s unbleeped opening F-bombs.

Let the new, “hip” and “edgy” Daytime Emmys begin!

And the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor goes to … Eric Martsolf as Brady on Days of Our Lives! Streaming the Emmys may be an executive attempt to attract a younger audience (because everyone knows teens are the ones buying their family’s toothpaste, soap and dishwashing detergent), but playing the classic DOOL theme as Eric goes up to collect his statue brings on warm fuzzies of nostalgia. He thanks his wife for being right (she told him to write a speech) and his parents for not making him be a lawyer. He also tells his kids to stop playing Minecraft and watch Daddy’s “This is important!” award, then praises DOOL for taking a chance on a “boy from Passions.” Which doesn’t seem to be a compliment to Passions.

Amelia Heinle wins Outstanding Supporting Actress as Victoria on The Young & the Restless. She admits to being terrified of taking on a role previously played by Heather Tom (a past Emmy winner for Outstanding Younger Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actress and two in a row for Outstanding Lead Actress). Heather is also nominated again tonight for Lead Actress. Which might have been one of the reasons Amelia submitted herself in Supporting.

Blah, blah, blah, cooking shows, legal shows, game shows, talk shows (and Katie Couric is a no-show).

Y&R wins for Outstanding Writing Team, and the head writer thanks everyone who tells them what they’re doing wrong each Monday morning. I’m not certain if she means network executives or fans, but this can only encourage them both.

The Outstanding Directing Team winner is a bit of an upset, as One Life to Live takes home the gold. This show was canceled by ABC, revived by Prospect Park on the web, then canceled again (no, sorry, it’s technically “on hiatus”). This time, they don’t play the classic theme song, opting instead for the modern version penned by Snoop Lion (really). Jill Mitwell, who directed the first episode and established the show’s look, makes a sweet speech, revealing that many on her team are veterans of gone-but-not-forgotten Another World, Guiding Light and more. Aw, there go the warm fuzzies again.

Kathy Griffin decides to go full balls to the wall by spilling scandalous gossip … from 20 years ago. Now that everyone knows and it doesn’t matter in the slightest, she reveals that All My Children’s oft-nominated Susan Lucci hated then costar Sarah Michelle Geller and had her fired after Geller won an Emmy. Maybe later she’ll spoil that Angel is really a vampire.

Outstanding Younger Actress goes to Y&R’s Hunter King (Summer), who makes a cute, modest speech while pretending everyone in the room isn’t thinking about The Incident. Also, her mom is a cancer survivor, which is vital data to be shared at all awards shows. (No disrespect to cancer survivors, but what does it have to do with shiny gold trophies?)

Outstanding Younger Actor is a surprise only in that now-three-time winner from DOOL Chandler Massey is introduced with a clip featuring his replacement on the show. “Wow, did you see my reel?” he quips. “That was awesome!” Great save, dude (great job, editors)! The speech then proceeds to go downhill as he sets a Daytime Emmys record for most number of “ums.”

Mo Rocca begs Melody Thomas Scott for a role on Y&R. Doesn’t he know her husband isn’t the producer anymore?

Blah, blah, blah, morning shows …

The current Y&R producer (pay attention, Mo) accepts the Emmy for Specials on the life of Jeanne Cooper (Kay) by observing that Jeanne “probably would rather have been here.” And, you know, not dead.

Blah, blah, blah, Spanish programming, entertainment news, Sharon Osbourne seems to think the show isn’t being broadcast at all.

Outstanding Lead Actor Billy Miller (ex-Billy, Y&R) gives a shout-out to the Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital, where he was once a patient for five years. Clearly, they do good work.

And Eileen Davidson (Kristen, DOOL) snags the final acting award of the night, for Outstanding Lead Actress. This is only a few days after announcing that she’s signed a long-term contract with Y&R (where she first started back in 1982).

More nostalgia music as Donna Mills (Madeline, GH) sashays onto the stage (doubtful she knows any other way to walk) to the Knots Landing theme, name-drops her first daytime role (Rocket on The Secret Storm) and gives out two awards.

First, Venice wins for Outstanding Drama Series — New Approaches, which is picked up by soap vet Crystal Chappell (DOOL, OLTL, GL, B&B), flanked by Hillary B. Smith (OLTL, ATWT, The Doctors), Katherine Kelly Lang (B&B) and Galen Garing (DOOL, Passions). Then the Emmy for Outstanding Daytime Drama goes to … Y&R!

EP Phelps thanks her favorite studio exec, the writers, the directors and then, as has happened to her almost every time she picks up an award at the end of the night, she gets cut off.

Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) takes a selfie with the cast and crew on the stage.

Cut to shot of tables. Then nothing. I guess the broadcast is over?

What did you think of the Daytime Emmys on the web? And what did you think of the winners? Do we dare even mention the pre-show?


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