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Catching up on ‘Covert Affairs’

It’s been a little over six months since we last saw Annie Walker hunting Henry Wilcox through the congested streets of Kowloon, Hong Kong. With an all-new season kicking off this week, I thought we might need a refresher of where we left things last year.

Annie Walker
covertaffairs_charactergallery_annie_12Annie has been dark for a long time, and has finally figured out how to bring Henry into the CIA. Henry has been using diamonds to launder and move money around. She simply needs to track the diamonds to find Henry. Naturally, Henry uses bad guys to courier his stolen diamonds, so Annie kidnaps one of them instead and makes a deal: Trade the diamonds for Henry’s whereabouts.

Unfortunately, Bad Guy’s phone is being tracked by Henry. Annie’s only choice is to turn herself in to the man she’s been tracking forever. The look on Henry’s face when he realizes that Annie isn’t dead is a mixture of smugness and admiration. No matter how many times he kills this woman, she just won’t stay dead. He takes her to his evil headquarters safekeeping.

Auggie Anderson
covertaffairs_charactergallery_auggie_10Auggie heads to the U.S. consulate to get a team together to strike Henry’s office. Within minutes, armed gunmen pour out of the elevator and begin shooting, but they are not Auggie’s people. Annie almost escapes, but Henry’s never-ending supply of bad guys makes it impossible. He, Annie and his SUV driver are now in the wind. Auggie calls Calder, demanding to know why he ordered another team.

Calder Michaels
covertaffairs_charactergallery_calder_03Calder didn’t order the hit. It takes a minute for him and Auggie to figure out that it has to be acting NCS director Eric Braithwaite who is pulling the strings. Calder and Joan burst through his office to confront him, only to find him dead. Having succumbed to the guilt, he took his own life. Calder is nominated as NCS interim director. His first order of business? Bring Annie home.

Henry Wilcox
Screen shot 2014-06-21 at 4.07.41 PMHenry takes Annie to a Chinese Ministry of State Security safe house, knowing that an agent would happily trade Annie for his asylum. He’s right, but he underestimates Annie again, who easily knocks out the agent. Conveniently, the little man also tells her where Henry was going. Auggie saves the day by creating a diversion to give Annie time to catch up with Henry. Not only is Auggie good-looking, but he has the power to dominate traffic. It’s the stuff of which great agents are made.

Henry must get out of the car and head to the train station on foot. Annie easily finds him, easily ducks into an alley and easily shoots him twice in the chest. Then she walks over his body, WITHOUT CHECKING IF HE IS ACTUALLY DEAD, and Auggie arranges for her to hitch a ride out of Hong Kong on a fancy yacht.

Is the Henry Wilcox storyline over? I doubt it. The fact that she didn’t check a pulse or flip his body over to see blood everywhere was a little too convenient, in my opinion.

Joan and Arthur Campbell
Screen shot 2014-06-21 at 4.11.14 PMYou may recall that Henry put a hit out on the Campbells. After being stabbed in the abdomen, Arthur beat his guy to a pulp in a horse stall. Joan was a little more sophisticated: She shot her intruder twice. Fortunately, Joan was at the hospital visiting Arthur when she had her baby. Now they are one big dysfunctional family!

The new season of Covert Affairs premieres Tuesday at 10/9 C on USA Network.


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