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'Adventure Time' recap: Money time

Season 6 | Episode 8 | “Furniture & Meat” | Aired June 19, 2014

This week’s episode of Adventure Time has some of creator Pen Ward’s best, most subversive humor. The episode’s central plot deals with what happens to Finn and Jake after an adventure. Longtime fans of the show will know that Jake (The Dog) and Finn (The Human) have run across large caches of booty from time to time. They even have an entire room in the tree house devoted to the storage of their massive amount of swag. But what happens once our adventurers actually have coin in hand? Well, as we found out in Thursday night’s episode, “Furniture & Meat,” it turns out our adventurers are much, much better at getting loot than spending it.

Adventure TIme: Season 6, Episode 8 “Furniture & Meat” (Cartoon Network)The episode begins with BMO and NEPTR playing Robin Hood in the front yard of the tree house. The presence of the iconic character, who takes from the rich and gives to the poor, signals early on to the viewer where Pen Ward and company are going to clock in on the issue of massive hoards of cash. During their game, BMO and NEPTR accidentally put a hole in the wall of the tree house’s treasure room, and the bros’ entire mullah stash comes spilling out into the yard — along with Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant. Apparently it’s been a pretty “out of sight, out of mind” relationship between the adventurers and their gold, because as soon as they see all of their cash in one place, Jake and Finn set out to the Wild Berry Kingdom to spend it all.

This is the point where the trouble begins for the bros. Most Adventure Time episodes can fall in one of two categories: the episodes with a bad guy our heroes have to deal with, and the episodes where Finn and/or Jake have to overcome some sort of personal trial to stop themselves from becoming bad dudes. This is definitely the second sort of episode. When Finn and Jake get to the Wild Berry Kingdom, they are overcome by the power that their money gives them in the kingdom.

Our adventuring companions set up shop in a town square, dumping all their cash right in the city’s central fountain. They’re repeatedly told by the Wild Berry Police that they are not allowed in the fountain — but they bribe the police to let them do anything they want. They pay a few local berry children to go buy them all of the town’s finest pieces of furniture and meat. And they lounge, surrounded by gold, like the King John character BMO’s Robin Hood fought against.

But that’s when the real trouble starts. Jake discovers that money gives him power over people. He starts paying members of the Wild Berry Kingdom to do whatever he wants. He pays a berry person to dance for him. He pays a married berry couple to switch sides of the bed and eat money. He even tries to get them to lick dirt off of old dirty things. And all the while, he’s ignoring the sadness his obsession is causing his friend, and the berry citizens whom he buys with his gold.

Eventually, though, Jake pushes things too far. After Finn confronts Jake about his lack of conscious, Jake says that he will put his amoral abuse of financial power behind him after one last attempt to get his way using his massive hoards of cash. Finn and Jake, who have both strapped themselves with big bags of money, sneak into the Wild Berry Castle, and try to use their mullah to get Wildberry Princess to let Jake sit on her head.

Needless to say, Wildberry Princess is not interested in having Jake sit on her head, regardless of the price. She has the boys and their gold seized, and commands her guards to melt down the coin and boil Finn and Jake and in their own cash. Fortunately, before Finn and Jake meet their melted, golden fate, BMO and NEPTR — clad in Robin Hood attire — show up and save the guys. The four of them promptly book it out of the Wild Berry Kingdom, back to the tree house.

This episode was a great one-shot look into Finn and Jake’s antics. As Adventure Time has risen in popularity, it has ventured into much more heavy, plot-driven episodes about the entire world Pen Ward has created. And while those episodes are probably some of the best in the series, it’s good to just get some Finn and Jake mischief sometimes. Definitely check this one out when you get a chance. And be sure to check out “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” next week, when we’ll return to Lumpy Space on Cartoon Network — or, as it’s otherwise known: Adventure Time!

Adventure Time airs Thursdays at 7/6 C on Cartoon Network.


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