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5 reasons to watch ‘Undateable’

NBC has been airing back-to-back episodes of Undateable for the last three weeks. As a result, I’m nervous for the show.

In this day and age of immediate gratification, newbie sitcoms must prove they can play with the big boys in just a handful of episodes. We no longer live in a world where we tune in each week for an entire season, cheering for the writers and actors to find their voice. Social media has become a litmus test for popularity. If it doesn’t have a hashtag, it never happened. #truth

I’ve watched Undateable from its debut, and if the fact that it’s created by Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Spin City, Cougar Town) and Adam Sztykiel (Due Date, Made of Honor) doesn’t make you want to tune in, I’ve come up with five more reasons to give this show a shot.

cdName: Chris D’Elia
Where do you know him from? I would guess from the sitcom Whitney.
Quotable one-liner: “For this to work, there will be no tap shoes in the house.”
Why you remember him: D’Elia is a master of physical comedy, but it’s the subtle way he executes a bit that makes the moment so funny. Why fall down the stairs when you can garner a laugh by just a simple plié? He has the ability to play the obnoxious jack wagon with a vulnerability that makes you want to smack him first and then hug it out.

2013_0408_Undateable_Bio_BrentMorin_900x900_ACName: Brent Morin
Where do you know him from? Chelsea Lately or Conan
Quotable one-liner: “This is the most fun I’ve had. And I went to Space Camp!”
Why you remember him: Justin is the sweet, adorable guy who owns his own bar and happens to love singing any top hits from the LITE FM station on Spotify. Brent Morin plays the perfect straight man to D’Elia’s crazy. I totally believe their bromance and have written a strongly worded letter to Lawrence and Sztykiel that a duet to Lionel Richie’s “Hello” performed by these two would be television gold.

2013_1120_brett_bioimages_1230x1230_GYName: David Fynn
Where do you know him from? Unless you live across the pond, you probably don’t.
Quotable one-liner: “I’ve got topsies!”
Why you remember him: David Fynn may not have much screen time, but he certainly makes it count when he does. There’s a certain sophistication that exudes from his performance, even when he’s not speaking. If he’s given a sentence, prepare for laughter.

2013_0408_Undateable_Bio_RickGlassma_900x900_ACName: Rick Glassman
Where do you know him from? Time Out New York identified him as one of the “Best of the New Faces.”
Quotable one-liner: “I mermaided that girl and got my first date in months! [truth check] In years!”
Why you remember him: I feel that Rick Glassman is the dark horse for whom a hysterical storyline will be whipped out at just the right time. He does have his moments. Even if most of them are spent secluded in a booth far away from the others for being a misogynistic pig.

2013_0408_Undateable_Bio_RonFunches_900x900_ACName: Ron Funches
Where do you know him from? He’s the homeless guy that sang “Father Figure” to Winston on New Girl.
Quotable one-liner: “We talk about your lady hips, button nose and Lego-man hair.”
Why you remember him: Ron Funches understands the importance of a good pause. His zingers have bite, but they are delivered with an adorable, squishy demeanor that makes you smile. He brings heart to the ensemble.

I think one of the reasons Undateable works is because the cast is made entirely of stand-up comedians. They understand timing and delivery. They can read a moment. And you can tell they genuinely make each other laugh.

Tweet this if you’re watching the show. And remember to hashtag #undateable — or it’s like it never happened.


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