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'The Wil Wheaton Project' recap: Nightmare fuel

Season 1 | Episode 3 | “A Nightmare On Wilm Street: The Dream Machine” | Aired June 17, 2014

Another week, another recap and a new time slot. Yep, the show has been moved up to 9 p.m. because, as Wil says, 9 is the new 10.

Now it’s time to see what else Wil said. Insert WIL WHEATON battle cry here!

First thing’s first: Game of Thrones finale. Which means SPOILER ALERT.

We covered the basics: Brienne and the Hound’s battle royale. Tyrion in a box. Tywin dead on the john. But the big thing was the ever-growing list of Dany’s titles. You may have missed them, but Wil has you covered:

  • Breaker of chains and mother of dragons.
  • She who is a sister of another mister.
  • The ayatollah of rock and rollah.
  • Three-time regional spelling bee champion.
  • And the one who denied it, yet supplied it.

Wil also praised the title sequence, then went all Kanye and said this one was the greatest versions of all time.


In non GoT news, let’s move on to Blackbeard and how everyone’s playing him this year.

Hugh Jackman, John Malkovich, Benedict Cumberbatch, Angelina Jolie, the original cast of Star Wars, Kuato from Total Recall (my personal favorite), Jaws and Wil Wheaton.


Thing we just learned: Making jokes about Harrison Ford’s ankle injury for a nerd crowd will get Wil Wheaton hissed at. If it helps Wil, I liked the “door shot first” joke.

Did you know Mayor Eric Garcetti is lobbying to get George Lucas to build a Star Wars museum in L.A.? He is. Wil’s got a whole proposal on why. I can’t find video of it; however, this sums it up well:

We all know the 405 is a TRAP.

Jabba would be close to plastic surgeons.

You can also help make it happen. Just tweet with the hashtag #WhyLucasinLA.

Other takeaways from Wil’s week of watching TV: Teen Wolf is the most confusing show ever. Finding Bigfoot is a catch-and-release program, and Penny Dreadful got a theater-nerd-worthy hat tip.

Oh no. We’re about to talk M. Night Shyamalan and his new TV show, which is like his movies. Really, it’s all just one bug trip into Shyamaland.

Time for Wil’s new favorite game of the week, called “What Was That?” with a special guest, True Blood‘s Amelia Rose Blair.

The winner of the game gets to live.


Oh, we have an update on Hodorshop from last week.

That’s the end of the recap, but there’s more to the show, so here are a couple of additional thoughts. At the risk of you never reading my recaps again, it’s worth watching the show.

1) Syfy re-runs it all week. Trust me. I have the TiVo to prove it.

2) You can watch it on syfy.com.

3) If you can’t watch it on syfy.com, Wil suggests this:

That said, I hope you’ll read this too, because I have abandonment issues. ;-)

The Wil Wheaton Project airs Tuesdays at 9/8 C on Syfy.


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